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What is Ecomm Elite: The Review of the Inside


So, you’ve stumbled across this recently released course called Ecomm Elite. It looks great on the surface, explaining how you can make great profits by selling products on Amazon.

Doing your research on such programs before making a commitment is critical, so well done for checking out this review. I’ll explain what you’ll receive when you get inside of Ecomm Elite, and whether it’s the right program for you.

Ecomm Elite Summary

What is Ecomm Elite Chris and ToddProduct Name: Ecomm Elite

Founder/Owner: Chris Keef and Todd Snively

Product Type: Selling Amazon Private Label products

Price: $399/month

Best For: Those willing to risk large sums of money, to make large sums.

Program Summary: In my opinion, Ecomm Elite provides loads of information in regards to getting placement of your Amazon products ranked. However, it lacks day to day online business dealings.

Would I Recommend It: Maybe. Only if you’re risk averse.

Rating: 62/100

What is Ecomm Elite

The Ecomm Elite course provides you a platform to build a large scale Amazon business. It also provides training on product selection, ranking in Amazon search results and an integrated tool to monitor and manage your statistics.

There’s loads of informative videos, many however are too long for my liking, making it easy to drift off. Many videos are slide based, and advise what you should do, as opposed to how it’s done. The majority follow up with a more tutorial based video.

Below is the Ecomm Elite sales video. It’s fairly long, so you’ve been warned!

Ecomm Elite From The Inside

I’ll give you a summary of what Ecomm Elite is like on the inside, so you can compare it to other similar programs such as “Search Find Buy”.

#1 Education Review

Before I begin, I will mention that these guys recommend beginning this adventure with $5,000 capital. Even though they do suggest an alternative method to build up to $5k, this is more of a program that requires a large sum upfront.

01 Start Here – Well to be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with the beginning of this course. This getting started section includes a number of videos that seem to drag out forever. Oddly enough, it’s mentioned that they don’t teach students how to make money online, they teach a process. Although Todd talks a lot about making money in a video about his story.

Then there are the videos about how sales used to work, and how they work now. This could be achieved so much quicker.

And the Mindset videos, they did my head in. 11 videos about various roadblocks, wasting time, focusing on action and to stop dreaming. It’s not that I disagree that these things shouldn’t be mentioned, I honestly think they are very important. But they can be expressed in a much shorter time frame. If I was a skeptic, I’d say they were stringing the course out to keep you signed up for longer.

I’ll reserve judgement until I go through the rest of the course.

02-Million Dollar Brainstorming – This module is all about inspiring you by giving some successful examples and getting in the correct mindset. You’ll go through a few questions that may prompt you into an inspiring idea to build your site around. This is all about finding solutions to problems or queries that your market wants. This video is over 1.5 hours long, too long for me.

This then flows into research, which encompasses keyword and product research. They go through Google trends to confirm your product popularity. They teach you to look for a gap in the market, but how do you know the popularity this gap will offer? They suggest using crunchbase.com as one of there methods ($29 per month).

Number crunching of your potential product is next. I’m a little sceptical of their snapshot of number crunching, as it’s all speculation so it sounds generous.

What is Ecomm Elite Sell on Amazon

You’ll be paying $39.99 per month to Amazon for selling fees.

03-e90X – The Buy Box -Module 3 is extremely long, with 9 sections titled:

  1. Beginner Modules
  2. Let’s Get Started
  3. Amazon’s FBA Program
  4. Let’s Research That Product!
  5. Let’s Choose That Product
  6. Unsexy Products
  7. Let’s Find Some Products
  8. Using Distributor Files & UPC Tool
  9. Let’s Sell Some Products – Amazon Listings

When they talk about the “Buy Box”, this is the “Add to Cart” button. So what the videos here explain is how you get YOUR buy box to appear in the Amazon search results, before somebody else’s. The “Buy Box” gets rotated depending on sales through the Amazon fulfillment center.

This whole module concentrates on posturing for “Buy Box” placement. The technicalities that will give you the best opportunity to get YOUR “Buy Box” to appear more often, than others.

You’re also going to get an understanding of their “Unsexy products”. The products that consistently sell, are boring, have less competition and don’t necessarily make much profit per item. What I do like in this module (sections 7 & 8), is that Todd makes live phone calls to manufacturer’s, to explain how to deals with them to find new inventory.

