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What is Affiliate Secrets 2.0 by Spencer Mecham


You’ll have noticed that there are many, many courses and apps targeted towards teaching people about affiliate marketing. Some are great, some are NOT so great.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is a course run by Spencer Mecham, and you’re here to find out if the course is worth the money. We’ll, I’ve been privileged to have access to this course, and will guide you through what you need to know.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Summary

What is Affiliate Secrets 2.0 SpencerProduct Name: Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Founder/Owner: Spencer Mecham

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Price: $897.

Best For: Affiliate marketing beginners or intermediate

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is one of the better courses out there to teach affiliate marketing. The only knock I can find on this course is the lack of SEO training. Spencer concentrates more on social media marketing, which is also critical. The training is easy to consume and is well laid out.

Would I Recommend It: Yes.

Rating: 86/100

What is Affiliate Secrets 2.0

This course is called Traffic Secrets 2.0 for a reason. The original course, Traffic Secrets, has been accumulated with a new course called “Affiliate Secrets Traffic Edition”. So Spencer has compiled them together and created the singular course, Traffic Secrets 2.0.

You’ll get a good understanding of this course after reading this review. I can tell you now, that you will be impressed with the information provided and presentation of this course. So, let’s get stuck in.

What is Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Who Is Spencer

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, Spencer Mecham is one of the best I’ve seen at explaining how this all comes together. He’s recently compiled a video showing just how affiliate marketing works, and how to begin. You can watch this video below.

To save you the trouble of finding his link to the free training, you can access it below.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 From The Inside

Here’s a description of what’s in Traffic Secrets 2.0, and the elements that back it up such as support and tools.

#1 Education Review

This course comprises 11 modules, each with loads of information on various topics of affiliate marketing. Here’s a brief summary of what you’ll find in each.

Module 1: Your Game Plan – As the title suggests, you’re going to get to grips with how affiliate marketing works, and the processes you need to have in place. This includes the formula that a person takes to purchase a product, and how you’ll create your commissions.

You’ll learn about affiliate links and how they’re recognised as unique to YOU. Spencer will take you through other people websites as examples of how you’ll create your own. Examples of landing pages and opt-in forms are all inclusive here.

There’s two ways that Spencer shows you to get these people to your page, the first is search, the other is sell. You’ll get a detailed run-through of each, and then learn about the long game. The long game being the long term future of this business you will be building.

Module 2: Finding HOT Buyers – You’re only going to get the one video in this module, which runs for about 10 minutes. Spencer talks about why you need to narrow your niche, as opposed to promoting all niches.

You’ll also learn about the top 3 niches that are the best to promote, and the one in particular that the majority choose. There’s also a technique that allows for a more targeted group of people to follow you in your selected niche. Spencer will show you an example of this with one of his sites, and the various sections that earns him money.

Module 3: Traffic Legion – Traffic generation is the most important aspect to any online business. Without traffic, there’s nobody to read the promotions you’re attempting to sell. You’re going to learn some great social media traffic techniques and tricks in this series of videos.

There’s a full series of videos for each of YouTube, Adwords, Solo Ads, Instagram & Quara. Then there’s two guests that teach Facebook ads and Facebook Groups respectively. Finally Kara Ferwerda explains how to use Pinterest, including the pinning analytics side of things.

I really enjoyed this module, as it has some gems included that I found extremely helpful.

Module 4: Make More, Spend Less – What makes you think people are going to click on your affiliate links? Well, this module is going to explain why and how you need to provide value to your audience, which creates trust with your readers.

Once your audience has this trust, they will purchase from your affiliate links, or sign up to your subscriber list. Spencer’s videos here, provide you with the information that will help build your credibility, trust and commission options. You’ll also learn what a lead magnet is, and how it will help build your email list.

I really like the way Spencer explains himself, in perfectly time video lengths.

Module 5: Automation Templates – I’ve mentioned in the previous module about how Spencer touches on a lead magnet. Well, this module will show you how to set up a lead magnet as part of your sales funnel. You’ll learn how NOT to be pushy, but to have your offers clear with no distractions.

There’s a specific funnel management line which you will learn. Spencer will show you all the steps in his Clickfunnels flow, which ultimately send you to this Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course. Not only does he make money from being an affiliate with Clickfunnels, he also gets signup email addresses before offering his course.

This is a great module to learn the full funnel automation process.

What is Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Clickfunnels

Module 6: The Products – To market correctly as an affiliate marketer, you have to get the correct products into the faces of the correct people. This means that not everyone will purchase all the products you want to promote. You need to understand the market that you are promoting to. That’s basically what this module is all about.

Learning which products are going to suit the audience that is going to come to your landing pages is critical, and will all be explained here. This module also includes learning how to find affiliate offers and determine the commissions that these affiliates will offer. Some of these affiliate programs require extra information, and Spencer will show you his methods of applying to affiliates.

As a real bonus here, Spencer has a spreadsheet that you can download, which is full of high ticket affiliate programs that you can join.

Module 7: Long Term Business – As they always say, the money is in the list. Well, you may not know this unless you’ve been trying to learn affiliate marketing. But capturing people’s email addresses is critical to your long term campaigns as an email marketer.

That’s exactly what you’re going to learn in module 7. Spencer is an advocate of “Active Campaign”, an email autoresponder service that can capture all the email addresses that sign up to your offers. Myself, I use Aweber, which I believe is the best autoresponder service.

