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Hits.Cash Review


Are you seriously considering Hits.Cash to make some extra money on the side! Maybe you are a fan of PTC sites, or just wondering what a PTC site is. PTC stands for ‘paid to click’, and basically means you’ll be paid extremely small amounts for clicking on adverts.

This Hits.Cash review will give you some idea of what to expect should you sign up with them, and I’ll show you the earning potential that seems better than other PTC sites in my opinion.

Sure it’s possible to earn money with Hits.Cash, but did you know they want you to spend money to earn money. This seems counterproductive doesn’t it, and an unusual measure. Having said that, I’ll let you decide if Hits Cash is going to make you decent money for the long or short term.

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Hits.Cash Summary

Hits Cash 400x150Product Name: Hits.Cash

Founder/Owner: Unknown (Although ‘Admin’ does respond to forum questions)

Product Type: Paid to Click

Price: Cost of Various Ad Packs

What is Hits.Cash

Hits Cash is a website designed to offer incentives for clicking and viewing adverts. PTC sites are not new, in fact they’ve now been around for many years. So what makes Hits.Cash different to all the others?

Having only been introduced in early 2020, they’ve gained a huge following in a short period of time. Alexa ranks their website at #11,331 as of writing this article, which is extremely low since the site was only registered at the end of December, 2019.

Hits.Cash Registry Date

The majority of people that use Hits.Cash are from Venezuela, Sudan and Angola, but is open to anyone globally.

I’m sure you’d like to know how Hits.Cash works, so here’s a brief overview.

How Does Hits.Cash Work

After registering for the first time, you’ll be presented with the internal dashboard. This will look like the following.

Hits Cash Dashboard

As you can see, this is easy to navigate and find what you’re searching for.

Hits.Cash works on a points system, and the more you can accumulate, the more you can cash out. You’ll see the term ‘BAP’ mentioned, which stands for Bonus Ad Points. The main idea is to purchase ‘’Ad Packs’, which allows you to watch paid adverts.

Firstly though, you’ll need to add some funds to your account. This can only be done via 3 different payment options.

  • Perfect Money
  • Payeer
  • Coin Payments

If you don’t already have one of these accounts created, you’ll have to set one up. The reason these account types are used is because they support crypto payments.

Next, you’ll need to add some funds to your account. This is so you can purchase ‘Ad Packs’, which will give you the ability to view paid advertisements.

You have a limit of 20 adverts per day that you can watch, and each will return you a set amount of funds. So let’s talk about the figures involved.

Hits.Cash Ad Packs

​A single Ad Pack will set you back $1, and will give you 3000 BAP (Bonus Ad Points). This is effectively worth $1.50 of it’s used to view paid adverts. Everytime you you view an advert, 20 BAP will be removed from your BAP allocation, but will be replaced with a monetary figure.
For instance, you buy 1 Ad Pack for $1 and receive 3000 BAP. You watch 20 adverts in a day (as that is the daily limit, and 400 BAP (20 ads x 20 BAP) will be removed from your 3000 BAP credit that you’ve purchased. This will be replaced with 0.20c that you’ve earned for viewing the paid adverts.

As the limit is only 20 adverts per day, it will take you over 1 week to use the 3000BAP credit you’re purchased, and you’ll have earned $1.50. But, you need to take off the $1 that you’ve spent for the Ad Pack to find your profit. So in reality, you’ve made 0.50c for a week’s work.

Don’t be too disheartened though, because you will earn more depending on the membership level you’ve reached. Here’s a table describing how the more you’re invested in the Hits.Cash system, the more money you can make.

Hits Cash Earning Potential

What’s interesting to note is the second column that states the 100% Daily Earnings. This may be the daily earnings, but it’s not your daily profit. Remember you’re purchasing Ad Packs, so this cost must be deducted to get your profit. This is calculated in the other green column, labelled Daily Profit.

So clearly, there is more money to be made. But what’s also clear, is that with a limit of watching only 20 adverts per day, it will take you an extremely long time to achieve the higher levels of Hits.Cash.

Having said that, you can purchase multiple Ad Packs to boost your BAP, which can then elevate you into a higher level quicker. However, if you were to purchase 1000 Ad Packs, which would obviously cost you $1000, you’d still be on level 9. This level gives you a daily profit of $8.01. I’m not sure I’d be investing $1000 for this kind of daily return.

The main point being with PTC sites like Hits.Cash, is that it’s a long term strategy where you reinvest the money that you earn through the system.

Referring Others To Hits Cash

Of course PTC sites also rely on more people signing up to their program, and Hits.Cash has an incentive for doing so. When referrals of yours purchase Ad Packs, you will receive a small amount towards your own funds.

So, if a referral purchases $1 worth of Ad Packs, you will gain 175 BAP for yourself. Also, for each advert that a referral views, you’ll receive $0.0005. It’s not a lot, but better than nothing considering you’re not doing anything else to earn this.

Oh, and if you ever manage to reach level 14 (which in reality is highly unlikely), you’ll receive 500 BAP for each new referral.

Your Own Adverts

The other way of using your BAP is to create your own adverts to be watched by others on the Hits.Cash platform. You may have your own website that you want to promote, and this can help with your other online activities. Maybe use your referral links from other programs in these adverts. But don’t advertise Hits.Cash, that would be unwise as others are already invested.

It’s recommended that you create these banner ads in an external site such as AdsClaimer. Although I’ve noticed that AdsClaimer has only just been launched in Feb 2020, which makes me a little uneasy.

I’d be cautious about using Hits.Cash and AdcClaimer until they’ve had more exposure and been around 6 months or so. They are both very new sites and require a little more airing as far as I’m concerned.

Is Hits.Cash a Scam

So for those wishing to earn some extra money, Hits.Cash may be a solution. I wouldn’t be relying on it to bring a steady income though, because it will take an extremely long time to get to a high enough level to make any significant money. That’s if you get there at all.

Some people have claimed that Hits.Cash is a scam, I don’t believe this to be the case. What I am skeptical about though, is whether anyone ever reaches the highest levels available.

Hits Cash Poor Review

Others swear that Hits.Cash is a good PTC site that pays well. When I say well, I mean relative to the membership level they’ve reached. Level 0 will get you nowhere and to make any money, you’ll need to invest money to purchase Ad Packs.

Hits Cash Good Review

In my opinion, this is a drawn out way to make pocket change.

Tired of seeing Scams or endless fraud sites?

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Final Thoughts

Finally, I’ll offer my genuine opinion of Hits.Cash. I believe they are a legit PTC site and do pay out their members. I also believe that Hits.Cash is a waste of valuable time that can be spent more productively.

In saying that, there’s no harm in signing up and playing around with a small amount of funds. There seems to be some strategies involved, which you may find in the forum section of Hits.Cash. If you purchase some Ad Packs and invest half an hour per day clicking on your 20 adverts, you may rise a few levels in time.

Hits.Cash is never going to earn you enough money for a full time income, or even close. It does however pay more than other PTC sites, and at least they pay. Other PTC sites I’ve reviewed like Cash Travel or ProBux have had very uncomplimentary reviews because they neglect their members.

In my opinion, I’d rather invest my time more productively. I’ve tried some of these PTC sites in the past and, and I won’t be wasting my time again. I wanted a way to make an income online that will pay me over and over again. I wanted to wake up each morning and see money in my bank account.

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Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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