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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Making Money Online **FREE**

Are You Ready to Learn Exactly,

How to Make a Genuine Income Online

G’day There Prospective Entrepreneur!

Thank you for taking the effort to read my Ultimate Beginners Guide to Making Money Online

Today is going to be the beginning of an exciting journey for you. You are going to learn how all those website owners out there, actually make money from their online space.

You’re here because you also want to get in on the act of earning money online. Hopefully, you’ll find the answers you’ve been searching for, and you will learn more than you ever expected.

By the end of reading this guide, the only thing left is to take action. Anyone can read how to do something, NOT everyone can put a plan into action. Don’t be the one that is left behind. If you don’t take this opportunity, others will.

So let’s begin.

What Most People Find Out The Hard Way

Here’s some cold hard truths that you’re going to need to understand. This is stuff that most people won’t tell you because it’s not a popular message. There’s a good chance you’ll click away from this page when I tell you this, but I don’t care. I’d prefer to give it to you straight. So, here goes.

Most people that attempt to get into Affiliate Marketing FAIL.


Because they’ve been lied to by ‘Guru’s’. 

Unfortunately, many people believe their false claims of quick wealth, or at least want to believe it. I’d like to believe it too, but I know the truth.

Does this sound negative! Well, maybe it is, but it’s also honest.

Guru after Guru will tell you they have the product that will change your life. They have a ‘Secret system’, a Weird Trick’ or ‘Backdoor Loophole’. They even tell you loads of money can be made from ‘Pushing a Button’ or ‘Pasting Links’. All they want is to sell you as much bullshit as possible. They don’t care about you succeeding, they just want your money.

These Guru’s Get Hold of YOUR EMOTIONS, and Come up with a Sob Story.

You’ll hear a rags to riches story, and why you can do it too, within in a matter of weeks.

Ultimately though, they promise the world and deliver very little.

When you sign up to these systems, you’ll often enter a members area. This is when you discover that the product you though you were buying, is totally different.

Here’s the general routine when you purchase one of these products

  • You’re encouraged to buy upsells to have more chance of making money.
  • The ‘Secret System’ is not new at all, and is not like they said on the sales page.
  • You fail to make money with the ‘system’.
  • Support isn’t forthcoming
  • You attempt to get your money back, but this is much more difficult than you thought.

So where has this got you.

You’re extremely frustrated and not sure where to turn.

You’ve lost your money, and are pissed that you fell for the ‘system’.

I know how you feel, because I also fell for some of these crappy products.

Was it me, or was there a better way.

Was there a genuine method of making money online that any layperson could achieve, or not.

I also had my family thinking I was stupid for thinking this could be done.

But I am an optimist, so I knew there must be a way.

I kept trying and failing, but these failures made me resilient.

But Really, Is It That Difficult To make Money Online!

Was it my fault, I don’t believe so. Just like it’s not your fault if you’ve failed up to this point.

You just haven’t got the right information from the right people.

Now you’ve made it here, I’m going to show you a REAL opportunity.

Who Am I

I’m Nudge and since 2014, I’ve learnt how to make money through the online web space. It hasn’t all been rosy, I’ve had my share of scammers and hiccups along the way, but I’ve come out the other side with a load of knowledge that I’m happy to pass on to you.

I’ve tried my hand at eCommerce with a Shopify store. While this can be the ideal opportunity for many, it just wasn’t for me. You really have to weigh up the balance of dealing with such issues as inventory, shipping, returns and tax variations from buyers in different countries, against your lifestyle.

Sure. you do make a lot more profit with your own online store, but you need to make sure your customers get their products asap.

It’s a lot more involved than I initially thought. It also costs a lot more money to initially get setup. So although I would recommend eCommerce for the right people, I needed a way to create a passive income that was simpler.

I wanted to learn how to make money where I was more in charge of my own destiny. However, I didn’t want to go into filling out surveys or writing articles for entrepreneurs. I wanted to be my own entrepreneur.

I knew there was the opportunity to make money with a blog, I just needed the correct advice and where to get it. I also knew that if I could get my own website setup and earn an income from it, I could work from anywhere in the world. How cool would that be!

So with this in mind, I set out to find everything I needed to know. How to generate an income whilst working remotely. Not only did I find this, I also found a huge support network to help me along if I’m ever in need of advice.

