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Upload and Smash Review


There must be something in the water at the moment, because I’ve never seen so many dodgy programs being released. I’ve recently come across this one called, Upload and Smash. To be honest, it made me laugh when I watched the video and saw the sales page.

The amateurish nature of how this has been put together speaks volumes for how illegitimate it is. I’m going to give you my thoughts on this program and why you should steer well clear of it.

Upload and Smash Summary

Upload and Smash Review 500x200Product Name: Upload and Smash

Founder/Owner: Lyfe Lyte (again)

Product Type: Free Traffic Program

Price: $17 + Upsells

Best For: Those requiring website traffic

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is nothing more that a dodgy “copy & paste” method, that will never get your initial $17 back.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 4/100

What is Upload and Smash

Apparently, this is an opportunity to gain free traffic that will allow you to bring in a consistent income for years and years. This “autopilot” system can be setup in minutes, and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

If this sounds too good of a system to be absolutely true, You may be correct.

You may have come across similar sites to this before, as it seems that there’s several sites by Lyfe Lite that just don’t stack up. I’ll give you a bit more of an insight to Lyfe Lyte later, but for now, here’s what you’re supposed to get with this course.

  • 100% Free Method, Zero Cost
  • Passive Income
  • Step By Step
  • Work From Home

And here’s the benefits:

  • No Email List
  • No Programming or Coding
  • No Technical Madness
  • No Prior online experience
  • No full-time hours
  • No- Website needed

Wow, doesn’t this just sound so awesome. Really, who wouldn’t want a 100% free method to bring in an income on autopilot. You won’t even require a website, no email list or even experience.

In fact the sales page even states “That’s why I made this super simple method you can teach a 4th grader to do” so this obviously means you or I can do this, with no experience.

The question is now, do we believe this or is it a scam?

How Does Upload and Smash Work

So I’m curious, this course doesn’t actually explain what you are going to receive. It says you can setup a 100% free traffic source in 15 minutes. Really. It took me months to accumulate a decent amount of traffic.

I’m also curious as to where this traffic is coming to, if there’s no website. Is it a YouTube channel! Well if so, it’ll take you more than 15 minutes just to get your YouTube channel sorted.

There are so many holes and questions to be asked here. Apparently, you’re going to make sales, and get paid while you’re surfing. By simply copying and pasting something (it can’t be code because there’s no coding involved). So what do you copy and paste, and to where?

In fact this reminds me of another scam called “The 20 Minute Setup Machine” And guess what, it’s created by….Lyfe Lyte! It has all the same steps involved to make money.

  • Copy (whatever)
  • Paste (whatever)
  • Earn money

So easy even a 4th grader can do it!

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Will You See Results With Upload and Smash

In my opinion, you will not see any results with this system. There is no evidence that any money can be made here, or even what platform you’ll be making money with. Most legitimate online money making opportunities still require a fair amount of work and effort.

If you’re not prepared to put in some effort to create a sustainable online income stream, then you’re not serious. If you’re searching for quick money making opportunities, you’ll constantly come across crappy products like this, and will pay small sums of money for as long as you’re looking.

If you want to see real results, get with the program. Learn from ethical programs that can teach you how to sell on Amazon, create your own online store or sell via affiliate marketing.

I can show you courses for any of these methods, but you’ll have to change mindset. Results come to those willing to put in some effort.

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But The Sales Video Says It’s Easy

Yes, of course the sales page including video says it’s easy. But seriously, have you listened to the sales guy. I’d imagine this guys has just been paid to be a spokesperson for the video. Take another look.

Watch closely, especially to his eyes. He constantly looks below the camera to his cue card, and still makes a few mistakes.

This video is very amateurish, displaying a lack of effort that’s put into this course. If they can’t be bothered with a professional sales page and video, how professional do you think this program will be.


Claims of The Good Life

Oh the sales page! Some people will do anything to get you to make a purchase. I think 70% of the sales page is dedicated to showing how you could live the surfing lifestyle. With statements like “So I travel all year…and have for 5 years straight, I love to go explore the world and surf, wakeboard, skateboard, kiteboard, anything extreme really. In doing all of this, I did NOT quit my regular crapy job just to work online 15 hours a day and not see the sun.” your emotional side could be tapped into. I urge you not resist, as it’s all BS.

You’ll find 5 images of the beach on the sales page, but no images of of what they are selling. You’re expected to purchase this “system” without actually knowing what it is, or what it looks like. But you’re also expected to believe that you will be enjoying the sun and surf for the rest of your life, whilst bringing in money on autopilot. Don’t you think this sounds a bit fishy?

Who is Lyfe Lyte

This is a fictional character behind a real person, that is being used on a number of unethical websites. Other sites that Life Lyte has come up with are here:Upload-and-Smash-Review Lyfe

  • Point Then Click And Done
  • Post For Profit
  • Profit Monster
  • Ecom Animal
  • 20 Minute Setup Machine
  • When the Beast Attacks

These programs are all going to show you the awesome lifestyle that Lyfe Lyte apparently enjoys, whilst giving you this system on autopilot. Apparently, you will enjoy same freedom that Lyfe does.

Whether Lyfe actually has this kind of lifestyle is none of my business, but the programs he creates are not in your best interests.

I notice that the contact form that is linked to all these websites, is directed back to work1hour.com.

Are There Any Other Downsides

Having checked this out a bit further, I understand there are a few upsells once you pay for the program. I’ve recently seen this comment in regards to Upload and Smash:

“What are the OTOs all about ?”

Upgrade 1 – $27

Upgrade 2 – $37

Upgrade 3 – $17

I’d be really angry if I bought the program, then found out there are up-sells if I intend to go any further. This is a common tactic by course creators to rake in a few more dollars.

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My Verdict

In my opinion, Upload and Smash is just another opportunity set up by this Lyfe Lyte guy, to give himself another income stream. Your chances of making money from any get rich quick opportunity like this is extremely slim.

I always think it’s a giveaway when there are no details of what you’re going to receive. When you see claims of big income streams with little to no effort, it’s bogus. You will not make any money yourself from this program, and I’d advise you to try something more legitimate.

Wrapping Up

Programs like this are all over the internet. If you’re searching for a program that will accommodate your request for a quick buck, you’ll keep getting scammed with programs like this.

You need to change your mindset and think about how you can set yourself up for a long term online future. To create an income stream that is sustainable, you’ll be required to build a foundation that search engines like.

You may not want to hear this, but if you keep chasing the shiny objects that claim you’ll make loads of money in an hour or so, you’ll keep failing. As the saying goes, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll have what you’ve always had”.

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