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Search Find Buy Review- Ben Cummings


There’s multiple ways to make money online and one of these opportunities, is to sell your own branded products via Amazon, or a similar type site. This program, Search Find Buy is targeted towards helping people achieve success through private label rights products, and creating wealth through primarily, the Amazon platform.

I’ll run you through what’s in the course so you can process the information, and make an informed decision to go ahead with purchasing or not. I hope this Search Find Buy review can be of service.

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Search Find Buy Summary

What is Search Find Buy Ben CummingsProduct Name: Search Find Buy

Founder/Owner: Ben Cummings

Product Type: Private Label ‘Physical Product’ Course

Price: $997 (Usually $1,997)

Best For: Running an Online Amazon Store (Own Branded Products)

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is one of the best physical products course I’ve come across.

Would I Recommend It: Yes, for anyone intent on making Amazon profits.

Rating: 90/100

What is Search Find Buy

This course is a 6 module series of videos that will hold you by the hand, as you progress into the Amazon selling business. Ben Cummings is a successful entrepreneur who has excelled in a variety of fields. He knows what he’s talking about, and has targeted this course towards finding the ideal products to sell on Amazon, and zoning in on those sales.

His teaching methods are very easy to comprehend, with some intermittent videos from a colleague. This is not a drop shipping course, it’s about finding manufactured products that you can brand as your own. I really like how this course is laid out, and explained in detail.

What is Search Find Buy Ben Cummings signature

Search Find Buy From The Inside

In this Search Find Buy review, I’m going to explain what you’ll find on the inside of Search Find Buy, so you can compare it to other programs such eCom Success Academy or EcomAlphas. These other programs are more targeted towards eCommerce dropshippng store owners, whereas Search Find Buy is working from the Amazon platform.

#1 Education Review

Module 1 – The World’s Most Perfect Business – The first module in this brilliant course covers several things. Firstly, you’ll have to sit through a few videos that most marketers do to inspire you. These involve the use of sums of money to show you that it’s all possible, and anyone can do it.

Once you’ve got past these videos, your going to learn a great deal. You will learn what private label rights are, how they are used to your advantage, and the correct private label products that suit this method of selling.

Much of this course focuses on selling products via Amazon. You’re going to learn all about FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and how this will help build your online business. You’ll need access to use this FBA facility on Amazon, and Ben will explain all the details required.

I really like that Ben covers the legalities, albeit generally. He’s not a lawyer or attorney, so he can’t be expected to go through this information. He just points out some of the details you need to be aware of.

Once you’re aware of what your getting into, Ben runs through what you need to have setup, to get started. This includes those selling internationally, not just from the US. You’ll watch several videos from a South African friend of Bens, that explains the Amazon setup process for internationals.

Another video I got a lot out of in this module, is where Ben describes each section of an Amazon product page. This includes the descriptive terms he uses for certain parts of this page. He’ll cover Amazon Messaging, Feedback, Subscribe & Save, User Permissions and Parent Child Listings.

Now, if you’re thinking of selling something on Amazon that you’re unsure of, there’s a video in this module that explains about ‘gated’ categories, which you’ll be required to get permission to sell in some particular categories.

One last thing I’d like to mention about this module, it shows sporadic case study videos. I suppose these are here to keep you motivated between all the tutelage.

Module 2 – PIGS & HOPPS – Ah yeah, what on earth does this stand for. Pigs (Product Idea Generation System) & HOPPS (High Odds Products Picking System) is a formula that Ben has come up with. Nice acronyms!

You’ll understand what the core concepts are, that Ben looks for when searching ideal products to sell. The idea is to reduce the odds to achieve a higher chance of picking the right products.

Much of this comes down to demand for a product, but your going to learn the other key criteria that makes up the perfect private label product. Ben lists 7 traits that he looks for, before committing on an item.

While PIGS will identify good potential products, HOPPS will critically analyse them to verify the high probability of being an elite top seller. To do this, you’ll be shown some tools that Ben uses to analyse products. The first is an expensive program, but if you use Ben’s’ coupon code, you’ll save approximately 50%.

You’ll use this program in conjunction with pre-made downloadable spreadsheets to analyse your list of products. You’ll be taken through about 5 videos that show you how to critically analyse these products, and find the best ‘product margin’ items.