The Reason For This FREE Guide

It took me a long time to finally find the correct pathway to success. My satisfaction and determination has been justified, and I now feel that I’m in a situation where I can help others searching down the same path I was.

I knew that if I could create a website that brings in money on a regular basis, why couldn’t I teach others to do the same. I know that I’m not the only person that was sick and tired of working for an employer, or fed up of the 9-5 grind. It doesn’t have to be that way.

What I’m going to reveal to you is a proven path that I not only used to get ahead, but still use to this very day. And if you follow what I did, you’ll also have a network of experts to give you advice on anything online.

If you’re after a sustainable online business model that will make you money over the long term, listen up. You’ll learn a whole new set of skills that will allow you to be your own boss everyday of the year.

It’s such an exciting time to be around in the online space, come and find out why.

What You Must Acknowledge Before

Starting Your Own Online Business

Here’s The Truth…This will Require Effort & Time to Succeed

It seems that everyone wants to make money on the internet within a minimal time-frame. This is just not achievable, but scammers will have you believe this is going to happen if you buy their product. Don’t believe them.

The only way to create a genuine online business that will earn an honest and consistent income, is by following the correct set of rules. We all know that Google is the biggest player on the internet, and they have a lot of say on how the game should be played. So, you’re going to learn within their guidelines.

I’m NOT going to tell you that you’ll be making thousands of dollars within weeks. It’s just not going to happen.

Having your own business means continual work and progression of your business. It means adding content to your website, expanding and creating new initiatives to earn more. And the great thing is, you’re going to learn how to do all this.

The more you put into your online business, the more you’ll reap the benefits. Build it correctly to begin with and put in the effort, and you will see great results build up over time. If you are willing to do this, you will benefit big time in the near future.

Do You Understand!

This is not get rich quick scheme. I hate those. If you understand that you’ll be putting in some effort to build a business over time to earn money online, then this is the perfect opportunity for YOU.

I hope you enjoy creating your online business as much as I do.

Keep reading, I’ll show you how you can start this journey you’re about to undertake, for free.

The Ideal Way You’ll Earn Money Online

The Process in a Nutshell

The idea behind all this, is to create a website and sell companies products by writing about it. How’s that you may ask. We’ll let’s go through the process.

Firstly you need to create a website, this will preferably be about something that interests you. Don’t freak out about this website build, you don’t need to know how to code or even get the website up and running, it’ll all be done for you. We’ll go through this shortly.

Let’s say you love Wildlife, and more in particular, Birds.  You write lots of helpful content related to birds, and you learn how to get this content ranked on Google. Maybe you write an article about large bird cages.

When somebody searches Google for large bird cages, they come across your article, and you advise them of the best one’s to buy and why. They click on one of the bird cages you suggest which then takes them to that product on a website such as Amazon.

If they decide to purchase that bird cage (or a different bird cage whilst still at Amazon), you will earn a commission from Amazon.

This internet model of Making Money is called Affiliate Marketing and it’s a proven strategy that works well. Many successful affiliate marketers earn a great income and can do it from the comfort of home. Or in a holiday Villa, depending on your location preference!

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you the advertiser, promoting products for Merchants or Companies. If you can sell their products from your online website, the Merchant will pay you a commission.

For instance, lets say you want to advertise and review a slow cooker for Walmart. You sign up to the Walmart affiliate program and they will give you links to add to your website. These are special links that identify you as the affiliate. When this link gets clicked on, it sends the visitor over to Walmart where they can purchase the product. And hey presto, you earn the commission from Walmart.

You Are NOT Selling, You Are Helping

Creating an online business model like I’ve been taking about will not work if you just intend to sell and promote. You are also required to help people make a decision in regards to which are the better products. If visitors come to your website and you try to sell them a product that has bad reviews, do you think they will have gained your trust? Probably not.

The more trust you gain from your visitors, the more they will come back and see what you recommend. The key point here is to help your visitors find solutions to their problems. They require a new dog collar, you recommend the best one to buy and why. Place most of your energies into helping and you will master the art of affiliate marketing.

