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Creating exceptional content is made easier with brilliant graphics and backgrounds. Unfortunately, many software packages that offer these, can send you broke. This is especially true if you’re just starting out.

Why should you have to spend a fortune just to make your website look creatively and visually appealing? Well, maybe you don’t have to.

Here’s one of my favourite free graphic resources that you can leverage without spending a penny. These will help you with mockup designs, templates, icons, vectors, fonts and more.

We all require a little help from time to time, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you visit any of these cool graphical resources.

I really enjoy browsing these sorts of websites, and this is my favourite. So, what is PixelBuddha and what do they offer.

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Why PixelBuddha

As a free resource, Pixelbuddha brings together some of the greatest graphical websites, and displays them for your to use through categorization. No longer do you need to scour the internet looking for a particular type of graphic.

It’s all here, where you can find what your searching for, then be taken to the site for download.

So, what type of graphics are you searching for? Pixelbuddha offer a huge range of various graphical elements that include the following:

  • Icons
  • Animation
  • HTML elements
  • Vectors
  • UI Kits
  • Effects
  • Fonts
  • Templates
  • Mockups
  • Photos
  • Sketches
  • Patterns
  • Textures
  • Brushes
  • Logos
  • Presentations

With such a large array of graphical elements to have at your disposal, there’s really not much need to go anywhere else. Although nowhere has exactly what you require all the time, so it’s nice to check out the competitors every now and again.

Free PixelBuddha Graphics

A large variety of free Pixelbuddha graphics are available for download, and if you accept their notifications, free graphics will be promoted to you most days.

As an example, I received a free ‘beer bottle mockup’ that looks like this.

What is pixelbuddha beer bottle mockup

With this email, I get a .PSD file which I can use in programs such as Photoshop. The graphics in the file, comes on layers, so I can remove the background, label, or hand and beer bottle. This allows me to create my own beer bottle label to promote as I see fit.

All freebies come like this, and give you the option to easily modify the graphic to suit the project your designing.

Pixelbuddha Premium

As with most of these programs, they have to make money somehow. Pixelbuddha does this by offering paid creatives on behalf of the creators that advertise on their platform.

This is all under the Pixelbuddha Premium section, where you can purchase more elaborate graphics for a relatively reasonable cost. Most designers and developers will charge between $9 – $19 for their work, although some UI kits or icon kits can cost up to $29.

These are affordable for bloggers but if your a web developer yourself, you make take up some of the works that are more in the $50 – $60 range. In fact many developers will often opt for annual passes which offers much better value. For instance, ui8.net have a ‘UI8 Ultimate Pass’ for $348. This will give you unlimited access to all 2019 design resources, possibly saving over 50k should you take full advantage.

What is pixelbuddha premium

Above is a selection of premium creatives that are available at cost.

Pixelbuddha Plus

Alternatively, you may find that paying their Pixelbuddha Plus membership cost of $10 per month (or $59 annual) is a much more economical choice. For this price, you’ll receive access to an extended library of creative designs that are pro-level quality.

Although you won’t receive all the premium pieces of work in this membership cost, you’ll often find remarkable deals and limited-time offers that would cover a single premium product.

What is pixelbuddha plus

Each week, the Pixelbuddha library is updated with new content that can be downloaded under your Plus membership.

What Else Does Pixelbuddha Offer

As I’ve already stated, the main offerings at Pixelbuddha are the freebies that are extremely useful is such a variety of uses. Whether you require mockups, sketches, templates or textures, this website will direct you to the best works from the best designers and developers. Along with this, subscribe to their notifications and you’ll receive a prompt every time they get great new free content.

The Pixelbuddha journal is basically their blog, delivering the latest news in regards to the design industry, tutorials and articles from professionals to help improve your skills. A very interesting resource that you’ll want to get stuck into each and every day.

Wrapping Up

Sourcing the right products for the right situation is what you’re after as a website owner. Pixelbuddha is just one of many free resources that can offer templates, mockups, texture backgrounds and more.

Dribble is another option to get great free web design graphics, and both sites are popular with developers and bloggers.

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