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Travel websites are extremely common, probably because of everybody’s love of experiencing different types of journeys. So it makes sense to monetize these websites via affiliate marketing. And if you’re interested, read this article if you’d like to know how to set up a travel blog.

While most affiliate marketers are relying on the affiliate programs with broad spectrum, joining up directly to airlines directly can be just as advantageous. It’s also an exciting concept partnering with some of the biggest airlines in the world,

But which airlines have direct affiliate programs that are easily accessible for anyone to join. Well, I’ve done a little digging and found these airline affiliate programs that you can partner with as an affiliate.

The travel industry is wonderful to be a part of, and with so much future growth, the money that can be made via affiliate marketing in this genre is enormous. So I hope this list of the top Airline Affiliate Programs enlightens you to the possibility of airline marketing.

Etihad Airways Affiliate Program

Website URL: etihad.com

Affiliate signup URL: etihad.com/en/promotions/etihad-affiliate-program/

Etihad Airlines Affiliate Program

Etihad airways has only been around since 2003, but has constantly been one of the better performing airlines worldwide. As I write this article, they are sitting at No.29 on Skytrax list of 100 best airlines for 2019.

This is good since they’ve only been around for approximately 16 years, although they were ranked 15th in 2018.

Anyway, if you’re keen to promote Etihad airways through their affiliate program, you may have to use and alternative affiliate network depending on which location you’re based. I’m unsure why, but 6 different affiliate networks are used for multiple countries.

Here’s a screenshot of which affiliate network you’ll need to sign up with to become an affiliate partner.

Etihad Airlines by Country

With flights to over 100 destinations, this truly is a worldwide company you will enjoy working with as an affiliate

What Type Of Products Are Featured

The Etihad Airways affiliate program only pays out commissions on flights. The great thing about promoting airlines is that while the commission rate may seem low, the flight costs are large, meaning bigger commissions.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates:

  • Sale Commission: 2%
  • Cookie Period: 30 days

Why Promote Etihad Airways

In relative terms, Etihad Airways is a new Arabian airline that has made a big impact since arriving on the scene in 2003. In that time they’ve won over 160 excellence awards, including the Global Excellence in Performance Marketing Award in 2014, and the Leading Airline.

Etihad are a major sponsor of large sporting events and stadiums, which you can incorporate into your niche promotions.

Etihad Airways flies on over 40,000 routes worldwide, giving you ample opportunity to promote this top airline.

British Airways Affiliate Program

Website URL: britishairways.com

Affiliate signup URL: britishairways.com/en-gb/information/about-ba/affiliate-programme

British Airways Affiliate Program

We’ve all admired British Airways for as long as we can remember, and now you can partner with them as an affiliate. Ranked as the 19th best airline in the world (as of writing this), they have a wonderful reputation which should be considered when signing up with any company.

As a British Airways affiliate, you’ll be rewarded for advertising the British Airways brand when your readers make a booking.

British Airways use Partnerize to host their affiliate program. Partnerize used to be known as Performance Horizon Group, before they rebranded themselves in 2018.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

You’ll be pleased to know that you will earn commissions not only on flights, but also hotels and car rental bookings that are booked through the British Airways website.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates:

  • Sale Commission: 2%
  • Cookie Period: 30 days

Why Promote British Airways

Why wouldn’t you promote British Airways, they’ve been a constant in our lives since 1974. They have won many awards in that time, and have a brilliant safety record.

Many people won’t have to be convinced too hard to make a booking through British Airways, making your job as an affiliate marketer that little bit easier. With a fleet serving over 160 destinations, you’re sure to make sales.

KLM Affiliate Program

Website URL: klm.com

Affiliate signup URL: KLM Affiliate sign up

KLM Affiliate Program

Did you know that KLM is the oldest airline in the world that is still in operation under its original name! KLM was founded in 1919 and flies to 145 worldwide destinations.

This gives them the right to such a strong brand, that you can promote with confidence that you’re doing the right thing by your blog audience.

Like British Airways, KLM have recently moved their affiliate program to Partnerize. You’ll have access to multiple tools that can help you get your promotions up and running.

What Type Of Products Are Featured

I understand that currently, commissions are made on airline flights only under the KLM affiliate program.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates:

  • Sale Commission: Medium Haul 1%, Long Haul 1.5%
  • Cookie Period: 30 days

Why Promote KLM

With fantastic promotional material and an angle that nobody else can claim having been the longest originally named airline, there’s huge potential to make sales with the KLM affiliate program.

I’ve actually travelled KLM myself, and can vouch that they are in the top echelon of airlines. Currently ranked No.18 in the world, I’d have no hesitation in using the KLM brand to enhance any travel website.

Qatar Airways Affiliate Program

Website URL: qatarairways.com

Affiliate signup URL: Qatar Affiliate signup

Qatar Affiliate Program

Currently rated the No.1 airline in the world, Qatar airlines has quickly become a favorite among travelers. Qatar Airways doesn’t travel to as many global destinations because they are more targeted towards the luxury travel market.

With their main point of call being Hamad International Airport in Doha, they now connect with more than 160 destinations worldwide.

Depending on where you’re located, the affiliate network you’ll be using to access the Qatar affiliate program will vary. Although Qatar Airways seems to use several affiliate networks, you’ll find the commission percentage is generally 2%. Those in most countries would use ShareaSale (now owned by AWIN).

Qatar Affiliate Program Through haraSale

For those in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore, Commission factory will be your contact. 

Qatar Affiliate program Through Commission Factory

What Type Of Products Are Featured

The Qatar website features hotels, car hire and flights. This makes becoming a Qatar affiliate an exceptional opportunity, because when people purchase through Qatar, they don’t just book flights.

Commission Rates

Default Commission rates:

  • Sale Commission: 2%
  • Cookie Period: 30 days

Why Promote Qatar Airlines

There’s not many airlines that can boast the amount of awards and high ratings over a consistent period of time. Since Qatar Airways inception in 1997, they’ve won multiple awards, including Best Airline in the World and Best Business Class Airline.

Qatar Airways has been ranked No.1 in Skytrax in 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2017. They are also currently sitting in the No.1 position in 2019.

You will have a variety of promotional angles to use with the array of features available to your website audience. Even though Qatar promotes the luxury side of things, they also offer great economy airfares for everyday travelers.

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