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The Digital Gangsta Course Review


You may have recently seen this course created by Julies Stoian called The Digital Gangsta. I’ve been curious about it also and have been privileged to have access to the inside.

I’ll give you my thoughts and summarize each of the modules so you have a clear idea of what’s involved. This will help you make your own decision to purchase this course or not. I’ll run through the following sections, which you can jump to by clicking on the tile below.

What is The Digital Gangsta
The Digital Gangsta Course From The Inside
The Best of The Digital Gangsta
What Puts Me Off The Digital Gangsta
Would I Recommend The Digital Gangsta Course

The Digital Gangsta Summary

The Digital Gangsta Course 500x200Product Name: The Digital Gangsta

Founder/Owner: Julie Stoian

Product Type: Digital Marketing & Scaling Course

Price: $1,997

Best For: Digital marketing beginners or intermediate

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is a very good course that explains many aspects of how to leverage today’s online space. For me though, it’s in a price range that is out of reach for many.

Would I Recommend It: Yes, if you’re prepared to outlay the large fee. My No.1 recommendation is much cheaper.

Rating: 75/100

What is The Digital Gangsta

This course is quite extensive, as it covers many varied topics in regards to digital marketing. Much of it focuses on working with clients that you’ll be dealing with, if you’re marketing other companies digital assets.

It is a very thorough course, and it’s obvious that Julie Stoian understands what she is talking about. Here’s an indication as to what you’ll find inside The Digital Gangsta course.

The Digital GangstaFrom The Inside

With over 10 packed modules on various topics of digital marketing, you will get a good understanding of many aspects included in this course.

#1 Education Review

Module 1 Planning + Setup – You’ll find module 1 is quite broad in terms of determining a niche, and getting setup in general. You’ll use the alphabet soup technique to source your competition, run an assessment on business owners including their past failures and successes.

Budgeting is important for any business, so studying this, along with timelines is also included in this module. One of the great videos here, is when Julie talks with her accountant in regards to setting up your business. Julie’s accountant gives her view on LLC’s, S-corp and sole proprietors, which will give you an idea of what you should be doing.

To finish off this module, you’ll get a handle on setting up a WordPress website, a professional email address and your social media accounts.

Module 2 Brand Asset Development – You can probably guess what module 2 entails. Brand assessment encompasses creating your logo and brandboards, which includes the company’s vibe, tone, message, colors, fonts etc.

Templates for your social media posting is also included here. These include worksheets, PowerPoint slides, social media covers, book covers, sales pages and web pages. I couldn’t agree more with setting up templates, I do it myself and it saves me loads of time.

Julie uses a number of external resources to help with brand development. You will learn what they are, and which cost a few dollars to use.

To finish off here, you will learn why Julie loves Clickfunnels, and how you’ll prepare to get started with Clickfunnels. This is an hour long video which shows how to setup your funnel with Clickfunnels.

Module 3 Offer Creation – Here’s were you will learn about creating offers for a business. This can be for external clients you’re working with, or your own offers as a digital marketer, to see if an offer is worthwhile.

This also involves determining how your funnel will work with different level offers. This is a mindmap session, which is basically planning the funnel out. Learn the “Value ladder” that Julie has come up with, to figure out which offers could fit where.

Finishing off, you’ll discover what special considerations need to be made for local businesses.

Oh, and there’s also a section on what price you should be selling your course for, if you’re creating a course. This is one consideration I believe that Julie has got wrong when I compare it with other courses prices.

Module 4 List Building – Another critical element of any online business, is email marketing and list building. You’ll come to understand lead generation, how to setup giveaways, build a PDF guide as a possible giveaway and even live webinars.

There’s multiple ways to get people to optin to your list, and you will discuss a few of these strategies including quizzes and webinars. Julie will name a few quiz programs that can help with getting your quiz organized, and live. Some of these are paid, some free.

You will also learn how you can utilize Facebook Groups to capture email addresses. Speaking of Facebook, Julie also advises how much you should spend on Facebook advertising to accumulate emails.

