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What is Secret Millionaire Bot About


Okay, here’s another product that has recently come online, that claims you’ll be making lots of money within a short time frame. Can this really be achieved with this program, or is it just another product that doesn’t live up to expectations.

I’m glad you’re researching Secret Millionaire Bot, as you may be surprised to find what it’s all about. I wouldn’t want anyone signing up to something like this without understanding what they are getting into.

So let’s dive in, and find out if Secret Millionaire Bot is all that it claims to be.

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Secret Millionaire Bot Summary

What is Secret Millionaire Bot About 500x200Product Name: Secret Millionaire Bot

Founder/Owner: Charles Allen

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Product Finder

Price: $37 + upsells (Quickly discounted to $17 + upsells)

Program Summary: In my opinion, this product is not going to make you any money. It’s a product that finds affiliate offers, but without traffic, you won’t get any sales.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 11/100

What is Secret Millionaire Bot

This seems to be a recurring issue lately, scammers placing crappy sales videos that promote some sort of “secret system” or “money on autopilot”. Without sounding too dismissive, there is no product that can make you large sums of money without putting in at least a little effort yourself.

This program “Secret Millionaire Bot” is the latest in crappy illegitimate products. Apparently, if you sign up and pay the requested amount asked, you’re going to receive a product which includes a “robot”, a piece of software that will identify the most lucrative money-making opportunities on the internet.

What is Secret Millionaire Bot About ClaimsA

It then targets these and copies them to your account. Whoop-de-do. That’s it, that’s what the sales video suggests you are going to receive. Apparently it’s taken “Charles” and some other genius minds to come up with this brilliant software. Oh, in fact they are an “elite group of underground millionaires”. Pft!

So, what are you going to do with this technical piece of know how?

How Does Secret Millionaire Bot Work

Okay yes, you’ve now had this software target some of the best high paying opportunities on the internet, but what are you going to do with this information? The Secret Millionaire Bot sales video says to follow a few instructions, and you’ll see all kinds of life-altering profits.

So what could these instructions be I wonder. Possibly purchasing a domain name, setting up hosting for a website, signing up to these lucrative affiliate offers perhaps. All the typical things that any affiliate marketer would have to do to generate commissions.

But hang on, apparently you’ll be earning loads of money on autopilot right. All for $37 correct. Or should I say $17 after the immediate discount applied. No, there’s more to it than that.

You see, all these products have internal upsells. These upsells are how the creators really make their money. They won’t make much at all from the $17 you pay them, it’s the big ticket items they’re after once you’ve committed a smallish amount, such as $17.

Secret Millionaire Bot Upsells

Here you go, the information they won’t tell you on the sales video. First they emotionally capture your imagination, get you to sign up and pay the $17, to earn thousands. Then you realize that you won’t be earning thousands unless you buy these upsells. Sneaky hey!

Upsell 1 – ($14.95) Secret Millionaire Bot 100X Traffic Secrets – This is an optional extra on the initial checkout page. I can only assume this is a guide to get traffic to your offers, because you won’t get any traffic otherwise.

Upsell 2 – ($997) Super Affiliate System – Now were talking, this is going to make THEM some great profits. Not YOU, it will make the creators some good coin. This “Super Affiliate System” course is not too bad, but does have many upsells itself. Everything that “Secret Millionaire Bot” has an affiliation with, seems to have more upsells. You’ll constantly be paying money after money on upsells.

Upsell 3 – ($5p/m) CoolHandle – CoolHandle is a second rate hosting platform. This is a storage facility for any website. So obviously, they do intend for you to set up your own website and hosting, like I mentioned earlier.

Upsell 4 – ($9) BulletProof Profits System – I find this one interesting, because I recently did a review on BulletProof Profits. To say the least, if you read my review, I wouldn’t recommend it at all. It’s another scam product that does not have your best interests at heart. Avoid at all costs. And yes, there’s more upsells with BulletProof Profits.

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Results With Secret Millionaire Bot

Unless you already know and understand how to generate website traffic, you won’t be making any money with Secret Millionaire Bot. The software may find you some great programs to promote, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get your promotions in front of buyers.

Results come to those willing to put in a few hours, and build their online business foundation. There is no magic bullet unfortunately, and Secret Millionaire Bot​ will not deliver.