This Model is So Sustainable

Just look at this chart to the right. By 2020 the business to consumer global sales will top 1.7 trillion dollars. Currently there are close to 4 billion people searching for answers on the internet each year. It’s estimated that over 2.5 million of those buy products online.

This is only going to grow into the future, especially as mobile sales have overtaken desktop.

This is an amazing statistic and gives anyone the opportunity to create an income for themselves in affiliate marketing.

Just imagine if you had one article that ranked well in Google. It can not only help a couple of people, you could be helping hundreds or even thousands with your advice. This will also earn you a nice load of money with each sale that you make.

So this becomes two-fold. The income is one thing, but then knowing you’re also guiding people to buy the correct products is also self-satisfying.

Can You See the Possibilities!

This becomes a snowball effect. You write great content that helps people, this article ranks well in Google so you end up on page 1 or 2 (nobody looks much further than that!). You then start to get many more visitors as the ranking goes up which gives the potential for a lot more sales. This means more money in your pocket.

If this is just one article you’ve written, what about all the others that also have huge potential to do the same! And the great thing is, these articles are going to earn you money whilst your sleeping. This was one of the biggest influence’s for me when I started. I wanted to earn money while I slept. To wake up and find money in my account is a real buzz.

This then becomes something you can do over and over again. Although my advice would be to work on one website at a time, the potential is there in the future to create another website with the skills you’ve learnt. It’s known as ‘Rinse and Repeat’.

You can see why having a website is so important, it means people come to you when they’re searching for something. I’ll show you how to get a free website shortly.

But Wait!

How On Earth Do You Create a Website!!

No big deal, you’re all sorted. The way you are going to learn this is by far the easiest method on the internet. With a website builder to get you started and more support then you ever imagined.

If you understood everything else about affiliate marketing up to here, then learning how to build out a website is simple. I’ll show you exactly how to begin this as part of your exiting journey into affiliate marketing.

Will You Need to Learn Code

Of course not. In the good old days of website creation you will have needed to know code but not anymore. There’s some very clever people out there that have come up with solutions to creating a website for newbies just like you. I’ll show you how easy it is to set up a website with just a few clicks of your mouse button, literately.

You will have a website ready in under 1 minute! Honestly, keep reading and I’ll show you how.

I hope this puts your mind at ease, as many people fret at the thought of learning something new like this. With this website builder, retirees with little or no knowledge of websites have begun their own online business. It’s that easy.

Here’s an Analysis of How You’ll Make Money

Step 1: Choose an Passion

Remember earlier when I mentioned about the topic of birds? This is a niche or interest that you’ll be required to start with.

A niche should be something that interests you, as you probably don’t want to write about a subject that will bore you in time.

Don’t just think about a niche that will make you as much money as possible. This is an online business that is going to last for years to come, and you don’t want to lose interest in that.

Possibilities of a great niche could be a hobby, something you already know a lot about or a even subject that you’d like to learn about.

Any niche can make money online and with so many websites out there already, you’ll have plenty of information at your fingertips.

Step 2: Create a Website

Building a website is much easier than you may think. You may have reservations about this but I’ll show you the easiest and best way to create a website for Free!

You will not need any prior experience or any coding knowledge. It’s basically a point and click model and you’ll be all set up and ready to go within a minute.

You’ll be surprised how easy this is, and also what you as an individual can achieve.

Step 3: Visitor Appeal

Once your website is built and you’ve added an adequate amount of content, you’ll need to attract visitors. There is an art to getting web traffic and you’ll have unlimited free traffic by learning how this is done.

You will not have to pay for traffic like many others do. They either don’t know how, or are too impatient to get free traffic.

You will learn how to rank in the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. That’s when real traffic starts to rise and when this happens, so does step 4!

Step 4: Start Making Money!

Once visitors start finding your website through your high ranking, many will buy products you’ve promoted. These products can be through Amazon, Walmart, Kmart or any other company that has an affiliate program.

These companies will pay you a commission for your efforts to get them a sale. All these rewards will add up to a nice pay packet.

So simply put, they buy products and YOU MAKE MONEY!

Is This Really Possible for Anyone Like Me!

Why Not! Of Course You Can!

Why should everyone else get all the rewards? You’ve been able to read this guide so I know you’ll be able to achieve an online business. If I, and thousands of others can do it with no experience, there’s no reason you can’t.

