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Savage Affiliates Review


You’ve fallen onto the correct review page to find out what is Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett. And well done for doing your due diligence by the way, now lets get into this Savage Affiliates review.

I’ll explain what’s in the Savage Affiliate course, what you will get out of it, and if there are any better options. Some of these courses are limited, so let’s get into this program and see what’s involved.

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Savage Affiliates Summary

What is Savage Affiliates 500x200Product Name: Savage Affiliates

Founder/Owner: Franklin Hatchett

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Price: $197

Best For: Affiliate marketing beginners or intermediates

Program Summary:In my opinion, this is a legitimate training course, but lacks resources.

Would I Recommend It: Yes, but there’s better programs out there.

Rating: 65/100

What is Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates is another affiliate marketing training course, created and presented by a successful affiliate marketer known as Franklin Hatchett. Franklin has tried his hand at various online money making methods, and has now decided to try his hand at course creation.

You will learn valuable information from this Savage Affiliates course, but training is all you will receive. Yes, you’ll be shown where to find some tools or resources, but they will all cost you extra. So long as you understand this, the course itself will inform you with common affiliate marketing knowledge.

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Savage Affiliates From The Inside

You’ll be shown loads of videos throughout 9 Modules, that will explain the following topics.

#1 Education Review

Module 1 – Affiliate Introduction – The basics of affiliate marketing are taught here, including explanations of free versus paid traffic methods, and the critical pages you are required to display on your website. This includes where you can find templates for your privacy policy and affiliate disclaimers.

Module 2 – Niches And Products – While Franklin does does got to a bit of effort in these 12 videos, much of what he teaches is heading over to Google to find information. This includes finding affiliate networks, finding new products to review, or determining a web host. He simply heads to Google and does a search for the best options.

Many of the videos also cover the use of Amazon, Clickbank, JVZoo, ShareaSale etc. While this is all good, much of it can easily be found on YouTube. Franklin does show you what to search for when finding products to promote.

Module 3 – Building Your Assets – Assets come is various forms, and this is no different in the online world. Your biggest asset is going to be your website. Here you’ll discover how to get this asset of yours, how to set it up and some useful tools to help you build from the beginning. This also includes email assets and social media assets.

Module 4 – ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Clickbank is one of the largest affiliate networks on the planet, and one of the first. Franklin dedicates 27 videos on how to use clickbank, creating funnels, setting up articles to send to Clickbank and some keywords that seem to rank well for Clickbank products.

Module 5 – Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Now you’ll be getting into Amazon, the biggest online store globally. They have an affiliate program called Amazon Associates, which Franklin will show you how to access. You’ll learn about finding great products for your niche, using various websites such as Ali Express to get product ideas, and he shows some Amazon examples.

Module 6 – SEO Traffic – This is probably the best module in the whole Savage Affiliates course. SEO traffic is free traffic, so this is a big focus. You’ll find 29 videos explaining how SEO works, keyword research including analysis and backlinking. Franklin focuses a lot on backlinks which can really boost your rankings, but you must make sure you use proper practices. What I don’t particularly like, are that he shows some places where you can purchase backlinks. This can work against you when Google finds out.

Module 7 – Paid Traffic Training – As the name suggests, you’ll get an understanding of how paid advertising works via Facebook, Google and solo ads. While you will learn some critical things such as installing a Facebook Pixel for tracking purposes, Franklin also suggests more programs such as ‘improvely’, an advanced tracking program which costs money. Not sure why you’d need this because Google Analytics is just fine.

Module 8 – Free Traffic Training – Yeah, we all love free traffic. This module basically covers the use of forums to get engagement within a community, this can lead to free traffic when you leave your website links. It also creates a backlink. You’ll also get a handle on YouTube, with 11 videos dedicated to this subject. Topics in YouTube include ranking, keywords, thumbnails and retargeting. You’ll also be shown another external tool to use called VidlQ, which adds keyword and competition information on your YouTube pages. Another affiliate commission for Franklin when you sign up.

Module 9 – Email Marketing Training – Lastly, Franklin goes through how email marketing works. With 9 videos allocated for email marketing, it’s a basic introduction. Franklin uses Get Response, a very good email responder service. I personally use Aweber, which is always stated as the No.1 autoresponder.

What is Savage Affiliates inside

Unusually, there are NO bonus videos. I don’t mind this, it’s something a lot of marketers add into a course to make it seem like you’re getting something extra. There’s enough information here without a bonus.

