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Spinincash Review


Did you know that unless you are 99 years of age or older, you DO NOT have permission to use the Spinincash website? Keep reading, and I’m going to show you a clause in their Terms & Conditions that will state this.

Every now and again, instead of offering insightful or informative info in regards to new online opportunities, I’ll show you which programs NOT to join up to.

If you’ve come across Spinincash, you’ll probably be wondering a few things, like this:

  • Is Spinincash legit
  • Will these guys expose my personal information
  • Do Spinincash pay out their members

Because you’re fortunate to have done your research, and have landed at this Spinincash review, I’m going to share the following:

  • How people are trying to make money with Spinincash
  • YOUR chances of making any money with this program
  • The similarities to other known scam sites
  • A more legitimate way to EARN money online

In this case, Spinincash is one of those illegitimate programs that is a scam, rather than a genuine opportunity to make money online. How do I know it’s a scam? I’ll explain to you in this Spinincash review.

For now though, all you need to know is to avoid them at all costs. To find out more of what Spinincash is about, carry on reading this review.

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How Does Spinincash Work
Introducing…The Lucky Wheel
Indications Spinincash Is Not Legit
Is Spinincash ​ a Scam
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Final Thoughts

Spinincash SummarySpininCash Review 400x150

Product Name: Spinincash

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Tasks / Surveys etc

What is Spinincash​

You’re told on the Spinincash homepage that with just 3 easy steps, you could be signed up and earning money. Here’s all that is required:

  1. Easy Sign-Up
  2. Share & Earn
  3. Get Paid & Cash Out

Sounds easy enough doesn’t it, but as I’ll explain, there’s a lot more to it. In fact you’re going to be blown away by what I show you later on in regards to who can earn from this program, but for now, let’s just look at the program from face value.

Judging by the Spinincash homepage, they have 300,543+ members, which I find very hard to believe. Apparently they’ve made 500,948+ payments totaling over $9,748,953.

You’ll find several member testimonials which I will show you to be fake.

To earn money with Spinincash, here’s what you will allegedly be paid for completing specific tasks:

  • Refer friends: $15
  • Download Apps: +2 Token ($35)
  • Complete Surveys: +4 Token ($80)
  • Win Up To $1000: Spin Big Wheel
  • Create YouTube Videos: $40

Now honestly, the chances of a company paying these sums of money for such menial tasks is zero. Let’s take a look inside of Spinincash

How Does Spinincash Work

The main intention of Spinincash is to get as many referrals as possible. That’s what those behind this program wants, because it gives them more contact details. This is all about obtaining people’s personal information, not helping you earn money.

You’ll first be cajoled into this system by the enticement of $35, just for signing up. That’s a juicy carrot that would seduce anyone into joining. I can’t blame you for being attracted to this bonus, but it will cloud your judgement.

Anyway, when you sign up, you’ll be presented with the Spinincash Dashboard like so:

Spinincash Dashboard

You’ll notice the main menu down the left hand side, and a referral link that you can immediately share on social media. As I’ve stated, this is exactly what they want you to do, share your referral link to as many people as possible.

In doing so, they will get many more people to sign up to Spinincash, and get all those new personal contact details. In return, you’ll apparently receive $15 for signing them up. Although, as I’ll point out soon, you won’t receive anything.

To help you refer others to Spinincash, various banners are available to include with your referral link. These can be found under the ‘Promotional Posts’ menu item.

SpininCash Banners

You’ll be encouraged to post these banners wherever you can on social media platforms, and you’ll be rewarded for doing so.

Now of course, they offer bigger incentives for posting on specific social channels. As you can see on the dashboard menu image above, they offer:

  • $40 YouTube Videos
  • $40 Facebook Posts
  • $40 Instagram Posts

So by encouraging you to use these more popular social channels, the enticement is so much bigger.

Introducing…The Lucky Wheel!

I’ve reviewed loads of these replicated sites in the past, but this is the first time I’ve seen the ‘Lucky Wheel’. The user interface of Spinincash is very good, and has got better ever since I reviewed their first scam.

