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So, you intend setting up a small business, but the thought of creating a website terrifies you. Maybe you passionately want to start a blog but need help getting started. I often get asked the same question, what is the best free website builder for small business, and is it affordable.

There’s a number of reasons for creating a website, and I expect you are trying to find the easiest way to achieve this. Well, I’ve got you covered.

Below I’ll explain what you need to get started with a website, and the easiest method to create one with a 5 step website builder. Before we look at the website builder, you need to know the setup costs of such an enterprise.

A Website is a Must

Of course you’re going to require a website for any small business these days, as there’s no getting around the fact that online technology rules your marketing. But specifically, we’re talking about an online business in which a website is the cornerstone of your business.

For those that don’t know, any website requires two main ingredients, a domain and hosting. Without these there is no website to visit. The domain is your website name and URL address. Hosting is an area where all the data in your website is stored. So as you can see, without these, you won’t get far.

Before You Build, You Need a Domain

There’s plenty of websites where a domain name can be purchased. What you need to be aware of is the upsells that are always offered when buying a domain name.

You will no doubt be asked to buy “WHOIS” (domain privacy protection). So let’s say your domain is going to cost you about $13 as an average per year. Most domain providers off the first year cheap but lock you into a 2 year contract. Obviously the second year will pay for the discounted first year, plus more!

Domain privacy protection is beneficial, in that is will stop website developers (or other dodgy enterprises) from contacting you. If you purchase WHOIS privacy, your personal information will NOT be displayed on website databases.

Now, add the WHOIS privacy for another $15 and you’re paying close to $30, not that expensive. However, you’ll then also be asked if you’d like Site Backup Pro or Sitelock Domain Security, maybe Search Engine Jumpstart. My advice would be to forget about all these other gimmicks. Just get the Domain Privacy Protection (WHOIS).

What is the Best Free Website Builder for Small Business extras

Here’s where the more expensive part of running a website comes in, the hosting.

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Which Hosting Should You Use

If you search Google for a hosting provider you’ll be swamped with a plethora of companies offering their hosting services. They range from cheaper shared hosting options to more expensive self hosting alternatives.

Obviously this depends on where you are in your path to creating this passive online small business. You can start off with shared hosting until your business gets off the ground, then switch to a more expensive choice. This will allow your website to load quicker as it will not be on the same server as thousands of other sites.

What is the Best Free Website Builder for Small Business hosting

In general, cheap hosting will cost you about $10-12 per month. So you’re looking at roughly $150-$180 per year for the cheapest hosting plus a domain with WHOIS privacy.

So, if you are after more robust hosting that will allow your website to load quickly without hassles, be prepared to pay about $300-400 per year. This still won’t break the bank, but it’s starting to add up considerably.

Do I have a better option? You bet!

The Best 5 Click Website Builder

There are various website builders around, but none of them compare to the simple website builder you can get at Wealthy Affiliate. If you can understand simple instructions and use a mouse, you’ll be all set up in under 1 minute.

Here it is, the website builder that comes complete with a free or premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. For the moment, I’m going to disregard the free membership. This is because most people that join, see the value in the Premium membership and choose this option.

The Premium membership can be viewed here, but I’ll give you an idea of the cost benefits.

Hosting is included in the membership. Not just any hosting, not shared hosting like the cheap options out there, but GREAT hosting. Hosting and support that is personal and immediate.

I’m going to get straight to the point here. The following is the cost of Wealthy Affiliate membership:

  • Free $0
  • Premium Monthly $49
  • Premium Yearly $359

So, what was the cost of good hosting with other hosting providers? $300-$400. A bit of a no-brainer to join Wealthy Affiliate isn’t it?

This is your ultimate website and affiliate solution to build a small business. Oh yeah, the website builder! Let’s get into how easy it is to create your website in under 1 minute with a small number of clicks of your mouse.

Here’s a video I’ve created to display what’s involved and how a website can be built extremely quickly and easily.

How to Use The Best Website Builder

In case you can’t watch the video, it’s a simple 5 step process to build a website. The process goes as follows:

Step 1 – Domain Type – This is where you can choose between a domain you already own, or you can use a free domain via Wealthy Affiliate. They use their own ‘SiteRubix’ platform to build integrated WordPress websites and will offer you a free .siterubix domain name. These domains are a great way to learn how to use WordPress and build a website. Once you’re more confident, purchase a .com domain from WA. They cost $13.99 and come with domain privacy protection included.

Step 2 – Nominate Your Domain – If you have a number of domains you own, choose which domain you’d like to use from the drop-down list. If you’d like a free domain, type the name of the domain you’d like eg: websitename.siterubix.com

Step 3 – Choose a Title – Simply type in the title of your website. So if your website name is healthcity.com or healthcity.siterubix.com, your title would be ‘Health City’. Or alternatively, you may have a specific unique title you’d like to use.

Step 4 – Pick a Theme – A theme is a skin or appearance for your website. It dresses up your site to make it more presentable. As a free member you’ll have 12 themes to choose from. Premium members have hundreds of themes to choose from.

Step 5 – Select ‘Click Here to Build This Site – This is where the magic happens. Once you click the button, the Siterubix platform will build you a website with security features built in. You’ll also find a couple of the recommended plugins are already installed for you.

And that’s it. You’ll be provided with a username and generated password that you can manually login with, or just login straight from the Wealthy Affiliate Website dashboard.

Once logged in you can start to build out your website with great content.

Other Alternatives

The majority of hosting providers will offer a website builder these days, to make it easier for you to get up and running on their hosting platform. This is a lot better than it used to be. For those of us that didn’t have much of a clue how to build a website, we had to jump through hoops to get our online space.

Although these hosting providers do offer this service, they are not as straightforward to implement. I also find them a bit deceptive as they generally attempt to integrate a partner program concurrently. This should be offered as an optional extra, not automatically uploaded in.

The old days are gone and getting up and running with a website is easier than ever before. At least you have a lot of options to choose from!

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Wrapping Up

Many web experts won’t use a website builder, they’d rather use their expertise to create a custom website to their liking. In fact most experts won’t even use WordPress, the most widely used content management system worldwide.

But if you’re just starting out and want to get up and running with a WordPress website, and if you intend monetizing your website, then there’s no comparison to the WA website Builder. In my opinion, it’s the easiest method to have you online within seconds.

Not only that, it’s the most cost effective method to have your website stored on a great hosting platform. Not to mention the affiliate marketing training you’ll receive as part of your membership.

Oh, and if you are a premium member, you can store up to 10 websites at WA! This is amazing value that needs to be considered. Read more about Wealthy Affiliate and all they have to offer. WA offer the best free website creator as part of the whole package.

If you have any questions or thoughts on how to use the website builder, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!

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