04-Private Label – Another huge module with 11 sections covered:

  1. Steps to Success in Private Label
  2. Private Label – The Beginning of Your Empire!
  3. Let’s Research & Pick That PL Product
  4. Let’s Source that PL Product
  5. Success With Suppliers!
  6. Let’s Order & Make My Private Label
  7. Research Examples
  8. Let’s Sell Our PL Products- Amazon Listing
  9. Let’s Launch That Product!
  10. Let’s Get Some Reviews!
  11. Let’s Optimize Your Listing

This is where Chris will show you an example live throughout this module, how to create a private label product and have it selling on Amazon. This product is Evergreen, Can be made “your own”, is easy to outsource and has a price point between $2 – $5. This will also be a best seller in the 1,000 – 5,000 sales per day range.

Chris goes through brainstorming a product idea, researching and advising what NOT to do. Chris also uses a program called Junglescout ($40 per month) to help with his Amazon product research and statistics.

Some of these sections have multiple videos, up to 8 videos in section 4. So, this module does go in depth, and shows you how to access ThomasNet.com to find great manufacturers.

You’re also going to get a run through of how to order samples of a product, creating your own brand and packaging details. Once all this is done, you’ll watch how Chris uploads this product to Amazon to be listed.

05- Drop Shipping – Drop shipping is another way of selling online, and has been proven to be a successful method. Many people are doing it, and there’s some great courses out there to learn drop shipping. Todd goes through some of the pitfalls with drop shipping here and how they can be solved.

You’ll also come across a written module that explains “the truth behind repricing software”. This is only a small module about why drop shipping is a great model.

06-Tools – You will find that Ecomm Elite have their own “Stats Tool”. This is integrated with the Amazon API key and can display all the relevant stats your getting from all your sales. This is very clever by Chris and Todd, because it means to keep using this tool, you’ll have to keep paying the $399 per month fee to them.

Other tools that are integrated within the “Stats Tool” are a keyword tool and UPC tool (Universal Product Codes). You can also manage your emails from customers within Amazon, through this Stats Tool.

MerchantWords.com and JungleScout.com are both included tools in the Ecomm Elite membership package. You’ll also find a zip file containing a small program they’ve developed called “Keyword Research Ninja”. InstaBuilder is a plugin that can be installed on your WordPress website. You’ll learn why you need this in the series of 25 videos.

To be honest, I’m starting to get worn out watching all these videos. It’s such a long course and will be hard to remember everything included! Much of this frustration is because many of the videos are over half an hour long. Some over 60 minutes.

What is Ecomm Elite Stats Tools

Inside the Stats Tool

07-Marketing – Marketing is a part of any online business, and you’re going to understand how Facebook, Instagram and other social networks can help with your marketing. In fact there’s 15 videos on Facebook and 14 on Instagram alone, so this is quite in depth.

Then there’s Amazon PPC marketing which is also an option. This is all covered in this module.

08-New Content – This section is where all new content will be uploaded to. If there’s any software additions, information about it will be in this “New Content” section.

09-Resources – The resources module just includes a things like events, magazines, conferences or anything else that is related to selling products on the Amazon platform. They will also direct you to any websites that you may find interesting.

You can also leave comments in relation to member resources, for anyone else in the community to access. This may include shipping suppliers, distributors, photography services, books, incorporation services etc.

Then there’s sections on outsourcing to Fiverr, Seller Central, WordPress beginners & advanced and how to hire a virtual assistant.

10-Webcasts – As I’m writing this review, there are currently 29 webcasts that can be accessed. These vary from Chris and Todd talking to each other, to interviews with successful students.

Some of these may help, but you don’t know what they’ll be talking about. If you’re searching for something specific, you’ll be looking for hours through these webinars. I suppose they’re good to get inspiration.

11-Interviews – Not much in here yet, just an interview with Michael Miller, another Amazon business owner.

#2 Tools Review

I do like integrated tools, and you’ll get this in the Ecomm Elite program. The “Stats Tool” can help with displaying various discrepancies, allowing you to make modifications as you go along. Having keyword research as part of this tool is also handy, as is the UPC integration.

Other than this, there’s external recommended tools that are used, some can be accessed for free as part of the program. I do like that they’ve made the effort to collaborate with these companies because these external tools are not cheap.

