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Wealthy Affiliate Learning Community


You may have heard of Wealthy Affiliate but are unsure what they can offer you compared to other online platforms that teach affiliate marketing. Let me explain how the Wealthy Affiliate learning community can help you achieve the success you’re after, as an affiliate marketer.

Not all platforms are created equal, and the owners of Wealthy Affiliate have invested so much in terms of time and resources, to provide you with the ideal place to create your own successful online affiliate marketing business. Here’s a brief explanation of what makes them the top affiliate marketing platform in the industry.

Top Notch Training

Main Training Focus

Let me first start by introducing you to the most prevalent affiliate marketing training online. The main point of the training at WA, is to teach you how to make money via affiliate marketing in any niche. This is known as the Entrepreneur Certification Course, and covers all aspects of website creation and factors that will get your articles ranked on Google and other search engines.

Kyle, one of the owners of WA, focuses on how any niche can provide you an income if you apply the training. As an example, you could start a website about golf balls, offering great advice about this topic, and promoting golf balls, tees, markers, golf ball pick-ups etc. Once established, this site can be expanded into other areas, diversifying into other golf merchandise or golf holidays for instance. Just about any niche can be leveraged into an online business.

Boot camp

Alternatively, WA also provide training to get into the MMO (make money online) niche. This is an extremely competitive niche, but does provide great returns should you persist. They also encourage promotion of WA itself, which offers great commissions simply for promoting a great platform.

Products reviews are an integral part of converting potential customers in either niche, so this is a big focus in both training courses. All training comes with written explanations, along with video walkthroughs to help you understand exactly what to do.

To get a complete understanding of this Entrepreneur Certification Course, you can read the full course outline here.

Integrated Tools

Not only will you find stellar training within Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll also find integrated tools inside to help you get ahead easier. What tools am I referring to? Here’s a snapshot.

Site Rubix

Much of the integrated website tools are built on the Site Rubix platform. Hence why they’ve named each of these tools with the ‘Site’ prefix.

Site Builder

WA have their own website builder which allows you to build a website in under 1 minute. Don’t believe me! Watch me create a website below, before the one minute timer runs out.

As you can clearly see, it’s only a few steps to have your own website up and running in seconds. Simply choose a domain name, a theme and click ‘Build’. That is all you’ll be required to do. You will immediately be provided with a username and password for this new website of yours.

Site Domains

You’ll be provided with a free domain, which will have the .siterubix.com suffix. Alternatively, you can purchase your own domain through WA, and build a website with this domain. All domains purchased here have Whois privacy turned on, and is included in the cost of the domain.

There’s a facility to transfer your domain from an external domain provider. Alternatively, you can point registered domains bought outside of WA, to the Wealthy Affiliate servers.

Site Manager

Keeping all your website login information at hand, the site Manager also keeps track of the health of your websites. You’re able to get a quick snapshot of how many articles you’ve posted, when your site was established and multiple other details.

You can login directly from this area without having to enter your admin name and password. By default, your new website will be given an SSL certificate (https), and be placed on accelerated site speed. The Site Manager area is ideal for keeping track of all your websites.

Site Content

Here, you find a great facility where you can write all your website content. This is all linked to your websites, so when you’re ready to publish your content, simply use the drop down menu and choose the website of your choice to publish to.

The Site Content section is also synced with multiple free images websites. This allows you to easily attach free to use images within your articles. Even better, WA is now affiliated with Kraken, an industry leader in image optimisation. So each time you attach an image, it will be optimised for website use.

Website speed is a common factor in gaining higher search engine rankings. Unoptimised images is the biggest cause of a slow website. So enabling Kraken to optimise every image you attach is a game changer.

Site Comments

Did you know that getting comments on your website articles can help with your rankings? Google likes articles that are constantly added to, which is why when someone places a comment on your article, you should moderate it and then reply. This is added content, and will give your article a boost.

Site Comments is a forum for community members to add comments to each other’s website. This is monitored so that only quality comments are accepted.

Site Feedback

Sometimes it’s comforting to have an expert look at your site and offer advice. This is exactly why the Site Feedback section exists. You can ask for feedback, where a community expert can indicate areas where you can improve.

I really like this feature, especially when you get advise your not expecting. Don’t take this to heart, some people are very direct. But that’s the whole idea, it will help you get better and show you what to improve upon.

Awesome Community

Without a doubt, the best community I’ve been a part of. I personally don’t know many of these people, yet I feel I know them well, as I’ve constantly communicated with them through the WA platform.

Every training lesson, every internal blog written, every question asked and every comment made, gives you the option to contribute to the discussion. If I write an internal blog to the community, everyone can give me feedback and make comments, helping others understand.

This really is a unique learning community. Everyone is here for the same purpose, to build a profitable online website. All members have the ability to contribute, and learn from those that are successful.

You’ll find there’s a live ‘Chat’ constantly going on, which you can join in anytime. Simply ask a question, and you’ll receive an answer I immediately.

Wealthy Affiliate Learning Community support

Amazing Support

When it comes to website support, I haven’t experienced better. The crew that work in support at Wealthy Affiliate are second to none. With previous hosting providers, I could be waiting hours, if not days for a response. Whenever I’ve had an issue at WA, 90% of the time they’ve responded within 5-10 minutes with a solution.

It’s not just the website support that you’ll receive. I’ve touched on the community support, but you’ll also get help and advice from Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. They are constantly involved in discussion and you can send them a private message.

Support is everywhere you turn in this platform, I highly advise it.

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Wrapping Up

I call this the Wealthy Affiliate Learning Community for a reason. Not only do you get the best affiliate marketing training in the industry, but what makes WA stand out from all other platforms is the community support.

Many members, including myself, have learned how to create a good income from affiliate marketing, and we’re happy to pass on our knowledge. The largest piece of advice I can offer, is to keep persisting. Google doesn’t just give out high rankings to anybody. Google wants to know that you’re in this for the long haul.

WA will teach you a realistic approach to creating a long term sustainable affiliate marketing website. They will also provide you with all the training and tools necessary to achieve this dream of yours. But….YOU need to put in the effort.

This is a no BS course with no BS hype or huge claims of wealth. You’re told from the beginning that you will have to put in some effort to make this a success. Anyone can do it. Can you!

To get a full blown appraisal, you can read my expansive Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

But the simplest and least complicated is [Learn more...]

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