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Gaining an advantage on your online competitors is always beneficial, but how to do this is not always obvious. I’ve had online access to a course which gives out many tips. I’ll be sharing some of these social tips in the coming weeks as I go through the course.

Today I’ll share the first tip that I’ve picked up, and I want to explain it simply. No long written article, just a brief explainer.

So here’s todays tip.

Social Media Marketing World Tip 1

Hey folks, I’ve just started going through a course called Social Media Marketing World, and I’m going to give you some insights as to what I learned. I’ll share a snippet of information each day, which can really help with boosting your Social presence.

Today I learned that the best place to start is by adding to my Story. You know, like all the social platforms have recently, but only a small selection of people actually bother to do so.

In fact there is a huge demand for story telling, both entertaining and educational. This is a consumer shift that has been coming for some time, and now is the ideal time to make sure you have a story on your YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Instagram or TikTok account.

How is this going to help you? Well, it’s going to allow your audience to trust you. As marketers we don’t have the trust to begin with, we need to earn the trust of our customers. Showing who you are and briefly explaining what you’re about goes a long way to earning that trust.

So how do you do this? Simple. Take the phone out of your pocket right now and start recording yourself. Explain in approximately 15 seconds who you are, and a background of what you do. Upload it to your social channel story, and bang, you’re done.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, you just need to do it.

This is just one of the great pieces of advice I learnt in the first recording of the Social Media Marketing World conference presented by Mike Stelzner. It’s a brilliant introduction to this awesome presentation.

If you want to learn some of the better platforms to use and the stats that back it up, the full course is available here.

Note, I am not an affiliate for Social Media Marketing World Conference so this is an unbiased opinion on this program.

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Final Thoughts

I will soon give you the second tip which relates to engagement tips.

This tip on social media storytelling can be extremely advantageous, and it’s something you should be aware of. It could make the difference between hundreds or thousands of subscribers.

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