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Well done for taking the time to research this product before jumping straight in and purchasing. You never know, you may just find a better program. Now lets begin talking about:

“What is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing?”

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner has created this course called ‘Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing’, which is a fairly good introduction to affiliate marketing. But is it worth the money she’s asking, and is the internal information correct and relevant. Let’s see!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Summary

What is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Sales PageProduct Name: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Founder/Owner: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Price: $197

Best For: Beginners to Affiliate Marketing

Program Summary: In my opinion, this course if fairly good, but fails in a few critical area.

Would I Recommend It: No. Better value for money elsewhere

Rating: 50/100

What is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

This course called ‘Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing’ will teach you some of the basics, and some advanced features that affiliate marketing entails. There are so many elements to affiliate marketing, and every affiliate marketer does some things differently to others.

If you’re a more visual person, like I am, you will be disappointed in this Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course, which is all document based. Each module is basically a page of written content that describes what Michelle is attempting to get across. She does a very good job of explaining the affiliate marketing process, considering there are no videos.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing From The Inside

Here’s a description of what you’ll find on the inside of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, so you can compare it to other programs such as my preferred recommendation.

#1 Education Review

Because of the relatively small number of lessons in this course, you will only grasp the basic concepts of affiliate marketing, and how certain elements come together. Michelle is a successful affiliate marketer, and she’s created this course which is not bad for beginners.

Many people starting out like to get their head around how affiliate marketing works and where to find programs to join. She also touches on Social Media, creating reviews, strategies for getting more people to click through etc.

I don’t believe Michelle talks about how you’re going to gain all this traffic. She’s does touch on how much traffic you’ll need to join some affiliate marketing programs, and how social media can help with your traffic. But there’s no real SEO course, or structure on how you’ll rank in the search engines.

#2 Tools Review

Tools….what tools! I won’t be having a dig at Michelle’s course for not supplying tools to help with affiliate marketing. This is a side course that Michelle has created to accompany her blog ‘Making Sense of Cents’. It’s not a full on platform like my No.1 recommendation.

Michelle does point you in the right direction of where there are some great tools to help you out. But there are no integrated tools, such as as SEO keyword ranking checker tool.

#3 Support Review

Like many other similar programs, there is a Facebook group setup that you can join. This is where you can follow others doing the course, or get help from Michelle herself. You can always contact Michelle at her website makingsenseofcents.com

#4 The Cost

At $197, this Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course isn’t going to break the bank like some other courses may. There’s a few courses that run into the thousands, such as Online Marketing Classroom.

I can see that Michelle has put a fair amount of work into this course, but I still believe it’s slightly overpriced.

What is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Module

Inside ‘Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing’. Obviously blurred out, as I cannot show the actual course.

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The Best of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

#1 Knowledge

I certainly believe that Michelle knows what affiliate marketing is about and she’s a successful affiliate marketer herself. This is not a scam and you will learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

I’m disappointed that she doesn’t really touch on SEO much at all. This is how to get free traffic for a website, so why not focus more on this kind of traffic than anything else. Yes, social media is also a form of free website traffic, but this course is also about building a website. So, you need to understand how to rank your articles.

#2 Genuine

Absolutely, I believe that Michelle wants you to genuinely succeed in this affiliate marketing space. She’s done it herself, and is happy to part with her knowledge. Michelle has won awards for her blog, so she knows how to run an affiliate marketing business.

#3 No Fluff in This Course

Although I don’t believe this is the greatest affiliate marketing course out there, I can’t fault the information provided. It’s not in the best format, as I believe that most people tend to appreciate watching tutorial videos, as opposed to documented pages, but the info is relevant.

#4 Know What You’re Getting

The sales page for this course is fairly explanatory, and will give you a good grasp on what you’ll learn. You will even see a section which titles all the modules, and a brief title of what is in each lesson.

I do like this, as some programs will not allow you to view the course structure until you sign up, and leave your email address with them at the least.

#5 Pricing Disclaimer

I don’t like it when programs and courses have an explanatory sales page, then advise you to sign up without stating what it will cost you. Michelle’s course is not one of these. The price is clearly stated at the bottom of her sales page.

What Puts Me Off Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

#1 Lack of SEO Training

The most important part of ranking in the search engines, SEO and keyword research is a vital ingredient to becoming a successful affiliate marketer with a website. Michelle hardly mentions anything about this topic, which is disappointing.

#2 Tools/Features

As mentioned earlier, there are no integrated tools or features here. That’s fine, not all courses have this. Instead, you’ll be targeted towards external programs and websites that can help with tools and/or features. Obviously, as Michelle is a savvy affiliate marketer, most of these have Michelle’s affiliate link connected, so she earns a commission when you sign up. There’s nothing wrong with that, as it’s exactly what she’ll be teaching you.

Would I Recommend Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend going this program because there are better options. Whilst there is some good information in there, it’s not all inclusive.

Also, I don’t see the point in paying for multiple programs, so if you intend learning a bit here and a bit elsewhere, you’ll end up just watching training and not taking action.

Is There a Better Option

Learn everything you need to know in the one place. Whilst there are a few good online affiliate marketing courses around, there’s only one that is exceptional. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate, and you can read more about it here.

You’ll not only benefit by learning from all the training (which is constantly updated), have access to lots of tool, resources and community support, you can try it out for FREE. You can even build a free hosted website, and keep it, should you not decide to go premium. Check it out by clicking below.

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Wrapping Up

I do admire people that take the initiative and attempt to create their own course. Michelle has done this with an amount of success. The course she’s created follows a lot of the affiliate marketing guidelines and directs you on the path to find success. It’s also great to see more women enter this industry, which seems to be dominated by males.

In all honesty, there are better alternatives to this course, that include more informative content, visual guides and integrated tools. But you may be the type of person to appreciate the way Michelle presents her course, which is structured well.

If you want to learn what affiliate marketing is all about, and what you’ll need to learn to become a success, read on below and click the button to find out how it all comes together. You’ll gather much of the info that Michelle documents, in my FREE guide.

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