#2 Tools Review

This Savage Affiliates course does not incorporate resources or tools of any sort. Instead, Franklin advises particular programs that can help with certain parts of setting up your affiliate marketing blog. Unfortunately, this means extra costs for the external programs he directs you to.

#3 Support Review

There’s basically two support methods within Savage Affiliates. The first being a Facebook Group. Who doesn’t have a Facebook Group these days hey!.
The other way of contacting Franklin is the ‘Support’ button inside the course interface, which sends an email to Franklin himself. Or possibly one of his support staff.

#4 The Cost

I don’t mind the cost of $197, there’s been a lot of effort gone into Savage Affiliates. I’ve seen courses that have less content, and cost hundreds more. In fact some are even into the thousands.

The Best of Savage Affiliates

#1 Knowledge

Yes, I believe that Franklin Hatchett does know what he’s talking about. Having watched this course start to finish, the information provided is correct and fairly recent.

There are some ‘gurus’ out there with similar courses, similar knowledge, but claiming excessive riches that cannot be attained. Even though Franklin does suggest out of reach figures can be made in a shorter time-frame than what is realistic, what he teaches is along the right track.

Similar courses to this include Online Marketing Classroom or Human Proof Designs, both fairly good courses. Although nothing compares to Wealthy Affiliate to learn affiliate marketing.

#2 Genuine

Franklin Hatchett genuinely wants you to succeed. His motivations and intentions are to have you on the correct path to achieving affiliate commissions.

#3 The Truth Is Out

One of the biggest takeaways from this course, is that without traffic, you’ll have no sales. I like that Franklin states this from the beginning, mentioning that traffic is the hardest part of affiliate marketing.

He groups together the creation of promotions, your blog, email marketing etc, because they are in the ‘easy’ basket. These can all be achieved in a few days with a little work. Free traffic on the other hand is more difficult to come by, so this is a main focus of the course.

What Puts Me Off Savage Affiliates

#1 Too Much Whiteboard

I don’t know Franklin Hatchett, but I don’t mind his teaching methods. Having said that, I do get tired of watching explanations on a whiteboard. The first module will show a lot of whiteboard tutorials, so be prepared.

#3 Sales Video

I’m not one for watching a mentor explain what their going to teach, whilst showing off their luxuries. Franklin’s sales video shows him talking to his phone camera, with his luxury car behind him. He even pretends to walk around, but the car is always in shot, just at various angles. And boy, how many times does he say ‘step-by-step’.

This is very ‘Tai Lopez’ like, he’s a big one for taking videos in a private jet, condominium or his garage with multiple luxury cars. I must say that for me, this is just pure showing off. But hey, maybe it works!

Another thing Franklin uses, which many marketers do, is the scarcity tactic. During his video, he’ll mention that only a certain number of students can enter his course at once. After he gets to this number, nobody else will be permitted in. I call BS on that, I’ve never come back to the sales page and seen the doors closed.

#3 Tools/Features

There are absolutely no tools with this program. Savage Affiliates is basically just a training course that shows you how affiliate marketing works. Like many other programs that I’ve reviewed here, Franklin leaves links (affiliate links) where you can go and use a resource.

For instance, Franklin shows you where to get a domain name and hosting. He leaves a link for you to click on, that will take you directly to the site. What he does, like all affiliate marketers, is include his cloaked affiliate link. So, he earns commissions when you take his recommendation. Smart!

#4 Pricing Disclaimer

I would like to see the cost of this program clearly stated on the sales page. I think as a prospective student, you have a right to know how much you’ll be paying before going any further.

If you attempt to go further by clicking on the ‘Get Instant Access Now’ button, you will be taken to the sign up page where it does clearly state the price before signing up.

Unlike other programs where you’re required to pass over your email address before having the price displayed, at least you will know the cost before handing over this personal information.

Would I Recommend Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates is a credible and legitimate training course, that explains much of what you need to know in the affiliate marketing industry. While I would recommend it, there’s another platform that stands head and shoulders above all others.

Is There a Better Option

The better platform to learn affiliate marketing is called Wealthy Affiliate. Click on the button below to get a full review of their program. Just a few of the major benefits are these:

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Included websites
Website builder
Included hosting
Included keyword tool
Included content creator
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Huge group community