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Compoundly Review


So, Compoundly has just been released a few days ago, and you’re here to get a handle on whether it’s worth the money. What is Compoundly, and will it provide the monetary solutions that you’ve been searching for. Afterall, the sales page does claim you can be making $187 or more per day, starting in as little as 24 hours.

I’ll run you through the inside of Compoundly, and show you what you’ll get with this claimed ‘UNTAPPED system’. Is Compoundly all that it claims to be, or will you just be starting back at square one.

Let’s dive in, and begin this Compoundly review.

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Compoundly Summary

What id Compoundly 500x200Product Name: Compoundly

Founder/Owner: Paul Nicholls & Anthony Mancuso

Product Type: Blog Creation

Price: $12.95 (Rises Daily) + Upsells

Program Summary: In my opinion, I was bitterly disappointed with Compoundly. The sales page indicates that you’ll be making money from the methods taught within the members area. They also state you’ll be making money by this time tomorrow. Inside is some very basic training on starting a blog, and the methods that can monetise it. Most of this can be found on YouTube.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 30/100

What is Compoundly

Okay, here’s what you‘re going to find on the inside of Compoundly. You’d be forgiven if you had no idea what is inside, because the sales video doesn’t even state this. There’s no inkling that you’ll only be receiving 12 training videos (including welcome, introduction and Upgrade which basically explain nothing).

So, video training is what you’ll be getting, which includes the following:

  1. Welcome – (3 mins approx.)
  2. Introduction – (8 mins approx.)
  3. The Sales Machine – (32 mins approx.)
  4. The Marketers Tool Belt – (13 mins approx.)
  5. Connecting the Dots – (20 mins approx.)
  6. Proven Process – (31 mins approx.)
  7. Structure – (33 mins approx.)
  8. Selecting Your Offers – (20 mins approx.)
  9. Traffic Secrets – (47 mins approx.)
  10. Free Method – (11 mins approx.)
  11. Overview – (19 mins approx.)
  12. Upgrade

What is Compoundly Training Series

The question we need to ask now is, how good is this training. Well, in my opinion, it’s some of the dullest training I’ve ever sat through. The first couple of videos are just introductions, so I’ll discuss the other videos briefly.

How Does Compoundly Work

The Sales Machine is all about the method of what you’ll be creating. Basically, it’s a half hour video about why you need to setup a blog, and the aspects that people fail to be good at. Paul tells us that the biggest reason people don’t make money online through sales, is because of ‘Trust and Credibility’.

What is Compoundly Trust and credibility

While I agree to an extent, it’s not the number one reason people can’t make money. The number one reason is ‘Website Traffic’. Trust and credibility are important, but without website traffic, there’s no opportunity for people to take action on your site.

Now I can’t show you too much inside Compoundly, because that wouldn’t be fair on the owners of this product. But I’ll briefly touch on the other videos.

The Marketers Tool Belt will run you through various tools required to setup a successful blog. This includes hosting, domain name, autoresponder, video tool for capturing screencasts and website theme. Very basic, but you do require some of these tools.

Connecting the Dots is about how you link various social media channels back to your blog. Paul runs through what he’s got on his own blog, and some of the basics that you should put on YOUR blog.

What I find going through this course, is that you’re told several things that you should do, like getting an autoresponder, hosting etc. But, there is no guidance as to HOW this is to be done. The training course is designed to be targeted to newbies, and those newbies need more than just being told WHAT to do.

Proven Process is a painful process! Listening to Paul explain why you need to send visitors from your social channels to your blog, as opposed to a sales page directly, is a long process. It takes 30 minutes to get a small message across that is debatable anyway. In my opinion, a waste of a video.

I’m still waiting for an explanation of how newbies are going to setup a website and add affiliate links. I assume this will come soon.

Structure is about structuring your posts, pages and reviews. I’m starting to get tired of watching Paul explain these tutorials in the Windows Paint program, but I’ll carry on regardless.

So we get a preview of how Paul’s posts are set up. Basically, he just shows us a review post on his site, NOT how it’s set up in the backend of his website. That must be coming! Nope, more Paint program scribbling.

Selecting Your Offers must be the main explanation of HOW things are done, finally. Well, to an extent. Paul does go through the Warrior Plus affiliate Network and show you how to find offers to sell. He also shows how to request permission to sell on behalf of a product creator.

But he just assumes you know other stuff. Like, ‘place your Bonus URL here’. This is a field when requesting to become an affiliate, but he hasn’t yet explained how to setup bonuses. The last video suggested that you’d do this, but not HOW!

You’re also told how to get affiliate links, but not how to place them on your website. So if you are new to this, I can’t possibly recommend this product.