They’ve now introduced this Lucky Wheel as it adds a bit of pizzazz, and I’m sure it works for them. People love playing games of chance, but you will need to have accumulated tokens to use the Lucky Wheel.

Spinincash Lucky Wheel

I’d urge you not to be enticed by this ‘color and movement’ toy. There’s a good reason for this, and I’m going to explain this right now.

Any money that you think you’re earning inside of Spinincash will not be payable to you. Firstly, you’ll see an internal account, which is where you will see your funds accumulate. But… they will not pay you out. That’s right, read on below to find out more.

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Indications Spinincash Is Not Legit

There’s not just one indication that alerts me that Spinincash is not legit, try all these red flags on for size!

You Need To Be 99 Years Old!

You’re going to find this clause in their T & C’s astounding.

Look at the following statement and determine who can actually use Spinincash.

Spinincash Terms & Conditions

So nobody under the age of 99 years has permission to earn money from Spinincash! Yes, you read that correctly. If you’re under 99 years of age, you are NOT permitted to use Spinincash.

This has got to be one of the biggest scams going around.

Fake Testimonials

The Spinincash homepage displays several testimonials from apparent happy customers, but these are all fake. Here’s just two of the customers they claim have used Spinincash, with their alleged comments below.

Spinincash Fake Testimonials

Now check this out.

Both ladies above are models, and you can find their images on stock image websites. I found the lady named Jean J. Johnson 80 times over the internet.

Spinincash Testimonial Jean J. Johnson

Her image was taken from here, and used as a fake testimonial.

The second lady (Rosie) was found 17 times online.

Spinincash Fake Testimonial 2

You can find here image here.

The owners of Spinincash have acquired these images from the internet and used them to create fake testimonials from. Don’t always believe what you see.

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Site Registration Date

If you were to find the Spinincash website through a random search, or via a social media share, you’d think the site would have been around a long time. It looks very well established, and reasonably professional.

However, looks can be deceiving. Spinincash.com was only registered in June 2020. And amazingly, they say their following has all happened within this short time-frame. As I’m writing this review, the site has only been live for about 1 month!

SpininCash Registration Date

As you can see above, WHOIS says that the spinnincash.com domain was registered on 3rd June 2020. This leads me into the next red flag to look out for.

Fake Payment Proofs

If you’ve been browsing around the Spinincash website and were impressed by the payment proofs, let me debunk these payment proofs.

These are direct copies of other payment proofs from many other replicated sites. They slap the Spinincash logo on, and pretend the claimed income was made with this product.

SpininCash Review Payment Proof

If you look closely though, you’ll see the dates processed, which is in stark contrast to when the site was registered. These alleged payment proofs have dates in January 2020. How is this possible if the website was not even registered then!

Sites Are Replicated

I’ve honestly reviewed so many of these sites that are all replications of each other, with a few interface modifications. Spinincash is a clone of the following sites, that are all created with the same intentions:

I’ve reviewed more than another 10 of these sites, and they are all offering similar bonuses as a start up member. This is usually in the vicinity of $25, but in the case of Spinincash, they are offering $35.

Earning Claims Are Unrealistic

The amounts of money offered for each task, referral or activity are totally unrealistic. They are there to entice you in, to make you believe it’s possible to really earn great money for completing menial tasks.

In reality, there is no possible way they can afford to pay you the claimed monetary figures. They suggest that businesses are willing to pay for opinions such as yours, but they’re not willing to pay this much!

Genuine survey sites only pay $2-$4 for a 30-50 minute survey, so how can they possibly pay $40 just for placing a banner as a social media post. Think about it, it’s just not logical.

Report Regarding These Sites

In 2019 when these sites started coming out, a consumer report was released from the Better Business Bureau website that alerted users of the illegitimacy of these sites. One of these sites was Notion Cash, which I also reviewed.

Consumers reported to the BBB that they would sign up with the intention of earning money by completing tasks, and the money would accumulate in an internal account. Yet when payment time came, they would never receive a cent.

