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eCommerce has come a long way in the past few years, and now with the addition of dropshippng, anyone can try their hand at this venture. As we all move forward into 2020, you may be wondering what the best courses are to learn this skill.

I’ll share with you what, in my opinion, are the best eCommerce dropshipping training courses for 2020. This won’t be a long article, but I will explain why I’ve chosen these courses as my top picks.

Why eCommerce

People have various reasons for attempting different methods of online wealth. Whether it be YouTubers, affiliate marketers or online store owners. In the case of dropshippers, you’re benefited by the streamlined approach to selling.

No longer are you required to store inventory and package parcels yourself, or head out to post your items to customers. This is all taken care of by the retailer or manufacturer you’re purchasing your products through.

Some of you may not exactly be aware of how dropshipping works, so I’ll briefly explain the process.

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The Basics of Dropshipping

Instead of purchasing products in bulk like was almost mandatory in years gone past, its now possible to buy a single product at a time. Not that you have to do this, it’s just a convenience.

This is beneficial when it comes to dropshipping though, because you can just buy what your customer has ordered from your online store, and have it sent directly to them. It works like this.

  1. Setup your store
  2. Find products to sell from cheap retailers or manufacturers, such as AliExpress
  3. Add these products to your website with a higher price margin, as you need to make a profit.
  4. Customer makes a purchase and funds go to your account.
  5. You then purchase the product at a cheaper cost, and have it delivered directly to your customer.
  6. All shipping costs, invoices, and other administrative tasks can be taken care of by automation through your online store.

Because this system has become more automated over time, it’s actually become more achievable for most people, not just online gurus or those with store experience.

Is eCommerce For Anyone

As I’ve touched on above, I believe anyone can now setup an online dropshipping store and run it successfully. Having said that, it’s not for those that are NOT willing to invest some time or money to get started.

But like most startups online, it’s cheaper than opening a physical store, and certainly much less risky. Traditional stores will have overheads that online stores don’t. These include rent, employee wages, utility costs, stock and even stolen goods. In general, traditional store owners begin this as their passion, which doesn’t need to be the case with eCommerce.

Anyone with a passion to make money online can begin their own journey into eCommerce. Sure, it may be easier if you have prior knowledge, but with so many expert courses out there, it’s easy to tap into the way experts set up and run their stores.

So, who would I recommend to teach you eCommerce? I’ve reviewed several eCommerce training courses and come up with my personal recommendations below.

My Top eCommerce Course for 2020

Without any shadow of doubt, the top course for teaching eCommerce is eCom Success Academy. This course was previously released a few years ago, and Adrian has released updates to the course as the ecommerce world has changed.

I’ve personally taken this course, and there’s a few things that stood out for me. Adrian’s approach to teaching is easily consumable due to several factors. He’s explaining to the layperson, meaning anyone green in eCommerce. If you have no experience whatsoever, you will understand everything Adrian teaches.

Secondly, everything is covered down to the administration side of things. I’ve reviewed other courses, and they only teach the obvious exciting stuff like setting up a Shopify store and finding products. ECom Success Academy goes into customer service, dealing with returns and irate customers, taxes and invoicing.

With over 160, 5-10 minute videos, explaining in crystal clear detail the exact steps to begin your own eCommerce dropshipping online store, there is no better training course. Yes, eCom Success Academy does cost more than other courses, but it’s worth the investment. You can read my review of eCom Success Academy below.

My Top eCommerce Alternative Course for 2020

I understand that not everyone can afford eCom Success Academy, so my alternative eCommerce course is aimed at those who want to learn the same model, just at a cheaper price. It’s called ECom Lifestyle University and is created by an Aussie guy named Ricky Hayes.

With nearly as many bells and whistles as the previous platform, Ricky’s course is possibly more ideal for those wanting to learn eCommerce from outside of the US. Because Ricky has learned the setup without the US defaults, his knowledge of international setup is invaluable.

You’ll get a good handle on all aspects of the eCommerce landscape, with no stone left un-turned. ECom Lifestyle University has been enhanced since it’s first release, and you can read my review of the eCom Lifestyle University course by clicking below.

Final Thoughts

​There’s been some extremely poor eCom courses released in the last few years, some of which leave large gaps in the eCommerce process. There’s no point paying a fraction of the cost, for a fraction of the knowledge.

ECommerce can be a wonderful venture to undertake, but you will require the right education to succeed. Some of the courses out there leave much of the critical stuff out, meaning you’ll be leaving money on the table. You really do want to be pulling in the big bucks by educating yourself with the right knowledge from the start.

Just be sure that eCommerce is the right fit for you. The startup costs are much less than a traditional store as I’ve explained, but affiliate marketing is even less again if you’re after a cheaper way to get started in online selling.

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