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Propellerads.com Review


Bloggers and website owners are always looking for new and innovative ways to create additional income from their work, and one of the more common methods is to sign up to ad networks.

So what is Propellerads.com and can they be of benefit? Propellerads.com is just one of these ad network sites, which you may have come across. I’ve compiled this review for you to inform yourself of their legitimacy.

Will you earn good revenue from placing their ads on your website, or is it just not worth the effort.

I will declare that this review is totally impartial and I have no affiliation with Propellerads.com.

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Propellerads.com Summary

Product Name: PropelleradsWhat is PropellerAds

Founder/Owner: Propeller Ads Ltd

Product Type: Advertising Network

Price: Free to sign up

Program Summary: In my opinion, PropellerAds is a legitimate company but I do have concerns about their advert types, and the amount of accounts they seem to cancel.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 40/100

What is PropellerAds.com

PropellerAds is a service that allows you to strategically place adverts on your website, and in return, you’ll receive income commissions. The challenge for bloggers and website owners is to differentiate between the good and poor ad networks.

While PropellerAds is a totally legit Ad Network, my belief is that they are not the best advertising network around, and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them. I’ll explain why this is the case later in this PropellerAds media review.

PropellerAds is also not just for publishers to earn money, because they obviously require adverts to promote in the first place. So for advertisers, if you want your adverts to be displayed on other bloggers websites, joining an advertising network is a great idea.

The issue I’ve found with PropellerAds is that they don’t seem to filter out inappropriate advertising. Meaning that you can have a blog about baby wear, yet adverts that may appear, could be related to gambling or adult games.

This comment from a previous review:

Propeller Ads Imposing Rules

To follow this up, I found this review from TrustPilot, which also suggests the disturbing nature of their adverts.

Propeller Ads Review

More about PropellerAds reviews later, but for now, here’s what PropellerAds can offer you in terms of advertising methods.

PropellerAds.com Earning Methods

Several advert placement choices are available through PropellerAds, and each have their own characteristics. Here’s a brief description of each:

  • Native Banners – Allowing you to create a block of ads, banner adverts are the most popular ad type within the PropellerAds range. These advert blocks can be manipulated via category to suit the design of your website.
  • Interstitial Ads – Providing high click-through and conversion rates, Interstitial Ads are also one of the top performing advert types, particularly for mobile devices. These ads appear after a delay of several seconds of the page loading, allowing the user to either close or tap on the advert.
  • Direct ads ( Smartlink) – If you’re after a more flexible advert solution, Direct Ads can allow for adverts to be connected to an element on your website. This can be your own banner, button or text with an unlimited amount of links shared per page.
  • OnClick Pop-Unders – A more unusual method of having adverts appear is known as Onclick Popunder ads. It allows you to click anywhere on a page or post, and have the advert appear in a new browser window, without closing down your own website.
  • Native Subscriptions – One of the newer options to get adverts in front of eyeballs, is Native Subscriptions. Here you can allow a small popup window to appear on a mobile device in any web browser. If a visitor subscribes, they will receive push notifications. This can also happen when users are not actually on your website.

Every website is different and requires specific adverts to suit each situation. The options provided by PropellerAds is certainly a good range.

Earning Potential & Payments

There’s such a thing as top-tier countries, which means you’ll earn more from having your adverts seen in these countries. The actual earnings from adverts are not disclosed, but they pay much better than Google Adsense.

A minimum payout threshold is set at $5 USD, down from $25 previously. This alters depending on the payment method you use, for example, those using Payoneer (which I highly recommend for international marketers) will have a minimum threshold of $20.

PropellerAds say they cater for 6 different payment methods, which include the following:

  • ePayments
  • Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard/Payoneer Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • WIRE
  • Webmoney Z

It seems PropellerAds are using some of the more common and popular payment methods, which is always a good thing.

Is PropellerAds.com a Scam

No, I don’t believe PropellerAds to be a scam. This company has been operating since 2011, and although there’s been some skeptical reviews, they’ve also been a successful advertising network in this time.

They are an easy ad network to get started with, but beware the inappropriate ads that may appear on your site.

Propellerads Reviews

I was a little disturbed to find some of the reviews in relation to propellerAds.com. Many folks have said their accounts have been shut down, or been blocked for unknown reasons. Others suggest they don’t pay very well and some have even suggested they didn’t get paid at all.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the reviews I came across. These first reviews are from Trust-Pilot, which gives PropellerAds an overall rating of 3.5 stars.

PropellerAds TrustPilot Reviews

FoxyRating also provides some reviews which are also not so complementary. However, these reviews are from 1-2 years ago, so you’d think things may have improved since then. The Trust-Pilot reviews dispute this though.

PropellerAds FoxyRating Review

Judging by these reviews, I’d be looking elsewhere before deciding on an advertising network.

PropellerAds Likes

  • Fair range of advert types
  • Good payment options

PropellerAds Dislikes

  • Lack of payment value transparency
  • Not very well rated by users
  • Poor reviews
  • Possible inappropriate ads

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My Verdict

Placing adverts on your website or blog to earn from an extra income source is a good idea, but only if you have enough traffic. That’s why some of the better advert network platforms such as Mediavine Ads place an session limit before signing up.

Meaning you will require 25k sessions in 30 days in order to become a Mediavine member.

I don’t believe PropellerAds have any such requirement, which means the user experience can be compromised. Susannah from mediavine ads commented on one of my previous posts that “we believe that successful monetization is all about finding the balance between ad revenue and user experience and we would never sacrifice one for the other. This is why we set our threshold at 25k sessions a month. Below this number, the ad revenue you’d be able to earn isn’t worth the sacrifice in user experience that happens when ads are put on a site.”

So it’s not all about getting anyone to place adverts on a blog for some companies, it’s more about the right ads for the correct audience, without sacrificing the user experience.

I hope this review has helped out with any questions you may have had.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

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Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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