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Keeping all your password safe and secure is a major issue in today’s world. Things were so much easier before computers came along! Email was one of the first accounts where we required a password, so remembering your password was fine. Now we have accounts for so many things that it’s easy to lose track of all our different passwords. No, I don’t suggest you have the same password for all your accounts!

So, how to we get around this problem? You use the best password manager software to keep all your passwords secure!

The Best Password Manager Software logoName: Keeper Security
Website URL: https://keepersecurity.com/
Owner: Keeper Security Inc
Cost: 1 User – $2.50 per month / Family of 5 – $5.00 per month
Recommended: Yes

What is Keeper Security

Keeper Security is a subscription based program to keep all your passwords safely hidden away. All that you’ll need to remember, is your master password. Note to self: DO NOT FORGET YOUR MASTER PASSWORD!.

This is similar for most password storage solutions, which only makes sense. As long as you can remember one password, all the other passwords will be accessible.

You’ll find the interface is clean and not invasive. It’s easy to navigate and you’ll be able to create folders for different account types. For instance, I keep all my social account passwords, under a folder labelled ‘Social’. Simple hey!

All passwords are securely encrypted with the strongest encryption available, AES 256-bit encryption and PBKDF2. The data is encrypted at the device level. This is great because it means the passwords are secure on your device and not in the cloud or on Keeper servers.

Your passwords get encrypted before it gets sent to the cloud, and decrypted after it’s back on your device. This is one of the factors that makes Keeper so much better than alternatives.

Grid view of Keeper Security

Grid view of Keeper Security

Who Is Keeper Security For

I’d say that Keeper Security is for everyone, but there’s a few people that it’s not for. Like my dad for instance, I could never even get him on a PC!

Keeper would suit individuals, families and businesses. There is a separate ‘Keeper for Business’ option available which costs more than the personal edition.

I used to have the individual subscription, until I decided that our whole family should be using it. For the sake of a few dollars per month, the peace of mind it totally worth it. I’ve had Keeper since February 2013, and in the last 5+half years, I’ve come to rely on the program and use it single everyday.

You also have the option of integrating two-factor authentication for added security.

I have the app on my phone and on my iPad, which syncs seamlessly to my account. When I add a new password, it automatically gets updated in the app. This is a feature not available in other password apps such as KeyPass.

Keeper Security Features

You’ll appreciate the easy to use features that Keeper offers you. Let’s check them out.

Files and Folders

Every new password you generate will become a new record. This will include not only your password, but the login URL, username, title and an area for notes.

The Best Password Manager Software - New Record

Whilst you can create these records directly from within the Keeper Vault, I find that most of my records are created when I sign up for a new account. If you’re logged in to Keeper, padlocks will appear when it recognizes new field boxes. Click on the padlocks and a dialog box will appear.

The Best Password Manager Software - Create Record

Here you can click on ‘+ Create New Record’ and fill out your username and password. Keeper will now store this as your new record.

Password Generator

We all appreciate that the old single word, or repeated number is not the best password for security reasons. In fact I’m sure you’ve read instructions when setting up a password for any particular account.

They usually state that you’ll be required to include a certain number of letters, numbers and symbols.

Keeper Security offers you a password generator, which when clicked on, will generate a password that will suit all these requirements. You’ll never remember this password, that’s why you need a password manager! But it is the strongest form of password configuration.

The Best Password Manager Software - Password Generator

Secure File Storage

Your cloud storage offers 10Gb of data storage which is loads. This is ideal for those that want to keep precious photos or videos secure.

Account Emergency Access

There’s also the option to insert up to 5 email addresses of other Keeper users, for emergency access should you forget your master password. These users must have a Keeper account to receive the secure encryption keys.

Although it would be nice to just have an extended family member or close friend for this, I understand the reasoning for maintaining the highest level of privacy.

Keeper Security Settings

There are a number of settings that can be modified to suit your liking. First off, is the General settings which allows changes to the interface colour. You’ll also have the option to change the following settings:

  • Clipboard Expiration On/Off
  • Auto Logout – seconds
  • Security Options
    • Enable Self Destruct
    • Fast Login Mode
    • Hide Passwords
    • Change Email
    • Reset Security Question
    • Reset Master Password

The Best Password Manager Software - Settings

Two Keeper Fill options are also available:

  • KeeperFill for Apps
  • KeeperFill Browser Extension


You may have used a different password manager in the past, and this is where the import feature will help out. No longer will you have to manually add each record you have, the import option can bring in all your passwords from a multitude of other programs.

All that is required, is to export your passwords to a .CSV file from the previous program, and upload it into Keeper.


The backup option is for you to download your own records. This can be done as either a PDF or .CSV file.

Sharing Files With Keeper Security

I really like this feature as it allows me to share any individual records, with those that I choose. This is providing they also have a Keeper account. I’ve only ever wanted to share with my family, so I already have their email addresses set in my shared list.

To share a record (or a folder), all you need to do is click on ‘Options’ to the top right of any record (or folder), and the following menu will appear. Click Share and you’ll be presented with your synced families email addresses. Alternatively, type in the address of another Keeper user.

The Best Password Manager Software - Sharing options

I can also set permissions for each record. This allows others to view my records but not modify them. This really is a great tool.

Keeper Security Identity and Payments

In the past I haven’t had the confidence to enter my banking details into any Password manager app, but I now have total confidence in Keeper Security. Half the battle is finding a secure enough program to trust with your banking details.

Having used this program for many years, I do now use this facility. Simply fill in the Payment Card information to keep your details secure.

The Best Password Manager Software - Payment

It means I still have all my banking details if I leave my wallet at home, or if I lose it at any time. Hopefully this never happens, but if it does, I’m prepared.

You can add any number of cards to the Identity and Payment feature, which will retrieve your information whenever you desire.

Why Choose Keeper Over Free Alternatives

Although Keeper is a paid service, I believe the encryption and security measures in place are stronger and more reliable than other password programs around, especially the free ones. For this reason alone, I would pay the manageable fee to keep all my families passwords safe.

I also find the interface is very easy to navigate, and my kids can also use it with ease. Which isn’t difficult, as they’re better at technology than me!

With free versions such as KeyPass being an open source application, I’m always a little skeptical, as to who has access to modify the source code. I understand this is supposed to be a good thing in which this code can then be tested and sent back to KeyPass to improve the program, but can too much information be viewed, modified and placed into the wrong hands.

Wrapping Up

So my preference after many years of use, is Keeper by a long way. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and has never let me down.

The fact that the encryption is second to none, and the encrypting is done at device level, is a large factor in my thought process. Although some of these other password programs may be okay, I’d rather pay the few dollars to know I’m getting the best.

Each to their own and if you’d prefer the free option, eat your heart out. It’s worth testing out both and see what you think.

As an affiliate marketer, I sign up to loads of programs to promote various products on behalf of merchants. The requirement for a secure program like Keeper Security is essential to my passive online business.

Keeper Security will give you a free 30 day trial. So, give it a shot and tell me what you think.

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