Traffic Secrets is where you’ll discover different methods of how to get visitors to your website. These methods involve various social media sites, solo adverts (paid), list swapping, Bing ads, Facebook ads, Facebook groups, Email Marketing and SEO.

Now, you’re NOT being taught how these methods work, you’re being advised that these models have the potential to attract traffic. Paul does offer a couple of tips, but I’m not convinced about them all.

For instance, he suggests joining Facebook groups and add comments and links back to your website. The problem with this, is that most Facebook groups frown upon this, and will moderate comments, potentially banning you from the group.

Learning how to get website traffic is the key to a successful blog, and not easy to achieve. So under the ‘Bonus’ section, you’ll find more training on how to use Bing Ads and solo ads. These are both paid traffic methods.

Free Method is going to show you how to set up a free website on Blogger. Yeah, I’m glad he’s finally showing something in regards to a website. Although in saying that, he doesn’t explain how to use it. Paul just says copy and paste his template in, and away you go.

There’s no how-to guides to using Blogger, so you’ll have to work this out for yourself. While Blogger is free to use through Google (Google bought Blogger several years ago), there are some downsides.

  • Lack of third party plugins
  • Bad permalink structure
  • Not greatly SEO friendly
  • Can get deleted if it doesn’t comply with Blogger Content Policy

Overview is basically as it states, an overview of what you’ve covered. Paul talks a lot about scaling your business down the track, which I agree with.

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The Compoundly Upsells

You’re going to be offered 3 Compoundly Upsells to compliment the base product. While they still claim that this base method will have you earning in under 24 hours, (which I strongly refute), apparently you can make money even quicker with these upsells. Here’s the Upsells:

  • Done For You Campaigns ($27)
  • FAST Traffic Methods ($37)
  • License Rights (97)

What’s inside of these upsells? Well, each comes with a sales video that states the done-for-you campaigns are bigger and better. So I believe that you’ll be learning a few extra traffic methods and get access to different campaigns.

Would I recommend them. Nope.

But The Sales Video Says It’s Easy

This is the problem with many new products that get released. They all tend to be full of hype with very little substance. The sales page claims you can be making $187 or more per day, starting in as little as 24 hours. This is BS, and not just realistic.

Claiming you don’t need to pay for ads or traffic, don’t need to spend more time posting on forums or social media, and you don’t need to wait for results because higher conversions is contradictory to the Compoundly course.

What is Compoundly Big Claims

The traffic methods suggested inside are either paid traffic via Bing, Facebook or solo ads, or using social media.

And to splash high commissions all over their sales page is totally misleading, as they say ‘Results Like These Can Be Yours In As Little As 24 Hours From RIGHT NOW’.

What is Compoundly More Big Claims

And as you can see above, it says ‘zero technical skills or experience’. Well, having gone through the course myself, you will need these.

That’s because you’ll have to build your own website, whether or not you use Blogger or WordPress, and you’ll have to know how affiliate links are inserted into your campaigns, along with many other configurations. Not to mention getting traffic with paid or free methods.

Yes, you do need skills and/or experience.

Compoundly also claims this is an ‘untapped system‘. It’s not an untapped system, affiliate marketing has been going on for years.

What is Compoundly Untapped


My Verdict

Would I recommend Compoundly? Not really. I supposed for $9 you won’t be breaking the bank, and there is some value in the product. It does teach you some of the methods that marketers use to build up an authority site.

That’s if you can get past the boredom of watching Paul on his Paint program, scribbling notes as he attempts to explain some of the methods.

You’ll be encouraged to purchase the upsells to make this product work more efficiently, but I don’t believe you’ll get much more out of these.

How To Really Make Money Online

Generally, you get what you pay for. Flimsy $9 products like this will give you some advice, but lack all the details to succeed. Can you make money online and get great education concurrently? Sure, but Compoundly is not the product that can offer this.

Much of what is discussed in Compoundly is affiliate marketing, which is a genuine method to make money online. I know, because it’s what I do to bring in the dollars consistently.

I didn’t learn how to do this from a low quality product, I learned from the best. You can read all about this platform here, which teaches thousands of people every year, how to make money with affiliate marketing. Even better, you can check it out for free!

Alternatively, you can read my Beginners Step by Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

Wrapping Up

You asked the question, what is Compoundly, I hope this insight gives you a better idea of what to expect should you purchase Compoundly. It’s a basic training course with several videos, that sketch out the process of affiliate marketing.

If you’ve used Compoundly or have any other thoughts, please feel free to add to the discussion below. If you’d like to know how I make money with this website, keep reading below.

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