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Litecoinads Review


I expect you’ve landed here because you’re interested to know how Litecoinads works. So, what is Litecoinads and will you really make money with this program?

In this Litecoinads review I will explain various aspects that will help you come to your own conclusion of the authenticity, and legitimacy of using this program.

I’ll disclose that I am not affiliated with Litecoinads, so this review is unbiased and impartial. This is basically a guide to giving you the required information to make an informed decision, whether to spend your precious time on this site or not.

So please read on to find out what you need to know.

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Earning Potential & Payments
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Litecoinads Summary

What is LitecoinadsProduct Name: Litecoinads

Founder/Owner: Litecoinads Spain (Madrid)

Product Type: Get Paid to Click

Price: Free to sign up

Program Summary: I believe that Litecoinads is legitimate, it’s just not a good opportunity to earn money online. The amount of money you can make with Litecoinads is extremely low, and not worth your time or effort.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 15/100

What is Litecoinads

Litecoinads is a recently launched ‘Pay to Click’ site that pays you out in the Litecoin cryptocurrency. You’ll be presented with various advertisements which you’ll be required to click on, and watch for a determined amount of time.

You will be required to have a Litecoin wallet account through one of the recommended cryptocurrency exchanges.

Video watching is also a recommended way of earning money. These are advertisers videos that pay miniscule amounts of money for watching their videos.

Litecoinads express that they pay Litoshis. A Litoshi is the smallest unit of a Litecoin, which is a hundred millionth of a Litecoin (1 LTC = 100 000 000 Litoshi). When you think that the value of 1 full Litecoin is $74 USD as I write this, you can only imagine the miniscule value you will be earning with Litoshis.

You can also earn money by referring others to Litecoinads. Obviously they want as many customers as possible, so a few Litoshi will come your way when you get others to sign up.

Litecoinads Creators

Having searched for the actual owner of Litecoinads, I couldn’t find any information other than their Privacy Page which states that ‘This website is owned and operated by Litecoinads’ and they ‘are registered in Madrid (spain)’.

As you can see below, the domain name of litecoinads.com was only registered on April 10, 2019.

Litecoinads Registration Date

As they are a new site with little authority, I’d be cautious about what information you give them.

Earning Methods

The main method of earning money through Litecoinads is to click on advertisements. Within your membership account, you will see various advertisements available to click on. When you do this, Litoshi will be earned.

Depending on your global location and the advertisers of the day, different advertisements will be available. They also say that payment is immediate and will be available in your account to be withdrawn.

Here’s some other ways you can make money from the Litecoinads website under the Earn section.

  • CPA/GPT Offers
  • PTC
  • Short Claim
  • Paid To View
  • Offer4all
  • Traffic Exchange
  • Video
  • Traffic Grid
  • Mining Share

Referring this program others is another way to earn Litoshi. These are known as direct referrals, but you can also purchase rented referrals. If somebody has come to Litecoinads directly, you can rent them as if they are a direct referral of yours. This can give you a discount if you renew these members.

There’s also a very difficult to understand revenue sharing section. If you can understand this, you’re a better person than I.

Litecoinads Revenue Sharing

So there are several ways in which you can earn money through Litecoinads, but is it really worth it?

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Earning Potential & Payments

Do I think it’s worth your time clicking on videos and adverts to earn minuscule sums of money? Well, I’m not going to tell you not to do it because I don’t know your monetary situation. But for most people, I would consider this a waste of time.

For those in poverty stricken countries but still have PC access, this may be an option to get a few cents together.

The amounts of Litoshi that can be earned are extremely small. Many of these tasks are worth 0.00000100 ltc. So let’s put that into some sort of perspective. Currently, this figure would equate to 0.000074 cents (USD).

Litecoin Exchange Rate

Do you realize it will take you 5000 tasks to get to 0.74 cents (USD) worth of Litecoin!

That’s a lot of wasted hours clicking on ads and watching mindless videos. What’s more, the advertisers want you to sign up to what they are selling.

You may be thinking that oh, what about when Litecoin takes off like Bitcoin did. Sorry to tell you but it already has. In 2013, Litecoin was valued at around $3. Now it’s about $74 mark.

Even if it jumped to $200 per Litecoin share, you’d nearly triple your money. But triple 0.000074 cents (USD) equals 0.000222 cents (USD). Hardly anything to write home about is it.

From what I understand though, Litecoinads do pay out there members. I’ve seen some sites call Litecoinasd a scam, but I’m not so sure. I wouldn’t go by the payment proofs though, as these could just be made up. But the comments from people suggest they are getting paid.

I’ve mentioned that you will need a Litecoin Wallet account. This can be created from one of the recommended exchanges of either Payeer, Walcrypt.com or Faucetpay.io.

Is Litecoinads a Scam

Even though some sites state that Litecoinads is a scam, I wouldn’t categorically say this is the case. A scam usually refers to not receiving what you expect from the product or program. Litecoinads tells you what you’ll earn, it’s just not very much.

You may make the assumption that if you sit at your PC all day clicking, then eventually you may earn more money than most. Unfortunately, most people don’t actually work out the figures.

Litecoinads Likes

  • Nice interface and easy to navigate
  • Secure site with https SSL certificate

Litecoinads Dislikes

  • Extremely poor payouts.
  • Referring others into a system of poor value
  • Poor English written content
  • Clumsy sales page with explanations

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Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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