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Profit 365 Review


In February of 2019, Jamie Lewis bought out another program, it’s called Profit 365. This time, he’s teamed up with Andrea Fulton to release this short course that is apparently going to allow you to make loads of money on the internet.

Have you heard this before? Yeah, probably from one of Jamie’s other poor quality products like Bankramp. In fact you often hear these types of claims from all type of scams, some of them claiming you can make thousands of dollars, just like Profit 365.

So, let’s have a look at what Profit 365 is all about, and see if there’s any worthwhile information inside.

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Profit 365 Summary

What is Profit 365 Jamie Lewis 500x200Product Name: Profit 365

Founder/Owner: Jamie lewis & Andrea Fulton

Product Type: Affiliate Link Sharing

Price: $37

Program Summary: In my opinion, not only is the training outdated in some cases, it’s too brief to show you anything of benefit.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 9/100

What is Profit 365

Okay, to begin with we’ll go through what Jamie Lewis says Profit 365 is. As the name suggests, you’ll be able to pocket large sums of money every day of the year. No big deal here, as many affiliate marketers are doing just that.

What Jamie shows in his corny sales video, is him displaying to people how easy it is to make money by sending out emails. These emails are directed back to a squeeze page you will have set up.

Apparently, the email recipients are going to sign up to whatever promotion your squeeze page is setup for.

This all sounds very easy don’t you think. Well, that’s exactly what Jamie wants you to think. He’s not telling you the full truth though, but I’m about to explain why you don’t want to get involved with Profit 365.

How Does Profit 365 Work

Sometimes you get high quality training in these courses, then there’s Profit 365. If you sign up, once you enter the members area, you’ll be presented with several video tutorials. Although I’m loathe to actually call them informative tutorials.

They’re more like brief explainers. While the premise of the message Jamie and Andrea are attempting to get across is somewhat correct, they don’t actually show you how it’s done.

When I say it’s somewhat correct, I mean affiliate marketing is a correct method of making money online, and solo ads is one way of achieving results. However, this is not the kind of model newbies should learn immediately. There is some risk involved because you’ll be paying for these solo ads.

This is especially the case here, because the training is so rubbish, you’ll hardly learn anything. The members area consists of 15 shortish videos that attempt to explain what solo ads are, what Clickbank is and why you require a squeeze page.

It doesn’t explain HOW this is implemented, only that you’ll need these components. While the information included is extremely vague, some of it is also years old. As my good friend Phillip, that I know through Wealthy Affiliate has pointed out in the following clip, some of the videos date back to 2016.

So apart from this basic information, you’ll be left wondering what to do after you’ve watched the videos. You won’t be shown how to build a website, where to get your solo ads or get your email sequences setup. These are all critical parts of a full solo ad campaign, and you will not have enough information to progress any further that the brief training.

What Are Solo Ads

If you’re wondering what solos ads are, I’ll explain. It’s basically when you create an advert, then use a service to find people with large targeted email lists to send your advert out to.

For instance, lets say I have an advert about bicycles. I go to a service such as ‘Udimi’ (who as I understand, are actually the largest solo ads platform), and find someone with an email list that targets people interested in bicycles.

I can then have my advert sent out to a list of thousands, however, for each click I get that sends a visitor back to my site, I’ll pay the list owner a fee. This is often in the vicinity of 0.30c – 0.90c per click.

So as you can see, the cost is going to mount up with the more clicks back to your squeeze page. Even then, there’s no guarantee they are going to make  purchase. Jamie won’t tell you this, you’ll need to find out yourself. So well done for reading this review.

The aim of solo ads is to get as many clicks back to your offer, but you need to make enough money through sales to cover the solo ads cost, before making any profit yourself. This is why as a newbie, it’s a very risky strategy.

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Will You See Results With Profit 365

No. I don’t believe that you will make any money through this product. As a beginner, solo ads are not recommended. Jamie and Andrea are making money out of you by purchasing this product, I doubt they even use solo ads themselves in this way.

In fact, I can’t say for sure, but I would imagine that the offers that Jamie is giving you to sell, are his own products. They give you 40 done-for-you solo ads, so you don’t actually decide on the promotions you want to sell.