There’s a bonus at the end of the module titled ‘Uncover Product Opportunities Others Overlook’. This is a quicker video that shows how to search these products, that come with huge profits. You’ll be using the recommended software that Ben uses throughout this module.

I like the fact that Ben also shows a video that explains the products to avoid, which includes banned or restricted products.

Module 3 – How to Be a Product Sourcing Ninja – This module is going to scale your product sourcing techniques and expansiveness in a number of ways. You’ll learn where to find the best manufacturers to works with, how to communicate with them, negotiating psychology and making sure there’s a large enough profit margin.

You’ll discover that some things can go wrong in this business, so each product requires a safety margin built in.

Supplier management is another aspect that you’ll learn in this module. It teaches you how to deal professionally with suppliers so they cooperate with your requests. This also encompasses how to make sure your products are received at the highest quality, by making sure they’re inspected before even being shipped to you.

This is all critical to your stores credibility, because customers will leave comments and reviews when they purchase from you.

I mentioned earlier that Ben uses some paid programs that he shares with you, to further his online business. One of these is Clickfunnels, another program that does cost a decent amount of money per month. As Ben suggests though, this is a professional business, so treat it accordingly, by using great helpful programs.

I like that Ben also offers templates that you can use to contact suppliers, documenting why you should be receiving the best price possible. There’s 12 different emails that can be used in various circumstances. Much of this can avoid supplier problems, and you’ll also learn a few more tips that can help with this.

Module 4 – Packaging & Shipping Your Product -Once you’re done with the fun issues of finding profitable products to sell, it’s time to get started with different issues in regards to running your business. These include product packaging, shipping and inserts, which you may need to use correct judgement.

For instance, which type of shipping will you use. Air or ocean freight is going to be one of your personal business decisions. Much of this will depend on what it is you’re selling, and this module is going to guide you in the right direction.

How does Amazon deal with your shipping, this will also be explained in this series of videos. Ben Cummings is a great instructor, and explains things is language that anyone can understand.

One of the more exciting aspects of this business, is coming up with your brand. You’ll discover some great places to help with your logo, product packaging, and other branding requirements. You’ll get a handle on how product packaging can be useful in more ways than one.

Whilst there’s so many aspects of this business to learn, Ben always keeps harping back to the fact, it’s all about profit margin. This is so true, because without profit, there’s no future.

Module 5 – Launching Your Amazon Product -Now it’s time to launch your product on Amazon. Before doing so, you’ll learn how to write out your listing so people understand what it is you’re selling. This involves attaining product images, either cheaply or by using a more expensive method.

Learn how the emotional comments in the reviews can help with writing out your product listing. Looking at what your competition has to say about the same product, can also help with the way you’ll present your product.

Obviously, pricing is going to be a major issue. You’ll learn how to price your product so that it’s balanced between making great profits, and pricing yourself out of the market. It needs to be a good price, relative to the competition.

Before launching, you’ll need to com up with keywords to help your products get listed highly on Amazon. Amazon has their own ranking algorithm (known as A9), so you need to do keyword research so it doesn’t get lost in the thousands of other products.

Module 6 – Rank Your Product to Page 1 -Once launched, your products need to get ranked, to the highest position possible in the Amazon search results. You’ll learn exactly how Ben does this, and you will be following the same tactics. There is a ranking process, and Ben will display the roadmap for shooting to the stars. You’ll understand the various ranking factors that are involved, and how long each ranking step approximately takes.

The cost price you’ve initially labelled, will not necessarily be the best optimum price. So this module will also run through split testing, and show you a great tool that automatically modifies the price, until it finds the perfect sweet spot. This is a third party tool, so expect to pay for this program.

Another critical thing you’ll learn in this module, is protecting your inventory when using deep discount coupon codes. There is a loophole that customers could possibly use, so your going to learn how this doesn’t happen to you.

It’s also possible to include sponsored ads within Amazon. One of the videos here is going to explain how to keep your ranking high, by setting up an Amazon ad.

Once your products are live and your generating sales, it’s possible to view your sales reports. Ben’s colleague runs through how to make sense of the reports and tracking, within the Amazon platform.

As with all great stores, you’re going to need to deal with customer service. If you don’t deal with this, within a certain time-frame, you’ll get penalised by Amazon. This is all explained in detail, at the end of this module. You’ll learn the best methods to setup your automated, and manual customer service.