That’s because I’m going to show you where I learnt how to build an online business step-by-step. You’ll be taken by the hand and taught everything to need to know, in baby steps (although you can go a little quicker if you’d prefer).

If you can follow along simple video training and you’re prepared to take action on the training, you’ll succeed at this. You don’t need to be an expert writer but I can guarantee that you will get better at it over time.

Not only will you be able to follow this blueprint to make money, you’ll also be provided with all the tools to achieve success.

People with Zero Knowledge from all over the world have joined up to this and are now making a living online.

Why wouldn’t YOU want to join them!

Where Do You Begin…

Start With an Education

When I started out, I was shooting in the dark with no prior knowledge of how to build a website, how to get visitors or how to make money from a website. There’s a good reason I didn’t make a penny, I didn’t know what I was doing.

I don’t want you to fall into the same trap and waste valuable months or years like I did. There’s no point starting this journey if you don’t have the knowledge or tools to help you along.

I got to the stage where I was frustrated because I thought I was on the right track but couldn’t make money. Then I’d hear about people making huge commissions and wondered why that wasn’t me.

After trying various different programs and getting scammed along the way, I finally found the right place I’d been looking for!

So, What Did I Discover…

Training  With the Lot!

In August of 2014, I came across an affiliate marketing training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. Immediately I became aware that I’d stumbled across the exact resource that would help me reach the exact goals I’d been searching for.

This was a huge relief because I was exhausted from finding different programs, only to find out it was either a scam, had very little resources or was just leading me up the wrong path.

FINALLY, I’d found a place with all the necessary tools, training and support that I’d need to start this kind of online business.

My wish came true of finding somewhere that could teach me how to build a website correctly from day one, show me how to rank highly in Google and other search engines, and how to make money from my website.

Instead of other programs that teach you how to chase money, Wealthy Affiliate teach you how to build a website so that visitors come to YOU.

I had finally found a program that would teach me the online business model I had been looking for, which would allow me to work independently from any location on earth (with WiFi!), create a passive income and offer all the support I needed when required.

So if you’re in the same position and like this business model that any individual can do, I’d suggest signing up for a FREE account and check out all they have to offer.

Let’s Have a Deeper Insight into WA

Wealthy Affiliate Main Features

The main purpose of joining Wealthy Affiliate is to be taught the process and techniques of affiliate marketing.

From the very beginning you will learn step-by-step how to find a niche, build a website, attract visitors and make money, the 4 steps we covered earlier. This will all be learnt in the one place, so no more trying to piece together various snippets of information from YouTube or Google.

I’ve seen other programs that try to teach this, but they have their information in an unorganized fashion. Wealthy Affiliate have mastered the layout of their platform so well that you’ll be taught everything in the order that it needs to be. You will learn the correct steps at a time you need to know it.

Here’s some of the main features that are offered:

  • Step-By-Step Easy to Follow Video Tutorials
  • Online Certification Courses
  • Powerful Website Builder
  • Domain Registration
  • Highly Secured Web Hosting
  • Weekly Live Webinars
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • 13 Specific Classrooms
  • Live Chat For Instant Support
  • Site Content Platform
  • Full Support System
  • Free Starter Membership
  • Premium Membership

The Wealthy Affiliate program covers so many areas but we’ll concentrate on the main benefits. If you’d like to follow along as I touch on these topics then it may be a good idea to create your free account now.

Remember, creating an account is free and no credit card is required.

If you’re wondering when this free membership expires, don’t fret. The free membership does not expire so you can keep it as long as you like. It is NOT a free trial, it’s a FREE membership.

Simple Step-By-Step Tutorials

The layout at WA have been revamped recently so it’s extremely up to date, and arranged in a way that everything can be found easily. The main training is called the Online Entrepreneur Certification course which can be accessed by clicking on the Training section on the left.

As you can see above, there are 5 levels of this course and each level after the first comprises 10 lessons. The platform will even track your progress and bookmark where you are in the training, so you don’t miss a step.

The first certification level (which is free) consists of 5 lessons.

At the completion of each lesson you will be shown a checklist of items that you have covered. This can be viewed on the image to the right.

This is basically a tracker to see where you are in relation to the lessons in each level and how many lessons there are to go.