An Insider’s View of Secret Millionaire Bot

When you initially sign up to Secret Millionaire Bot, you’ll run through various steps that introduce you to the program. Part of this is to register for the VIP members workshop, which includes watching a video that attempts to convince you to purchase the Super Affiliate System upsell.

Once you’ve also been convinced to purchase the other upsells, you’ll be surprised to learn that there is some Instagram training. Yeah, I know you bought this program to get you lucrative product opportunities, so why would you need Instagram training? As I mentioned earlier, you require TRAFFIC. This is their version of teaching you how to get traffic, and a poor attempt at that.

What is Secret Millionaire Bot About Training

To make it look like you get value for money, the Secret Millionaire Bot course is divided into weekly modules. Inside each module however, is only one 5-10 minute video in each. So they want you to watch just 10 minutes of Instagram training per week, they can’t be serious.

Sales Page & Huge Claims

So, what are we actually being told in the Secret Millionaire Bot sales video. We are going to get “a push-button, fully automated robot, to make a fortune from the internet, completely on autopilot”. Aha, you mean a small piece of software that can find highly paid affiliate programs, that anyone can search for on the internet. All you really need to do is search for “high paying affiliate programs” and related articles will popup in the search results.

This one makes me laugh. If you’ve gone through the video, you’ll have noticed the statement “If you can see this page, it means your private invitation has been accepted to use the Secret Millionaire Bot. It means we believe you are the perfect fit to use the Secret Millionaire Bot to reap the kind of profits we’re currently enjoying”. What on earth are they referring to. I’ve never received an invitation to this, and I’m sure you haven’t either. And how would they know I’m the perfect fit, they have no clue who I am.

One last thing here. The claim that “money just pours in around the clock” is just an outright lie. Their images of huge sums of money are easily manipulated to look authentic. These profits are just false.

About The Testimonials

Many of these scammers use external sources to help with their sales video. They need testimonials to make the program seem as authentic as possible. So they head over to places such as Fiverr, a website where outsourcing services can be found cheaply.

Do you notice the lady in the Secret Millionaire Bot sales video below? She’s a spokesperson that has been used multiple times in videos just like this one.

What is Secret Millionaire Bot About Spokesperson1

What is Secret Millionaire Bot About Spokesperson1-2

Just recently I reviewed Explode My Payday, another unethical scam like this one. The same lady has been used in the sales video with that product.

Another of the spokespeople is this guy, also found on Fiverr offering his services.

What is Secret Millionaire Bot About Spokesperson2

What is Secret Millionaire Bot About Spokesperson2-2

As you can clearly see in the follow-up images of these actors, they are offering their services as a spokesperson. These are legitimate people searching for their own way to earn a few dollars, They are certainly not millionaires having used Secret Millionaires Bot.

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My Verdict

I’m sure by now you get the jist of my verdict. I don’t like illegitimate programs being flogged to naive people on the internet. These guys make these programs for a reason, they understand that there’s so many people looking for that next great opportunity to make money online.

So they come up with an idea, attempt to make it seem legitimate, and try to get you to buy. As you can see in Secret Millionaire Bot​, they make their money via the large upsells inside the program. The thing is, if you’ve paid $37 or $17, then you don’t want to waste that amount, and will be tempted to purchase the first upsell.

It then becomes a snowball effect, and you may feel like you need to get the next upsell to make the product work for you. But all you’re really doing, is giving more money to the creators for another crappy upsell you never wanted in the first place. Please, don’t fall for this.

Wrapping Up

There’s never been a better time to make money on the internet, but unfortunately, you need to choose the correct avenue to find the way. Many scams such as Secret Millionaire Bot, Upload and Smash and Bank Ramp, are not helping anyone create a legitimate income online.

If you have your heart set on leaving your 9 to 5 job, and building your own sustainable online business that can be done remotely, then there are options.

You can follow what I do, and become an ethical affiliate marketer. By this I offer correct advice through product reviews such as this, and also show you the best programs to consider. I make money through affiliate commissions, which is a legitimate model of online wealth. You can read more about how I learned this, by reading down below.

Other options are to begin your own eCommerce store, you can read all about drop shipping here. Another option to to sell on Amazon, Ben Cummings runs a great course on this called Saerch Find Buy. These courses do cost more that the crappy scam offers, but you’ll learn so much more.

If you have any experience with Secret Millionaire Bot, please add to the comments below.

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