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Pay Per Click campaigns are not always easy, and as an Amazon Associates seller, you really need to get this correct. Tamara Tee is a fairly well known YouTuber, with over 22k subscribers to her channel.

She teaches Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs how to succeed with Amazon FBA. More recently, Tamara has released her FBA Winners PPC course designed to help advance your skills in this area.

Amazon uses its own internal adverting campaign system for displaying your products when people search for items. Having the skill set to leverage this Seller Central platform requires knowledge, and that’s what Tamara Tee teaches.

This ultimate PPC course review will hopefully give you some insight into what you can expect.

I am not an affiliate of Tamara Tee’s course, so this is an unbiased review.

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FBA Winners PPC SummaryTamara Tee FBA Winners PPC Course Review 400x200

Product Name: FBA Winners PPC

Founder/Owner: Tamara Tee

Product Type: Pay Per Click Course

Price: $1,997

FBA Winners PPC Course Pricing

Tamara Tee’s FBA Winners course doesn’t come cheap. It’s at a hefty price tag of $1,997 USD. Apparently you get extra bonuses that are all thrown in. This is a marketing tactic to have you believe that you’re getting more that you are signing up for. In my opinion, this should all be included anyway.

Tamara Tee FBA Winners PPC Course Review Cost

Is the FBA Winners course worth the hefty price tag? In my opinion, it depends at what stage of the journey you’re at. If you are just starting out as an Amazon seller, I’d encourage you to get educated first. Watching free webinars For selling products on Amazon is your first step.

Often these webinars can offer great courses which will give advice on PPC through Amazon, and usually cheaper than $2k. As an example, Search.Find.Buy is only $997, and is the best course I’ve come across in this field.

If you already have the education and are selling on Amazon, then it may be time to try Tamara Tees course. Yes there is a lot of great value in here, but I do think it’s overpriced.

FBA Winners PPC Course Outline

I find video courses so much easier to consume than written PDF’s and guides, and that’s what you’ll be getting with this FBA Winners PCC course. It encompases 10 modules of informative PPC information to expand your sales potential.

The course is laid out in the following format:

  1. Introduction
    1.1 Welcome To FBA Winners PPC Advanced Course
  2. Module 1- In Depth Training Inside PPC Dashboard & Understanding The Algorithm
    2.1 Seller Central Campaign Manager Dashboard View and Naming Conventions
    2.2 Additional Campaign Manager Filters To Organize You Ad Sets And Campaigns
    2.3 Learning Advertising Terms
    2.4 Secrets Behind Amazon’s PPC Algorithm and How It Works
  3. Module 2 – Optimizing Your Product Listing & Understanding Keywords
    3.1 Why Your Product Listing Can Influence The Buyers’ Decision
    3.2 Why Products Rank Differently on Desktop And Mobile Device
    3.3 Differences Between Negative Phrase And Exact Keywords
    3.4 Choosing The Best Keywords To Convert Sales
  4. Module 3: Launching Your FBA Product Successfully By Using PPC Campaigns
    4.1 How To Use PPC For Your Product Launch
    4.2 Why You Must Run PPC For Your Product Launch
    4.3 Keyword Suggested Bids
  5. Module 4 – How To Analyze Your Search Term Advertising Reports
    5.1 Understanding How To Read Your Search Term Advertising Reports
    5.2 Analysis For Keyword Bid Management
    5.3 Advertising Reports – Download And Organization
  6. Module 5 – Optimizing Your Keywords, Automatic & Manual PPC Campaigns
    6.1 How to Optimize Your Automatic PPC Campaigns
    6.2 How to Optimize Your Broad Phrase PPC Campaigns
    6.3 How to Optimize Your Exact PPC Campaigns
    6.4 Analysis for Removing Negative Keywords
    6.5 Maximize Your Ad Spend And Keyword Data For Campaigns
    6.6 Exception From Clicks To Spend Ratio For Optimizing Campaigns
  7. Module 6 – PPC Growth & Keyword Ranking
    7.1 The Power of Automatic Campaigns
    7.2 Listing Optimization From Winning Keywords
    7.3 Long Term Keyword Rank Goals
  8. Module 7 – Advanced PPC Strategies
    8.1 How To Take Up More Real Estate For Product Variations – List All Variations on Page 1
    8.2 Adjusting Ad Placements For Campaigns
    8.3 Maintaining Keyword Rank Using Manual PPC
    8.4 Age Targeting Campaigns
    8.5 ASIN Targeting Campaigns
    8.6 Brand Name Targeting Campaigns
    8.7 Setting Up Seasonal Targeting Campaigns
  9. Module 8 – Creating PPC Advertising Campaigns For Product Variations
    9.1 PPC Strategy For Similar Product Launches
  10. Module 9: Brand Registered PPC Campaigns – Build & Optimize
    10.1 How To Set Up Headline Search Ads Using Brand Registered PPC Campaigns
    10.2 Optimizing Headline Search Ads – Keywords & Bidding
    10.3 (NEW) How To Set Up Video Ads Using Brand Registered PPC Campaigns
    10.4c(NEW) Optimizing Video Ads – Keywords & Bidding
    10.5 (NEW) Creating Enhanced Brand Content To Increase Sales
  11. Module 10 – Troubleshooting PPC Campaigns
    11.1 When To Stop Aggressive PPC For Product Launch
    11.2 Should You Negative Main Keywords
    11.3 Optimizing Product Listing Frequency
    11.4 Bundling Products And Using PPC Launch
    11.5 Online Business Advertising Patience And Mindset
  12. The End – Good Luck!
    12.1 Resources and Savings

 Course Takeaways

Here’s some of the better points I’ve taken out of this course.

