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What if I showed you over 6000 websites to get inspiration from!

Today I’m checking out SiteInspire and seeing if this website can help out marketers and/or bloggers with their website design inspirations. I came across SiteInspire a few weeks ago and since then, have wondered who their target audience is, and how we can benefit.

So below I’ll go through what makes this platform popular in terms of navigation, style and inspiration. There’s multiple similar websites like this so the idea behind SiteInspire is nothing new.

Maybe you’re a web designer yourself and like the idea of getting your work out there for inspiration. I’ll show you how SiteInspire dictates which content gets to make it to their websites pages.

website design inspirations siteinspirelogoName: SiteInspire
Website URL: https://www.siteinspire.com/
Owner: Howells Studio
Recommended: Yes

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Types Of Designs

If you’re after a huge directory of inspired website designs, then SiteInspire is going to fulfil your needs. They boast one of the largest design portfolios of website stylists on the internet with links to where these designers can be found. You’ll appreciate so many presentation styles and artistic talents.

Not just for bloggers of small business, but larger corporations can also have their inspirational compositions met.

When you click on a designer image, you get all the information related to that designer. For instance, I’ve clicked on this designer ‘Fame & Partners’. The following information will be presented to you.

Website Design Inspirations With SiteInspire designer1

You’ll receive all the relevant information related to that designer

As you can see, the first listed notification is their website. In this instance, it’s ‘http://fw18.fameandpartners.com/’. The ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ labels are only if your browsing through designers, searching for an exact match that you’re after.

There’s an ‘Add Credit’ section below this which is for designers to add their own information such as name and link etc. You’ll need to be a logged in member to do this.

Some of these designers are also the developers, others are designers that work with a developer. The developer name is labelled next. If you click on this developer link, you’ll be shown all the designers profiles that work with this developer, plus their contact details.

Website Design Inspirations With SiteInspire developer

Finally, you’ll also have the option to add the design to a collection. Another feature that requires a membership to facilitate.

This SiteInspire website that has been around since 2009 has now become a much admired source of portfolio designs. I understand that there are over 6,000 websites listed that can be browsed through by various filters which I’ll describe below.

SiteInspire Navigation

Finding exactly the types of designs you’re looking for is made simple by lots of filters and search options. Unlike many other programs where images are only given a couple of tags, and therefore appear in obscure search results, you can filter via SiteInspire with terrific results.

Like with most websites you’ll be presented with a search facility, where what you type in will actually appear in your search results. Meaning the results are very accurate compared to other sites. This is due to the extensive use of tags.

You can also search by the tag filter under each category. For instance, choose from a huge range of a styles and then filter more by selecting a ‘Type’ of design. You’ll notice the available type tags for that style are highlighted.

Website design inspirations tags

Then you can filter further with the ‘platform’ option, such as ‘Shopify’ or Tumblr’. The further you filter down, the less amount of options will be available as you’re narrowing your search.

As far as ‘Styles’ go, there’s over 40 various style types to make a selection from. To give you some idea, these include animation, corporate, illustrative, Japanese, grid layout, colourful, minimal, greyscale, grunge and collage, just to name a few.

Types will offer such choices as blog, cinema, florist, events, music artist or band, newspaper and showcase, among the 45 or so other various types of website images. So filtering down between these two options narrows your search considerably and gives you an accurate result.

The ‘Platform’ filter is also available should you need to delve a little deeper in your output results.

Getting Your Work on SiteInspire

If you’re a budding website designer, with what you believe is inspiring work, then why not promote your designs on SiteInspire. There’s no reason why you can’t try but you will need to be aware that not all website designs are approved for promotion.

The SiteInspire site itself says the following:

Website design inspirations approval

As you can clearly understand, your work will need to be of a reasonable standard to be accepted into SiteInspire’s portfolio of designers. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, it means that if your designs are accepted, you know you’ve accomplished some great work!

You won’t have to pay for your work to be presented in this way, it all comes down to how well your design competes against all other websites submitted. Amazingly, they get over 200 submissions per day, which is why they can’t possibly advertise every designers work.

Who Is Behind SiteInspire

You may be wondering who owns SiteInspire and how they make their money. Well, they are owned by Howells Studio and is built using Ruby on Rails, a web application framework.

SiteInspire have a close relationship with SquareSpace, which has become a sponsor and therefore help out with keeping the SiteInspire website active.

They also have a newsletter that you can sign up to, and receive all the latest designs and developer news with their artistic talents. Currently this newsletter is sent to over 30,000 subscribers each week.

You can also follow SiteInspire on various social media channels which can be found at the base of their home page.

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Final Thoughts

I’d certainly suggest this as a great source of inspiration for any designer or blogger that requires uplifting ideas. The setup of this site, that allows you easy filtering of website styles is just awesome. Each website screenshot has multiple tags that help trigger your results.

You can also find developers in the directory. This will also show you all the designers that have worked with these developers. If you want to get in contact with these designers for various reasons, all their contact information is available at your fingertips.

This site has grown over the years, and you can keep up with all their design inspiration ideas by subscribing to their email list. If you’re constantly on the lookout for exhilarating graphics then I’d certainly suggest signing up.

If you have any questions or thoughts on website inspiration design, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!

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