#2 Tools Review

Whilst this is an amazing course, the tools and resources that Ben uses are all external, and will cost you extra money. There’s only a couple of these external courses, it’s not like you’ll be creating another 5 or more accounts.

#3 Support Review

There’s two possible ways to get support in ‘Search Find Buy’. Within the platform itself, you’ll see a link at the bottom of the screen with the label ‘Contact Support’.

The other method of course, is a Facebook Group. Which entrepreneur doesn’t have a Facebook Group!

#4 The Cost

In my opinion, the cost of $997 is good value. I’ve reviewed many courses, some good, some not so good. This is one of the better courses that I’ve come across, and I’d have no hesitation in stating that the value inside is worth the cost.

What is Search Find Buy Ben Cummings proof

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The Best of Search Find Buy

#1 Knowledge

Wow, Ben Cummings is extremely knowledgeable in the business of selling physical branded products through Amazon. There are so many small intricate snippets of information that are critical to your success, and he lays it all out for you.

Much work and effort has gone into this course, and if you’re prepared to learn the ropes of selling private label rights, you’ll be well educated here. Between Ben and his colleague, they’ve produced an extremely powerful education course, that contains information that will lead to your success.

#2 No Fluff in This Course

Apart from a few videos where Ben shows off the riches of success, the lessons within each module are direct, straight to the point and don’t beat around the bush. There’s no stalling or filling gaps in the videos, just pure information that is honest and concise.

#3 Know What You’re Getting

While the sales page for Search Find Buy doesn’t label all the videos and what they encompass, it does explain in rough terms what you will learn in each module. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the course structure and information provided.

#4 Pricing Disclaimer

As with any course that you undertake, I believe you should know up front, what you’ll be paying for the course. This is clearly defined on the Search Find Buy sales page, and you won’t have to pass over your email address either. You’ll only do this if you decide to proceed with purchasing the course.

What Puts Me Off Search Find Buy

I must admit, there’s not much to dislike about this course.

#1 Flashy Intro Videos

When you begin the first module, you’ll see 2 videos that show Ben and his joys of what it’s like to achieve success. This is not in the way of flashy cars etc. It’s more about the money figures he makes, the other figures he associates with!!, and the freedom that it brings when you’ve MADE IT. I don’t really mind this too much because it does inspire people to get stuck in, but 1 video would have sufficed.

There’s also case studies dotted throughout the entire course. Even though they’re labelled as case studies, they are just a 1-2 minute video stating that this person has made a certain amount of money by following the program.

#2 Fast-Track Qualification

A the end of the course, Ben states that you’ve now qualified for his Fast-Track monthly coaching, at a MONTHLY FEE. Which may or may not be open at the time! I must admit, after paying nearly $1k for the course, I’d be expecting to have access to this, or at least at a reduced rate.

Would I Recommend Search Find Buy

Absolutely. This course is one of my favourite courses that I’ve reviewed. It’s loaded with informative content that covers everything imaginable to have your own Amazon fulfilment online business.

Remember, this is not a drop shipping online business model like eCom Success Academy, It’s purely a ‘physical product’ Amazon course, where you’ll have your own branded products.

Is There a Better Option

I haven’t yet come across a better Amazon branded product course that covers the same amount of detail. Having said that, I understand Ezra Firestone is also a guru in this niche, so I’ll be reviewing one of his courses in future.

These are my top 3 online courses:

Selling on Amazon – Search.Find.Buy
eCommerce Drop Shipping – eCom Success Academy
Affiliate Marketing – Wealthy Affiliate

Wrapping Up

Well, that was intense. I really enjoyed reviewing this course, and have learned a lot myself from watching the videos.

I’d like to stress that whilst this is one of the great online opportunities to start your own online business, it may not be for everyone. You will still have the same issues that comes with the drop shipping method of store ownership. That means returns, customer service, shipping, taxes, invoices etc. This can be a bit overwhelming for some people, but can also be more automated when you become more successful.

I looked at this sort of business model for myself many years ago, but decided the affiliate marketing model is more suited to me. I may not make the insane profits that this Amazon store can offer, but I also don’t deal with the stresses of day to day customer service.

If you’d like to read more about affiliate marketing, read on below. If you’d like to check out Search Find Buy, click this button.

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