This module is very in depth, as it encompasses many videos on Giveaways, Guides, Quizzes, Live webinars and Messenger Bots.

The Digital Gangsta Course Module 1 Inside

A look inside the Digital Gangsta Course

Module 5 Copywriting – As a digital marketer, you could be writing content in various formats. This module is going to teach you various methods, such as sales copy, VSL’s (video sales letters), webinar script copy and Facebook ads.

Along with this, you’ll also get an understanding of how email copy should be done, and what copywriting problems you may come across. And of course, how to rectify these issues.

You will also learn about FunnelScripts, which can be helpful if your having trouble with what to write in your funnel building.

Module 6 Launching – This module involves launching a core product. So instead of your giveaways or pre-sell, your core product may have been promoted to your email list. So now it’s time to launch this product.

This includes designing your sales page (in Clickfunnels), creating an order form, order confirmation form, setup of the course member hosting area, plan a live webinar, your bonus bootcamp course and a pre-launch series is applicable.

That’s a lot to consider, even before planning out your email sequences and setting up an affiliate program should you wish to do so. I do like this module as it touches on a few things I haven’t seen on other courses.

Module 7 Program Development + Systems – As far as program and development goes, this involves creating the full course and the systems Julie uses, such as templates etc.

You’re going to require a messaging system, so “Slack” is the preferred choice here. You’ll get a rundown of how Slack is used and setup. Voxer is another program that will help with mobile messaging.

Zoom is a video conferencing platform which will be used for live meetings. A video tutorial is also assigned for learning this.

Refunds are also going to be part and parcel of this business. You will discuss how to setup refunds in Stripe, Clickfunnels and Teachable.

Feedback is also a feature that should be implemented, and you’ll learn how to create a form in Google Drive. Then you’ll get various methods to implement this form, and how to deal with responses.

Module 8 Sales Funnels – Julie is going to share various sales funnel templates with you. These are all for different circumstances depending on the kind of online business you have setup.

The various kinds of funnels are listed here:

  • Lead Gen Funnel
  • SLO Funnel
  • Webinar Funnel
  • Hybrid Tripwire Webinar Funnel
  • Automated Launch Funnel
  • Event Funnel
  • Free + Shipping Funnel
  • Service Provider Funnel
  • Affiliate_MLM Funnel
  • Local Biz Funnel
  • Summit Funnel

Once you’ve chosen the correct sales funnel that suits your requirements, Julie shares with you how to create your sales funnel workflow spreadsheet.

Then you’ll learn all the ins and outs how how your sales funnel comes together, including integrating Stripe payments into ClickFunnels.

Module 9 Traffic – This module is all about various types of traffic strategies. Much of the module consists of interviews with experts in the field of various platforms or traffic types, such as SEO or paid advertising.

You’ll here from Miranda Nahmias (Pinterest), Gwendolyn Gay (YouTube), Spencer Mecham (SEO), Bailey Richert (Summits), Elise P (Instagram), Kristi Dosh (PR + Media, Tracy Lindley (LinkedIn) and Alexa Bigwarfe (Amazon).

Module 10 Facebook Ads – Facebook advertising has long been the traffic strategy for many. This module is going to offer you over 20 videos on how to apply a Facebook advertising strategy to your campaigns.

You’ll here from experts such as Cathy Olson and Caitlin Pyle, with their take on Facebook Ads.

There’s also sections on Instagram Ad setup, understanding your results from your ad campaign, and detecting holes in your funnel.

Extras – You will find some bonuses with Julie’s program. These include proposal secrets, such as business incentives and application questions, and follow up email for when list subscribers don’t book.

You’ll also get a view of Julie’s “A La Cart Pricing Sheet” and how to get a rough estimate.

#2 Tools Review

You won’t find any integrated tools inside The Digital Gangsta course, this is purely a training course. However, Julie does recommend various external tools that can help with your digital online business.