#3 Support Review

There’s several support options including a contact form, Facebook Group, knowledge base and get this, ono-on-one with Todd & Chris…at $1000 per hour! What the!

I’ve been disappointed with some of the support requests I’ve seen posted online. Many of them stating that the response time to have questions answered, is way too long. Whilst I understand that it may take a lot of time to respond to loads of support requests, the people paying for this course deserve better. An employee should be available 24/7 to respond to such queries.

Having said all that, Todd has replied to complaints from one particular customer who seems to be antagonistic. They even started their own Facebook Group to complain about this company. At the time of writing this review though, nobody else has made comment, good or bad. This person also bothered to report them to Ripoff Report, you can read the review here.

#4 The Cost

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a course cost as much as this one. There is a train of thought that some course creators slap on a high price tag because they want potential signups to think the value must be immense. But $399 per month, that’s outrageous. And I believe it’s come down from $499 per month!

In my opinion, this cost is way too high and you’d want to be extremely confident that your money would be made back extremely quickly.

What is Ecomm Elite New Look

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The Best of Ecomm Elite

#1 Knowledge

I do believe that these guys provide a fair amount of good content that will help with getting your online Amazon business up and running. The knowledge the have is very good in regards to product sourcing and ranking within the Amazon platform.

Creating your own private label product to brand as your own, is a popular avenue that can make you great sums of money if done correctly. There’s a fair amount of information in relation to this

#2 Some Resources

While some of the external tools recommended cost money, there’s a couple of useful resources that are free to use. The Resources section provides links to interesting related information, which can be beneficial. I haven’t seen this in other programs that I’ve reviewed, so this is a tick.

What Puts Me Off Ecomm Elite

There’s a number of things that has me unsure.

#1 Cost

In my opinion, this course is not worth the $399 per month that Chris and Todd are asking. I understand that a lot of work has gone into the course, but so many other courses have just as much detail, if not more. Add to this, the cost of one-on-one coaching if required at $1000 per hour, and that’s just outrageous.

#2 No Business Management

I’m surprised at the lack of management training that surrounds any business like this. As of me writing this review, there’s no training on how to deal with customer complaints, how to manage returns, sending invoices etc. They do go over setting up a business format and adding tax to the Amazon platform, but are seriously lacking in other departments.

#3 Extra Costs

If it’s not enough that you’re going to be paying $399 per month to Chris and Todd, there’s also other recommended external programs that have a monthly cost. As mentioned earlier, some of these are included in the course cost.

  • Amazon sell as a professional $39.99 per month.
  • Crunchbase.com $29 per month
  • Junglescout $40 per month (free if you fill out the form)
  • MerchantWords $60 per month (free if you fill out the form)

#4 Fluff in This Course

Many of these videos are way too long, over an hour in some cases. Some videos have silly captions or cartoon fillers. Others just lose my interest as they tend to waffle.

In my opinion, they would have been better creating more videos in bite sized 4-6 minute videos that are direct and get straight to the point.

Would I Recommend Ecomm Elite

This program does provide some in-depth detailed information, but I wouldn’t be recommending it. The huge cost and lack of business management training is enough to tip me the other way.

Is There a Better Option

If you’re determined to make a go of an online Amazon store business, I’d be recommending “Search.Find.Buy.”. The cost is nowhere near as expensive as Ecomm Elite, and you’ll be taught all the ins and outs of this business.

Running an Amazon business takes a lot of hard work, effort and hours. There’s so many part of this business that you need to be all over. It’s extremely hard to achieve as a single person, so you may get to a point where outsourcing is required.

Many folk such as myself, take up affiliate marketing as an alternative option. Commissions are made instead of product profits, which are higher. But the affiliate marketing option removes much of the stress involved with customer service, returns, invoices etc.

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Wrapping Up

Building wealth online is certainly achievable for anyone determined enough to succeed. With several avenues to go down, it’s up to you to choose the correct business plan that suits your style.

An Amazon online business is popular, sustainable and proven. It does work, but caution needs to be taken because it’s not as easy as people make out. There’s a lot of factors to be taken into consideration, because Amazon also has algorithms to determine product listing placement.

I urge you to consider the online business method that can take you to where you want to get. Not all methods are the same, and some create more headaches that profits. That’s why I chose the affiliate marketing model. You can read more about this below.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

But the simplest and least complicated is [Learn more...]

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The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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