  • Why products will rank differently on mobile devices compared to desktop, and how various things can determine how this is controlled.
  • How to use the Seller Central platform in conjunction with Microsoft Excel to organize your keyword search terms.
  • Organization is so important, and Tamara’s tips on reporting and saving data is extremely helpful.
  • Controlling the amount of money for your campaigns is really important. Tamara explains all about your ad spend, and the differences between ‘exact match’ campaigns ‘long tail’ campaigns, which can make a big difference to your bottom line.
  • You’ll be shown an example of setting up an ad campaign from scratch, adjusting campaign placements and controlling your daily budget.
  • Creating sponsored brands ads which include your logo is also an interesting concept. It may not be necessary for everyone, but you’ll learn how to do this if required

Obviously there’s more to the course than these gems I’ve selected. These are just some of the required necessities when doing Amazon FBA pay per click.

Seller Central PPC Dashboard

 Who Is Tamara Tee

I didn’t know too much about Tamara Tee before writing this review, so I had to do my research. Having studied Tamara, I’ve discovered that she is a talented YouTube presenter, and a successful Amazon seller.

She parts much of her knowledge through YouTube, which may be a great way to get accompanied with her teaching style.

Tamara Tee

Tamara is an experienced Amazon seller with extensive knowledge in PPC marketing. I would trust Tamara to learn from.

 Getting Started With FBA Winners

As I’ve stated, I am not an affiliate for Tamara Tee’s FBA Winners course. You can sign up to her course by clicking here, or search for ‘tamara tees winners PPC course’.

I want you to understand that just by purchasing a course which will cost you a significant amount of money, doesn’t mean you will be raking in money immediately thereafter. It doesn’t work that way.

You are purchasing the knowledge of the course instructor, it’s then up to you to apply what you’ve learned and put it into action.

Here’s Tamara explaining just this:

I hope you understand this, and accept that it is still up to you to leverage what you’ve been taught in the course.

This goes for any course you may have signed up to, not just Tamara Tee’s FBA Winners PPC course.

 Who is FBA Winners PPC Best For​

I believe this course is for those that have already started selling products through their own Amazon store, but are struggling with gaining any traction in terms of getting your products seen.

This business is all about getting sales, and your costs will be mounting up unless you are getting those sales.

So if you have been in this business and understand that you need help leveraging the Amazon Seller Central program, this may just be the course for you.

Do FBA Winners Offer a Free Trial?

Like many digital courses, there is no free trial.

However, Tamara Tee does offer a 100% money back guarantee. This does come with limitations though, which you need to be aware of.

You can only get this money back guarantee if, within 7 days, you have not viewed more than 30% of the course’s content. This also has to be watched in chronological order, starting with the first video. This can be verified at their end.

I do like this guarantee, as it means customers cannot take advantage of attempting to copy the video files as you go along. It’s fair for both the customer and course creator.

 Accepted Payment Methods for FBA Winners

Payment can be made by credit card, using Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Unusually, it seems there is no option to pay via PayPal, which is an extremely common method of payment.

Not only can you pay out the $1,997 USD fee in full, you’ll also have the option to split payment by paying $798 USD over 3 months. Obviously, this will cost you an extra $397.

 Why Amazon FBA

In all honesty, making money through selling on Amazon is not easy. There’s a fair bit involved and you do require a specific education in my opinion. If you need that education, I can recommend Ben Cumming’s Search.Find.Buy.

Selling through Amazon or eCommerce via your own online store are both great options to make money online. But, you need to be prepared for the stress and effort required.

Sure, the profits can be extremely good, but they do come at a price, which is the time invested. I know this because I’ve tried many alternatives to earn online myself, and it does take more investment than you expect.

One of the things that make it stressful is that you need to stump up money upfront. I don’t mean a hundred bucks or so, I mean a few thousand dollars to get started.

I chose a different alternative where I could start cheaply, and take my time to learn and earn as I go. You can learn more about this here. 

Tired of seeing Scams or endless fraud sites?

Learn how to build a sustainable profitable online website 

Final Thoughts

Finishing up here, I would recommend Tamara Tee’s FBA Winners PPC course to those wanting to learn the art of PPC promotion through Seller Central. The knowledge you’ll get through this course is worthwhile and certainly valuable.

As I’ve said, if you’re about to start selling through Amazon, you want to be prepared for the effort required. That’s not to say you don’t need to put much work in other ‘money making’ online opportunities, you’ll just need to work a bit harder.

If you want to learn how I make money online (which is an easier option), read on below.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

But the simplest and least complicated is [Learn more...]

Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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