Organization is a big part of any course and this is designed to do just that.

You’ll also notice in the top right corner, a percentage of the lesson that has been completed. This will encourage you to keep persisting and keep you on track.

It’s advisable not to skip these lessons, as they are laid out in a specific order. This is to slowly build up your website in the correct way with the right amount of content or web design aspects required for ranking.

The idea is to start at level one on lesson one, and continue through until you’re done.

At the bottom of each lesson is a discussion area so you can communicate with others doing the same lesson. You can also ask questions here, which the expert community can help you out with.

This is perfect training for any newbies to affiliate marketing. If you’ve never built out a website before, you’ll also gain extensive knowledge on which pages you’ll need to add, including a privacy policy and affiliate disclaimer.

It’s the ideal training for anyone to learn this new skill set.


The Ultimate Website Builder with Brute Force

I told you earlier that building a website is not going to be an issue, and that you’ll have a website up and running within a minute. Well here it is, the website builder with bells on.

You can remove the anxiety you had about website creation, I’m going to show you right now how easy it is to build your new website in under 1 minute. It’s an extremely powerful tool and you’ll see just how easy it is to use.

Basically, it’s a quick 5 step process. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Choose ‘On a free domain’ from the 3 options
  2. Choose a domain name for your website
  3. Give your website a title
  4. Select a theme for your new website
  5. Select the “Click Here to Build This Site” button

That’s it, you’ve just accomplished one of the greatest fears of newbies. You now have a website all set up ready for you to add information to it.

I’ve created a short video for you to see just how easy this really is. It shows you all the steps I’ve just explained.


As you can clearly see, it’s very straight forward and anyone with no knowledge can have a website setup in no time. So why not give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose. You can start now by typing the name of the website you’d like in the box below.

How Secure is the Hosting & Domain Registry

None of us want our websites to come under attack from cyber crime. I’ve had my own website (not this one) hacked when hosted elsewhere. The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is extremely secure using the latest web hosting technologies and it’s highly optimized for WordPress websites, which is what the Site Builder will create for you.

Although a free website is offered at Wealthy Affiliate, in time you may wish to purchase your own domain. You can purchase a new domain at Wealthy Affiliate and each domain comes with ‘whois’ privacy, meaning people cannot lookup who bought the domain. If you were to purchase a domain anywhere else, this would cost you extra.

It’s also possible to transfer a domain or whole website over to Wealthy Affiliate.

A huge benefit to purchasing your own domain and having it hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, is that you’ll also be given an SSL certificate, which is another large cost elsewhere. This is basically a more secure website. You know the ‘https’ before a domain name instead of just ‘http’. The ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’ (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

Multiple Ways to Learn

Live Weekly Webinars

Each and every Friday evening (USA time), Wealthy Affiliate run a live webinar training session on a specific topic. This could be anything from Google indexing to affiliate strategies. You’ll find they keep up with all the latest news, and often this can be the topic of a webinar.

The great thing about these live webinars, is that they are all recorded and uploaded to the Wealthy Affiliate website. This way you can watch them at a time that suits you. The image below shows the webinars that are coming up in the weeks ahead.

As you can see, each webinar lasts for approximately 1h which is enough for a Q & A session and the end. Any premium member can attend a live session and type in question into the chat box as the training is running.

I don’t know of anywhere else that offers so much up to date training.

A Like Minded Community & Support

Whenever you take on a journey like this, you’re going to require help with various aspects. This is where the huge community can help you out. With well over 230,000 current members, someone will have the answer you’re looking for.

Unlike other programs, the owners are also here to help. The two main guys that set this program up, Kyle & Carson, are always interactive with the community of members. You can send them a direct message, as you can with any other member.

Another way to get instant help is via a live chat facility. Simply ask a question and other members will respond within seconds.

You can also write a blog within the program, and anyone that is following you will get an email notifying you that a blog has been posted. Any time you have some great information that you think the community can benefit from, write a blog about it to help others out. This is such a great program.

The technical support is also amazing. I used to be hosted with a different hosting provider, and whenever my website had problems, it took hours to fix the issue. Wealthy Affiliate support gets back to me within minutes of asking them a question.

