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Your first question in regards to WebTotem is going to be, how can WebTotem benefit me? All new programs have to provide services that go far beyond, as they have to impress form the get go.

So the benefits that WebTotem offer are very good and I’ll explain several features in the WebTotum review.

So let’s take a look.

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WebTotem Pricing

The good news is there’s a free trial. The bad news is… It only lasts 14 days. That’s actually pretty good if you ask me. If you just wanted to check it out and see all the features, 14 days is enough to get a good grasp of the platform.

Here’s a brief of what each membership level will provide you.

  • Standard – $10 per month
  • Professional – $30 per month
  • Custom

So what is available in each membership level? Here’s a diagram of their full listing of features.

WebTotem Memberships

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So let’s check out the actual features and what exactly WebTotem is.

WebTotem Features

The idea behind WebTotem is to protect and administer your website/s so you have peace of mind. With the effort that goes into creating a website, you really don’t want it to become hacked.

Here are the features you can expect from your WebTotem membership.

WebTotem Monitoring

Regardless of which membership level you take up, even the free WebTotem membership level, monitoring of your website is included as part of the package.

This includes advising of when or if your SSL certificate is about to expire, confirming that your website is always available for search engines to index and view, and making sure that hackers have not replaced any web pages.

WebTotem Monitoring

Additional to this, WebTotem will check your website performance and boost it if necessary via server resources.

Extra Vulnerability management

For those requiring the more advanced monitoring, you can have additional vulnerabilities managed such as open ports, where it’s most likely hackers will enter and exploit your system.

Also, by detecting your websites components misconfigurations, the WebTotem can estimate the website security grade and offer recommendations on fixing them.


Of course we all need an antivirus these days, but just having it installed on your computer does not mean your website will be secure.

The WebTotem antivirus feature is a powerful system that prevents malware from invading your website, and also helps you take steps to remove any malware already found. You can scan your website at any time and as the software learns your system, it evolves and becomes smarter, understanding where and how vulnerabilities can be infected.

Your website will also have protection over any file changes including rights and permissions.


Firewalls can be a more advanced feature for many of us. Many hackers understand how to work their way through firewalls, which is why it’s always a good idea to have full, real-time protection.

WebTotem says their firewall will help save your website from hackers, bad bots, spam, Path traversal, SQLi, XSS, Dos Attacks and much more. Honestly, I don’t know what some of these are, but I’m sure I don’t want to know either.

You’ll have full access to all reporting of any blocks or attempted hacks, including the time and IP address of where and when it occurred.

Just so you know, the firewall starts working after one week of adding your websites. This is so it can monitor the traffic that is coming in.

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Additional WebTotem Information

Other features or instructions that WebTotem includes.

Plugin for WordPress

Most websites are created on the WordPress platform. So to make it easier for many users, there’s a WordPress plugin called WT Security. It’s simple to install and you’ll be provided with an API key to activate your account.

Site management

Simply add all the websites that you own through the Site management facility. Obviously you can only add the allocated amount of websites for your membership type.

Agent Setup

If you’re going to set up WebTotem without the WordPress plugin, you’ll need to use the Agent. Either the manual or automatic methods of installation will require you to download the ‘Agent’, and add it to your file system via FTP.

You can fill in your FTP details with the automatic method, and they will not store your FTP details once activated.

Slack integration

Slack is a team management and collaboration app which helps with organization and productivity. WebTotem can integrate with Slack simply by heading into your profile in your personal account settings.

Report Generation

Reports can be very beneficial, especially if you are managing other companies websites for them. You can add a logo and site name to the generated reports, making it a professional output.

Account management

Sometimes you may want to delete an account, change password or add team members. This can all be done under the account management feature.

Who is WebTotem Best For

Ideally, WebTotem is perfect if you want to monitor and keep secure a lot of websites. If you are a website manager for local businesses or even larger companies, WebTotem will handle the tasks required.

Does WebTotem offer a free trial?

Like many others, I truly appreciate a free trial. That’s another reason I’d endorse WebTotem, because they give you adequate time to access their platform with a 14 day free trial.

You will know by the end of this period, if WebTotem is for you or not.

WebTotem Integrations

As I mentioned earlier, WebTotem integrates well with Slack, a team management platform. There’s also the WordPress integration via a plugin.

Best WebTotem Deal

Every so often WebTotem will offer exceptional deals. One of the best websites to partner with for this purpose is Appsumo. Currently, Appsumo has a deal that offers 3 variations of WebTotem membership for a single one-off price.

  • License Tier 1 – One Time Purchase of $59.00
    Includes all Professional Plan features, 10 websites & 3 client sub-accounts
  • License Tier 2 – One Time Purchase of $118.00
    Includes all Professional Plan features, 30 websites & 5 client sub-accounts
  • License Tier 3 – One Time Purchase of $177.00
    Includes all Professional Plan features, Unlimited websites & 10 client sub-accounts

I’m always checking for one-time purchase offers because I forget to unsubscribe, therefore I pay for extra months after I’m done using a service. Doh!

These one-time purchase options are ideal as they are really not all that expensive. They are lifetime deals with huge discounts.

You can check out these WebTotem discounts here. (Limited Time Only)

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