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Have you ever wanted to get an unfair advantage over your competitors when it comes to spying on the competition? I know, cheeky hey! But if you’re not you doing it, it’ll be someone else spying on YOUR social media efforts. So, this is where Traffic Spy comes in, a cool social media spy tool.

Let’s go through how this program can help you with your social progress.

Read on to find out more about this illegitimate program.

The Best Social Media Spy Tool - LogoName: Traffic Spy
Website URL: https://trafficspyapp.com/
Owner: Mark Thompson
Cost: Personal License (up to 3 Installs) $47
Outsource License (up to 20 Installs) $97
Recommended: Yes

What is Traffic Spy

This cool program known as Traffic Spy can help you with gaining knowledge of social media sites that may be in competition with yourself. It’s a platform that allows you to get statistics from various social media platforms and allow you to see vital data that can help with any campaigns you intend doing in the future.

Knowing what your competitors are up to can keep you ahead of the game in terms of trends and swings. If you’re in the know from the outset, then your path may be a little clearer going forward. This is why Mark Thompson and his team came up with the Traffic Spy program, to help out people like you and I, progress in the right direction (and to make money, like everyone does).

The Best Social Media Spy Tool - Usage

What Can You Spy On

The Traffic Spy program can spy on 5 different social platforms. The social sites that are integrated are as follows:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

I’m unsure if there’s any further additional social sites to be included in the program in future editions. As it stands, the program can not only search statistical information on Facebook Pages, but also in Facebook Groups.

So let’s take a look at what you’ll actually be searching for, and why you’ll use this program.

Why Would You Need Traffic Spy

The information searched for and provided can help with knowing how many views, subscribers, likes, followers, tweets or comments have been associated with various groups or influencers. I’ll firstly run through each of the social platforms included.

Facebook Pages

Below is an image of the Traffic Spy program with the Facebook Pages tab open. You’ll see there’s a red highlighted bar at the top of the social tabs. This is where you’ll insert a search term to look up.

The Best Social Media Spy Tool - FB Pages

The top searched Fanpages will appear showing how many likes, and in which category or categories the page appears.

Similar with Facebook Groups, you’ll be shown when it was last updated and if the group is an open or closed group. The last update can come in really handy when it comes to finding out if a Facebook Group is still currently active.


You can get some great statistics from YouTube with the following information provided.

  • Creator
  • Views
  • Subscribers
  • Date Uploaded
  • Comments
  • Link in Description

The Best Social Media Spy Tool - YouTube

If you’re searching to find some of the top influencers online, this is a great tool to spy on those YouTube statistics, and get all this relevant information. Like Facebook Groups and FanPages, this program shows you where people are engaging on social media.

You’ll then be able to engage with these video creators, as you’ll know they’re active in the community, and could help with your online presence.

They may notice, that they do not have a link in their video description. This could be an opportunity to help them, by promoting their video on your website, and offering a link to your website in the description.


The Twitter tab will give you such information as the Influencer, they amount of Tweets they’ve posted, how many Followers they have, and how many other influencers they are following.

The Best Social Media Spy Tool - Twitter

This is an ideal way of finding the largest influencers in your niche. You can then follow the same trends that they’re posting and talking about.


Again, Linkedin can provide valuable information by checking which Linkedin Groups are the most popular and active. You can see the Group name, Description, Discussions, Active Members, Members in the Network and the Activity Level.

The Best Social Media Spy Tool - Linkedin

Finding these active large groups without a tool like this can take loads of valuable time. Your time alone is probably worth the fee for this tool.


And finally, Pinterest where you can find Pins that are relevant to your search. You’ll see the Description, No. of Pins, Likes, Comment Count and who it was Pinned by.

The Best Social Media Spy Tool - Pinterest

This is where you can find the best Pinterest Influencers and see if they’ll Pin your content. Reach out to them by adding a comment to their Pins and ask questions so they can reply to you.

This program is great for leveraging high traffic websites, and from various social traffic sources, so you don’t need to do each individually over a longer period of time. Although this program is not as good as others I’ve seen, the features match the cost which isn’t really that expensive.

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What Does Traffic Spy Cost

You’ll be glad to hear that 2 different licence options are offered. For most people, the Personal License is the preferred and most popular at $47.

For those that tend to outsource their research, you may choose to upgrade to the Outsource License which is $97. This way you can allow your outsourcing assistant to download it on their PC.

  • Personal License (up to 3 Installs)  – $47
  • Outsource License (up to 20 Installs) – $97

Both licences are adequate and inline with what other programs tend to charge.

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Wrapping Up

If you’re in need of a social media spying tool and don’t intend paying the earth, this may be the program to help you out. It does what it says it does, and can find you the best influencers, Fanpages and Groups to learn from your competition. Not only that, you can reach out to these people to gain more authority in your own niche.

I’d urge you not to use products like Social Traffic Revolution or YouTube Profit Sniper. These are low quality products and in some cases, even scams. Traffic Spy is different, and is a genuine tool that can help with social spying.

Getting ideas to see how these entrepreneurs set up their social accounts and websites is also a good idea. Browse around their settings and details and get a feel for how an expert puts their social profiles together.

If you have any thoughts on Traffic Spy, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!

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