Essential Tools to Help You Progress

If you’ve ever heard of keyword research, you will understand that using keywords in your written content is a big step to ranking highly in Google. As part of the Wealthy Affiliate program, you’ll be given access to their own Keyword tool called Jaaxy.

Jaaxy can show you how much competition you’re up against for each keyword and what the changes are of reaching a high rank.

Site Content is another cool tool which allows you to write your articles withing this area. Not only that, you’ll also have access to thousands of free images that you can legally use on your website without copyright infringement.

This has got to be the most well thought out program to help new affiliate marketers ever. You can buy your domain, host your website, write your content, find keywords and learn all the affiliate marketing techniques through the expansive training, all in the one place.

You can also involve the community with some of the tools to help you out. Such as the ‘Site Feedback’ tool, where you can ask an expert to review your website and give feedback as to how well you are progressing.


Your Membership Options

Making it simple, there are only two membership options. The first being the FREE membership, the other being Premium. You’ll want to start off with the Free membership to check it out. This can be done by registering and only giving your general details WITHOUT credit card details.

I’ve seen other programs (that aren’t nearly as good mind you) that want $1 for their basic membership. This is so they can get your credit card details and will opt you into a payment system unless you opt out.

Here’s what you get with the two membership types:


FREE Membership

  • Check Out All the Premium Features For The First 7 Days
  • No Credit Card Needed At Signup
  • Simple Website Builder
  • Stay With The Free Membership As Long As You Want
  • Highly Secured Web Hosting
  • 2 Free Websites
  • 1 Free .com Domain
  • Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches/Mo.
  • First 5 Lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp Courses
  • 2 Classrooms Access

It’s unusual to get a free membership with this much included, in fact I’m sure you won’t find this anywhere else. To get this free membership, sign up below.

Once you do sign up, it’s recommended that you introduce yourself to the community. I can’t stress enough how beneficial this is. You can do this by adding the following:

  • Profile Picture
  • Short Profile Description

By doing this you are introducing yourself, and other members can get an understanding of what you hope to achieve. You can also follow anyone at Wealthy Affiliate (like following someone on Facebook). Following the experts will allow you to get notified of any great relevant content they add.

Premium Membership

So is the premium membership worth it? Well, I’ve been a premium member since August 2014 and if it wasn’t worth every penny I’d be long gone by now.

If you’ve ever tried creating a website before, you’ll know that hosting is one of the larger costs involved (although it’s much cheaper that starting a physical retail business). To get the hosting included with all the training, tools and support for around the same cost is amazing.

So here’s what you get with the Premium membership

  • Simple to Use Website Builder
  • Highly Secured Web Hosting
  • 25 FREE websites
  • Hosting for 25 Custom Domain Sites
  • Private Domain Registration
  • SSL Certificates (https:)
  • Site Speed (Extra Speed Technology)
  • Full Technical Support
  • TOTAL Access to Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp Courses
  • Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Monthly Searches
  • Live Weekly Training Webinars
  • Affiliate Program Search
  • Private Messaging
  • Live Chat
  • Personal Wealthy Affiliate Blogs
  • Access to the WA Owners
  • Additional Ways To Earn Money Online via The Platform

Now what would you normally expect from a program like this? Have you tried other programs, only to find out that they try to sell you something extra down the line? Like, oh we’ve given you the premium membership which you’re already paying for, but there’s an extra gold edition that you can also pay for! Well, don’t expect anything like this at Wealthy Affiliate.

You pay for the premium membership and EVERYTHING is included. There are NO upsells.

I’m sure once you try this out you’ll love the premium membership, but as I’ve stated, start with the FREE membership and you’ll have access to the premium edition for the first 7 days at no cost.


Is This Really For You

If you are ready to start an online business of your own that will allow you to work from home, villa or the beach, then this may be the opportunity you’ve been searching for.

You need to be serious about making money online to get all the benefits that this lifestyle can offer you. Some people take this up as a hobby but others thrive and make a full time income from affiliate marketing.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform offers you so much in terms of training and support that you just won’t get anywhere else. There are experts willing to help you at every turn and answer your questions.

The FREE membership is great but the Premium membership offers you a greater chance of reaching your full potential and making more money online. If you think you have what it takes to build yourself an online future, to work from the comforts of anywhere in the world, then create an account below and get started before the next generation beat you to it.