They have also provided sensitive information to these ‘Influencer’ sites, which makes them become vulnerable. I’d urge you not to become another statistic of Spinincash, so don’t sign up.

Unknown Owner

Why would you sign up to a program that you’d be unsure about, especially if there is no known figure or authority behind it. We have no idea who the faceless people are behind Spinincash and their other replica sites, which is a big turn-off.

If you need to contact Spinincash (which you will probably try to when they don’t pay you), they will not get back to you personally. They will send you an automated email suggesting that your account is fraudulent or you don’t have permission to use the site. As they’ve stated this in their T & C, you won’t have a leg to stand on either.

Reviews Are Coming In Already

If you read the reviews on TrustPilot, you’ll see that they are already calling Spinincash a scam. Here’s an example of the reviews placed on TrustPilot.

Is Spinincash a Scam

So don’t just take my word for it. If you’re asking yourself “is Spinincash a scam”, I think you’ll get a good idea from these answers.

AntiVirus Alert

And just for good measure, here’s another indicator that Spinincash.com is a scam. When I attempt to enter their website from the Google search results, my antivirus software triggers into action. I use a program called Bitdefender, which keeps my PC safe.

When I click on Spinincash.com from the search results, I’m presented with this:

SpininCash Review Risk

I’ve highlighted the website in question, but you should also read the text underneath this, which states: Fraudulent pages usually attempt to trick you into sending money with the intent of obtaining unlawful gain. In this instance, it’s your personal information that is being obtained.

If I attempt to go further by clicking on ‘I understand the risks, take me there anyway’, I’m presented with this warning.

SpininCash Review Risk Warning

Clearly Spinincash does not have your best interests in mind.


Is Spinincash ​ a Scam

In a word…yes.
I don’t like to label programs a scam, but when it’s this glaringly obvious, I have to point it out. I don’t want any of my readers falling for such scams. I’d rather point you in the direction of legitimate programs and courses that can teach you the correct methods of making money online.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned, is the address used for Spinincash. As you can see in the screenshot below, they say that Melbourne, Australia is where Spinincash is located.

Spinincash address

Well I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I can see no sign of Spinincash in this city. They don’t give a full address, but my searches came up with nothing. This isn’t the first time Melbourne has been used as an address for these cloned websites. Viral Dollars also used Melbourne as their business location.

The fact that Spinincash claims they’ve been featured on Forbes, among several other high profile media outlets is also absurd. If that was the case, millions more people would be earning this ‘easy money’, and there wouldn’t be many people in traditional jobs anymore.

Better Opportunities Out There

Yes, there are genuine legit opportunities out there, but there’s an obstacle you may need to navigate before you’d have any type of success.

It’s called mindset. There are THREE SIMPLE problems people have that prevent them from succeeding online!
(1) They are looking to get rich quick. It simply doesn’t happen. People are making a ton of money online, but nothing happens overnight. If you understand this, you are going to be that much more successful.

(2) There are so many bloody scams that it is impossible to weed through them and find the right one. I feel sorry for the sheer number of people getting scammed everyday by the “opportunities” online, just like Spinincash. There are so many vultures out there that it really is hard to weed out the good programs from the bad.

(3) They don’t know how to get the right training and tools to help them effectively “work” online.

Once you understand all of the above, it’s time to knuckle down and choose a program that can teach you the correct model.

Here’s 3 programs that I can truly recommend. Each is slightly different, but all will teach you correct methods to EARN money online as an affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate (free to start)
Legendary Marketer (a few bucks to start)
Affiliate Secrets (free training)

All of the above are absolutely brilliant training courses, and I’ve personally taken the courses myself.

Final Thoughts

Please avoid Spinincash at all costs. You’ll be wasting your time which would be better spent learning a new skill, such as affiliate marketing.

This is a scam which will obtain your personal information. You will then start to panic because you won’t know what they will do with your info. Just avoid it and keep your personal details safe.

Feel free to share this on social media so others don’t fall for this scam.

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