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As we enhance our blogs and online businesses, it’s nice to add some creativity or add a splash of lightheartedness. Whether this be Doodle video creator software like I’m reviewing here, or some cool presentation graphics to catch the eye of your readers. Adding this sort of graphical art can keep readers on your website longer. So, lets see what Doodly does.

The Top Animated Doodle Video Creator Software - logoName: Doodly
Website URL: https://www.doodly.com/
Owner: Brad Callen
Cost: Read Review for Pricing
Recommended: Yes

Who Are Doodly

Doodly is a software program that was launched in August 2016, designed to make video animation extremely easy to build and create. By using the templates of characters, props, scenes and texts, you’re going to have the opportunity to create the perfect animated video to suit the message you’re attempting to portray.

The Doodly team have created this software to be used on multiple platforms including Mac or Windows, and you have the opportunity to export your work as a file in SD or HD.

Drag and drop modules are the basis of this program which makes building your animated video easy. Having access to royalty free scenes and props make copyright a non-issue.

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How Can Doodly Help Your Online Business

If you’ve got a product to promote or a service to offer, using fun animated videos can help enormously with engagement and conversions.

We all appreciate that videos play a large part in helping your visitors make a decision. Well, Doodly can offer an even more fun way of displaying your promotional offers.

Online businesses are always searching for that edge to beat their competitors, I’m sure you’re possibly in this boat if you’re reading this post. Creating video content to keep your readers engaged is a great way to achieve this.

The Top Animated Doodle Video Creator Software - backgrounds

Explainer videos are also best created using whiteboard animated video. The majority of us are visual learners, so presenting your information in a visual format is going to help people remember what your message is.

You’ll also benefit SEO wise also. Keeping visitors on your page longer through the use of video, can give a better SEO score, meaning a higher ranking in the search engines.

Using Doodly

I’m going to briefly run through the main aspects of how you’ll use the Doodly program.

Doodly Scenes

So, where do we start with using Doodly. First you’ll appreciate the 4 various backgrounds that Doodly offers. You’ll have the choice of the following options:

  • Whiteboard
  • Blackboard
  • Greenboard
  • Glassboard

It’s very easy to get started. When you first begin a new video with Doodly, you’ll be offered the 4 background options as seen below.

The Top Animated Doodle Video Creator Software - screen2

I especially like the glassboard option, as it gives a feel of depth in your animations. You can see below how the glassboard option looks with visual animation.

The Top Animated Doodle Video Creator Software - screen-glass

Notice how the drawing hand is sketching with the pen facing towards you, rather than the traditional method of animated visual video, where the back of the hand is in full view. This is a clever addition to this type of software.

Don’t worry if you think you’ve chosen the wrong background, you can change this setting at any time in any slide you like. For instance, you can change a glassboard to a whiteboard in the settings near the timeline.

Doodly Characters & Props

So what are you going to require to make a great animated video of this kind? Well, you’ll require characters, props, scenes etc. This is made easy with the tool-palette down the left hand side of the screen. Just click on the various tabs and you’ll see all the available options.

The Top Animated Doodle Video Creator Software -Scenes

The first tab will give you a multitude of scene options. From here, every character, prop etc. is made to simply be drag and dropped onto your scene. It’s that easy.

Any of your props or characters can be flipped, scaled or rotated to your liking. Recently they’ve also added a feature to change the colour of your animations. Each character and prop also has its own time delay and duration settings. Once you have them all in the position that suits, you can click the ‘Preview’ button to watch how your video animation is looking.

Doodly Animation

Below the video scene, you’ll notice a timeline. This can be stretched longer or shorter depending on how quickly you’d like the animation to be replayed.

The Top Animated Doodle Video Creator Software - Timeline

The + sign in the timeline will add a new slide to your video presentation.

Importing Your Own Images

It’s also super easy to import your own images to Doodly. All you require is your own PNG, JPG or SVG file and Doodly will accept the import. Once loaded, it will become part of your image library.

The great part about importing your own images, is that you can edit the way the drawing will be animated. For instance, the default for imported images is a rough scribble of the hand, and the image will appear beneath the scribble.

It’s possible to amend this so that the pencil draws over each line of the actual image. This is called ‘Custom Draw Paths’. Existing images are already created like this so you don’t need to worry about these.

The Top Animated Doodle Video Creator Software - custom

All you need to do is use the tools displayed on the right hand side, and draw over the alignment on your image that you’d like the pencil to cover. Once done, you can preview it before exporting.


Like any good software package, you can export your animated video to a file. The file format is MP4, and you can choose from 4 resolution settings.

  • 360p = 640 x 360
  • 480p = 854 x 480
  • 720p = 1280 x 720
  • 1080p = 1920 x 1080

You can also change your FPS (Frames per second) and your quality. Then just click export and you’re done.

To get a much better idea of how Doodly can help you, here’s a brief video of the Doodly software package.

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What Will Doodly Cost You

There’s various membership options available with Doodly, starting from a ‘Standard’ membership at $20 per month paid annually. This cheaper option would be the ideal choice for solopreneurs or blog owners.

For this price, you’ll have access to 200 characters, including 10 of those characters with 20 Unique Poses. You’ll also get 200 props and image scenes and up to 20 royalty free musical tracks to use.

With the use of these animations, you can create an unlimited amount of videos across multiple devices.

Below is a description of of all the membership prices, and what each membership entails.

The Top Animated Doodle Video Creator Software - pricing

When you purchase a membership, you will get a link to download the program on your PC. When using Doodly, you’ll require an internet connection as the program pulls the images from the net. Your saved projects are also kept on their cloud servers.

Full support is also included as part of the membership fee, as it should be.

You’ll also receive a notification whenever an update is available to download. This will continue for the full duration that you’re a member.

>>You Can Check Out Doodly Here<<

My Only Knock on Doodly

Unfortunately, Doodly doesn’t offer a trial version. Instead, they prefer you to sign up and pay for the first month. If you are unimpressed or don’t want to continue with your purchase, they will offer a refund if you notify them within the first 30 days.

I actually like it when a company stand by their product to the extent that they offer you a free trial (Like Wealthy Affiliate). However, in defence of Doodly, there may be many folk who would use the free trial to produce one or two video animations, which is all they require.

In my view, a trial with a Doodly watermark would be a solution to rectifying this problem.

Wrapping Up

I must say, I’m a fan. I really like the way Doodly have tried to keep the interface as minimalist as possible. That’s not to say there’s not as many features as other programs, everything is just easier to find.

Some similar programs can be a little overwhelming when you sign in. I’ve used programs that immediately have you feeling unsure where to start, and how to progress. This is mainly due to so many sections, settings and layouts that look like they belong in NASA!

Doodly is a simple to learn platform with easy to use features. I find the design formation similar to another program I use for graphic presentations and info-graphics, called Visme.

If you’re in need of a visual animation creator that won’t cost the earth, I’d recommend taking Doodly for a spin!

If you have any questions or thoughts on Doodly, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!

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