Unfortunately, most of these cost money. That’s just par for the course in this industry I’m afraid. The external programs that are suggested include the following:

  • ClickFunnels
  • Slack
  • Voxer
  • FunnelScripts
  • Photoshop
  • Canva
  • PicMonkey

Even though some of these cost a fee for their premium version, you’ll often find that they do offer a free membership.

#3 Support Review

You’ll find there’s a number of ways you can contact support when you buy this course. The most prominent method suggested, is to email support@creatyourlaptoplife.com

Alternatively, there’s a Facebook Group, similar to most courses like this.

When you first sign up, you’ll have access to the “Create Your Laptop Life” section, which includes a year of support. While the course lasts for a lifetime, CYLL doesn’t, you’ll only have a years access.

#4 The Cost

This is where I feel that Julie lets her course down. I’m sure she knows more than me about course pricing, and who will pay the amount requested. However, I feel the course is overpriced when I compare it to other available courses.

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The Best of The Digital Gangsta

#1 Knowledge

Julie Stoian is as knowledgeable in here niche, as anyone else I’ve reviewed in their own niche. In fact she knows a lot about many aspects of the digital space.

With so many parts that have to all come together for this to be a success, you’re certainly in good hands with Julie.

#2 Honesty

I really like the fact that Julie is a straight shooter, and tells it like it is. With statements like, “Maybe you’re not successful at this because you didn’t do what I said, you half-assed it. You looked for short cuts”. Some people need a mentor to be direct and forceful, and that’s what you’re going to get here.

Julie’s honesty is refreshing compared to some of the courses I’ve reviewed lately. You know, the one’s where the owner has a flashy sales video where he’s driving around in a Ferrari saying you cannot possibly fail with this simple, little trick. I can’t stand these scams.

#3 No Fluff in This Course

You’ll find this course is useful in many aspects. Each video or audio is direct, and offer timely advice. The videos are not filled with irrelevant content, just to fill up space.

What Puts Me Off The Digital Gangsta

#1 Tools/Features

There are no integrated tools, as this is a training course only. Many of the recommended tools are going to cost you extra money, some with large monthly fees such as ClickFunnels.

#2 A Little Haphazard

When you enter The Digital Gangsta course, it may take you a fair while to find your way around. Depending on the path and direction you’re taking, much of the course may not be relevant to you. That’s why the course guide, Jessie, suggests this is a “Resource Guide” as opposed to a course. As such, you implement the strategies you’ve learned, then come back and learn another section, depending on what you want to learn next

I feel this is because Julie touches on so many aspects of digital marketing, and then goes outside those boundaries into other areas. As great as this is, it’s also a little haphazard.

#3 Separate Course Costs

I know this is a common and general tactic by digital marketers and course creators, but seeing various parts of the course compartmentalised, and given a price, grates on me. Often, these courses separately cannot be purchased. It’s done as a marketing ploy to make you think you’re getting a great deal.

The Digital Gangsta Course Whats Included

Would I Recommend The Digital Gangsta

Yes, I would recommend this course for those that know which path they intend heading down. If you’re a course creator like Julie, this course will take you through all the various aspects involved, and make sure you don’t miss anything.

Check Out Digital Gangsta by Julie Stoian here

I don’t believe this course is for everyone though. If you’re thinking of getting into affiliate marketing, I’d suggest reading my Beginners Step by Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing first.

Wrapping Up

I really do like the Digital Gangsta course and Julie Stoian does a great job of teaching her students. There’s a lot to learn and I suggest if you’re wanting to get into course creation and setup funnels, this is one of the courses you’ll want to sign up to. That is, if you can afford it. At $1,997, it’s on the more expensive side of things.

Honestly, much of this information is available in courses that target specific directions, such as selling on Amazon or CPA marketing. In my opinion, I think this course could confuse beginners as they won’t know which direction to take.

If you have any comments to make in regards to The Digital Gangsta course, please leave a message in the discussion section below.

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