Spencer will teach you the best methods of sending out email campaigns, how to download delivery reports, provide you with examples and the correct methods of using an autoresponder that will not get you shut down. This really is a module with value plus.

Module 8: Creating a Team – The larger your online business becomes, the more work there is to do. If you’re successful at this venture then time will catch up with you, and outsourcing some tasks may become necessary.

You’re going to understand how to outsource these tasks to others, which is not easy to do. As entrepreneurs, we don’t particularly like others to get involved with our day to day stuff, because nobody can do it better than us, right? But, some repetitive tasks can be outsourced, freeing up your time for more important work.

Spencer will show you the best places to outsource these mundane tasks, and the costs involved. There are more expensive options, and of course less expensive options, with the cheaper method also be a very good choice.

Obviously, you will need to manage your outsourcing. Spencer will explain how to use Asana to manage these outsourcing tasks.

Module 9: BONUS – Rachel S. Lee Facebook Method – Rachel will go through the outsourcing process she uses to run her affiliate marketing online business. This involves assigning the specific tasks to her virtual assistants and what she pays each one of them for their role.

She also runs through how she manages all this with the various programs that suit best.

Module 10: Case Studies – Case studies are always an added extra in these courses to create some enthusiasm. There’s two case studies here in Affiliate Secrets 2.0, one from Fabian, the other from Paul. To be honest, I don’t think they add a lot to the course itself. The course is brilliant in itself, and I just don’t see the need for these case studies.

Module 11: Complete Bonus Collection -This last module is text based and gives you some links where you can offer Spencer’s funnels to others, to use as a method of creating commissions yourself.

#2 Tools Review

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is predominantly a training course, and therefore the tools that Spencer users are external. These tools are for email capturing, outsourcing, social activity and Clickfunnels for creating landing/bridge pages.

Apart from Clickfunnels and the autoresponder service, I like that these other tools don’t cost anything to sign up, just to purchase within the platform.

#3 Support Review

Contact can be made at anytime by emailing support@buildapreneur.com.

#4 The Cost

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 currently costs $879, which apparently is a reduced cost. This is a great marketers ploy, cross out a few previous prices to make the current price seem like a great deal.

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The Best of Affiliate Secrets 2.0

#1 Knowledge

Spencer Mechan is a successful online affiliate marketing entrepreneur that definitely delivers in this course. His knowledge is immense, and you will learn a lot from this guy.

His teaching method is also very easy to consume, and he’s easy to understand.

#2 Genuine

Spencer does genuinely want you to succeed at affiliate marketing. Sometimes it’s obvious that a course creator is doing this just for the money. While I’m sure Spencer is creating a great income source here, it’s obvious he’s parting with genuine knowledge.

#3 Video Length

What I really like here, is that the majority of videos in the course are in manageable lengths. By this I mean they are approximately 5-7 minutes which allows you to consume the information without being overloaded.

Other courses I’ve reviewed include videos that run for 60-90 minutes. This is way long for a number of reasons. If you’re searching for a particular part of a video, it can take a long time to find it in a video of this length.

Also, it can be hard to concentrate for this length of time. It’s nice to watch shorter videos which can be watched in breaks of your daily routine.

What is Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Value

What Puts Me Off Affiliate Secrets 2.0

To be honest, there isn’t much I dislike about this course.

#1 Possibly Not Enough SEO Coverage

Spencer focuses on social media as his main traffic source, which is fine and he has some great tips in the course. However, I believe SEO is a tactic that should be taught because it can have long term benefits. Spencer does dive into this, but I’d like to see more SEO training.

#2 Sales Page Individual Course Prices

Another marketing tactic that is often used, is to have a list of many courses and bonuses on the sales page with large prices attached. Then explain that you’ll receive all these for one crazy low price. Whilst this is obviously a technique that works, I’m not even sure you can purchase them all separately. To be honest, this is nit-picking, as the course itself is great.

Would I Recommend Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Yes, absolutely. Whilst reviewing this course myself, I picked up many tips that I can use in my online business. Whilst a little on the pricey side, this is a brilliant course that is well presented.

Is There a Better Option

In my opinion, there is a better option. You can read all about my No.1 recommendation which can offer you awesome training, integrated tools and resources and you can even host your website on their fast servers. You can also check it out for free, and setup a free website whilst making a decision on going premium. Oh, and you can keep the hosted website should you decide against going premium. Oh, and premium costs less than Affiliate Secrets 2.0.

Wrapping Up

The opportunity to move out of your work cubicle and begin your own online affiliate marketing business is available to us all. There’s many courses and platforms you can leverage, with some providing better integrated helpful tools.

Of course you can continue to stick to your 9-5 job and create wealth for your employer, or you can do something about it and keep all the profits for yourself by starting your own side hobby, which can grow into a thriving online business. Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is one of the better courses out there to get an understanding of how to create wealth via affiliate marketing.

Something that Spencer Mecham provides to get many people started, is free training. He understands that not everyone can pay upfront when they are unsure of what they’ll receive in return. You can get hold of Spencer’s free training here, and if you want to go further then you can do this after you’ve watched the free tutorials.

Should you have any other queries or comments to make about Affiliate Secrets 2.0, please make comment below.

To lean more about how you can begin your affiliate marketing journey, read on below.

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