What Will Premium Cost You

Roughly half a coffee per day!

You can either pay as you go on a monthly basis or pay an annual fee. The monthly payments are $49, which is well under what a cup of coffee would set you back per day. 

The annual membership costs $495 which is a much better outcome than monthly (works out to be $41.25 per month).

Just think about this for a minute. What does a university degree cost you per year!

Either way, you could be making that money back within months of starting a new online career.

Some Perspective on Cost

Anyone that creates a website is going to incur startup costs. You’ll need to purchase a domain name, and get web hosting. The cheapest hosting costs approximately $8-$10 per month, and some hosting providers will give you a 50% discount for the first year or two.

This is also shared hosting, which means resources that your website uses, is shared with hundreds or thousands of others. It also means your website will not be very fast, and is more likely to drop out more regularly.

Better hosting will cost $35-$40 per month, and is much more stable.

Well guess what. Wealthy Affiliate will cost $41.25 p/m when you pay annually. Hosting providers will want you to pay annually anyway.

So, for less cost than decent hosting elsewhere, you will get all the features at WA. All the training, tools, hosting (top quality hosting) and support that makes this platform the best in the industry. You won’t find better value for money anywhere.

You Can Start For FREE Today!

Stop procrastinating! Now is the time take take care of your future and begin a new online career.

There’s a saying that sticks in my mind, and it got me to where I am today. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll have what you’ve always had”. So why not take your life by the scruff of the neck and improve your situation, starting right now.

Get the proper training you need with a huge community of support. As I’ve stated, I’m a current member and will greet you on the inside.

Wealthy Affiliate is a place you can trust. They’ve been in operation since 2005 with over 1 million people having signed up in that time.

So, to being this amazing journey, here’s a checklist of things to do today.


  • Create Your FREE Account with the RED button Below
  • Upload an Image of Yourself to Your New Profile Page
  • Give a Brief Description on Your Profile Page
  • Click ‘Getting Started’ on the Online Certification Course

Success Stories

Many of the members have posted about their online success. Here’s just a few of them. You can click on the image to see the full post.


And there’s so many more success stories. However, many people don’t have success. The reason for this is that they don’t follow the training or they don’t put in the time. Are you prepared to follow basic training and take action on it?

If you’re prepared to put in an hour or 2 per day and follow the tutorials, you’ll be a very good chance of success also.

Are You Up To The Challenge

Now, if you’re looking for how to make money Quickly on the internet, this is NOT for you. I believe there is no such thing, but if you believe it then knock yourself out, keep searching for that needle.

This opportunity is for those willing to invest in themselves.

If you are NOT going to put in the effort to achieve this income model that will produce results for years to come, you may as well LEAVE this page now.

It doesn’t bother me. You’ll be the one losing out in the long run.

I don’t mean to be flippant or rude, I’m just being honest.

For the remainder of you that are interested, here’s a look at the progress WA has made since launching.

Getting Better & Better

Although Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, their platform has changed hugely in that time. They started with their keyword tool and have implemented everything else as they’ve progressed. Each year, new tools and improvements are incorporated into the program.

In early 2018, they had a major overhaul of the whole interface. This made it so much easier for members to find the training sections and tools they were looking for. I can’t imagine what else they can add, but they insist that even more improvements are on the way.

I Can Help You

By now you must be thinking of all the possibilities and opportunities that are available with affiliate marketing. You may also have many questions in your head that you may want answered.

If you’re really serious about this, and become a premium member, I’ll be available to answer all your questions. You can contact me anytime by sending me a Private Message within Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ll advise you of anything you need help with, and point you in the right direction. I’m constantly on the Wealthy Affiliate platform so you can expect a response from me within a timely manner. And I always respond to my messages.  

It’s Now Decision Time.

Do you want to create a REAL online business for yourself, or to continue the path you’ve been travelling for quite some time.

Only you can make this decision, and if you’ve read this far, you are interested. You know this is what you want.

I always remember a saying that goes like this.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll have what you’ve always had.”

This saying is what prompted me to change direction and take control of my future.

It’s up to you to do the same if you wish.

Click the Red button above if you’d like to get started.

I look forward to helping you on your journey to successful affiliate marketing.

Best Regards, and lets Make Money Online!


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