I decided to check the training video that Andrea shows you. As you can see in her training video, she has a promotion of ‘Solo Ad Hit List Welcome Sale’. It just so happens that this is her own product. So, now I’m convinced that all these promotions are either Andrea’s or Jamie’s.

What is Profit 365 Hit List

Sales Page & Huge Claims

The sales video doesn’t just tell you how easy it is, Jamie also tells you that he needs you just as much as you need him. This is one of those strategies to make you feel important, to make you feel the opportunity is going to help both of you. DO NOT believe this rubbish.

You’ll see Jamie walking around a shopping centre, showing people how much money can be made per day. The ClickBank income images he shows on his smartphone are just made up. These figures could be from a different account, having used a different product. Apparently he’s sharing his results for proof the system works. Oh, and apparently doing his part to ‘change the world’, so he says in the video!

Watching Jamie going up to students in this video, and telling them to generate a Clickbank hoplink, and blast it to the masses so they can make huge sums of money, makes me feel uneasy. He’s getting vulnerable people to buy his product, just to make money for himself.

What is Profit 365 example

He goes on to say this is the most streamlined, accelerated way for you to generate your own income streams online. And apparently you won’t have to spend hundreds of hours learning a confusing system. But the training is so brief, that you won’t understand where to turn next.

What seems to go over people’s heads in videos, is he says he going to explain how it works. But he doesn’t. Jamie’s tells you how he started off broke and then made a success of himself. He waffles on about why you need this system, without going into any detail on how it works.

He also goes into the statistics of population verses percentage of people buying. This makes it seem like the odds are in your favour to make a huge income. But the problem is, real website traffic.

Now, About Website Traffic

Website traffic is the lifeblood of any successful online career. Without traffic, there are no sales. Jamie’s solution, as I’ve explained earlier, is to use a risky method called solo ads. You’ll be sending emails out, and paying for each time someone clicks a link in the email. This is a tactic that you really should be experienced in to participate.

The best type of website traffic, is free traffic. I’ve just got free traffic because you’re reading this article right now. You will have found this article in a search engine such as Google. I have hundreds of articles all getting me free traffic, but I had to learn how this is done.

Free traffic is gained by using SEO strategies within your articles. I’m an affiliate marketer, and I without free traffic I would have struggled to get started. That’s because paid traffic is more risky as you have to get your targeting spot on. Read my Beginners Step by Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing if you want to learn as I did.

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My Verdict

As you will have guessed by now, I’m no fan of Jamie Lewis. I believe he preys on the more unfortunate and vulnerable. Those with not much money, looking to get ahead in life, and make a career online. These are the people that can do with real help, not just a small training source that doesn’t provide anything substantial.

If you’d like to learn an ethical way of making money online, that can offer you a sustainable long term asset, then listen up. You’ve made it to my website, that means I understand how SEO works and how to get free traffic.

You too can learn this, and get taught how affiliate marketing can earn you a full time income. But first I need to give you the lowdown. It’s not easy! By this I mean, you need patience and motivation, and you need to be persistent.

Sure anyone can do it. I don’t mean it’s difficult when I say ‘it’s not easy’, I just mean you need to be consistent and persistent, something that most people cannot do.

The reason for this, is that it takes time for Google and other search engines to rank your articles. If it was that easy to get ranked, everyone would be doing it. Up until 2010, it was much easier to rank quicker in Google, but that’s not the case these days because they want to make sure you’re willing to stay the course.

Google needs to know you’re setting this up for the long term, not just to make money in a few months. So, if you think you have what it takes to learn all there is to know about affiliate marketing, and would like a sustainable career in this field, then here’s a link to a review of my No.1 recommendation.

Wrapping Up

I hope this Profit 365 review has steered you away from Jamie Lewis and his crappy products. I’m not going to say his products are a total scam, as they do provide snippets of information. It’s just that they are very low quality and will not help you get started making money online in any way.

If you’ve use any of Jamie’s products before, I’d be interested to hear from you. I’d like to know if any of his products have helped anyone to achieve success.

Thanks for reading this Profit 365 review.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

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