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Good for you. You’ve obviously decided to take the plunge into selling products on Amazon, and for good reason. Many folks have done extremely well selling on Amazon, and if done correctly, can net you a great income. Finding what is the best product to sell on Amazon is not an easy question to answer, but I’ll give you some idea.

By the way, if you’re new to selling products on Amazon and need some extra tutoring, I reviewed a great course here, which may be worth considering. Understanding how the full process comes together can be challenging, but once setup, there’s a good chance of sustained success with this kind of online venture.

Anyway, I’m going to touch on a few issues that can have an impact on whether you’re choosing the right type of products for you store. It’s not always as simple as it looks when deciding on that next great item. Often, great research will pay off big time, so have a read and see if any of these tips can help you.

Make Sure It’s Relevant To You Niche

It’s not a good idea to attempt to replicate Amazon itself, by trying to sell every product from every category in every niche. Instead, you should be focusing on a store products within a particular niche, which will give your customers an idea of your brand.

With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure your selected products are all relevant to this store of yours. It doesn’t make sense attempting to sell golf shoes, if your niche is kitchen utensils. There’s always the opportunity to diversify a little once your store is established, but keep it tightly relevant to begin with.

Looking For a Gap Others Haven’t Seen

Searching for that ideal product that has little competition can be challenging, but looking for a gap in the market can be rewarding should you find this gem.

Sometimes it pays to head on over to forums that are relevant to your niche, because they may be asking about items that they’re struggling to get. If you can find the manufacturer of that product, this could be an ideal opportunity to prosper.

What else you can do, is search for products that can have multiple purposes in various niches. This could also be considered a market gap. For instance, ‘nautical cushion covers’ could be sold in the yachting/boating niche, or the Manchester (household linen) niche, maybe even the bedding or sun-room niches. I wouldn’t particularly say a ‘nautical cushion cover’ is the perfect product, I’m just offering an example.

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Does It Help Solve A Problem

It’s the best way possible to get an online sale, by solving people issues. We all have problems from time to time, which can usually be solved with the correct product or service.

In the case of this article, we’re searching for products that can be problem solvers. So how do we find these issues that people are having? As I mentioned earlier, the best way to do this is to head to the online forums.

This is where people vent their anger or displeasure at not being able to complete a task, or have the correct tool to finish a job. Just make sure the product is related to your niche, has relevance and will help deal with complications or obstacles.

What Profit Margin Is Reasonable

Like any entrepreneur would be thinking, what sort of profit margin can you make with a product. Whichever product you’re contemplating, try to consider the ‘3x’ law. This consists of marking your product up by 3 times the manufacturers price, that you’ll get it for.

This will take into account one third of the mark-up for fees, taxes etc, and the other third will be your profit. This will still be a 100% profit on the price you initially pay for the product.

Before implementing this, be sure to look at your competitors on Amazon, to check that you’re not over or under charging. You certainly want to be in the ballpark.

Will It Be a Good Seller

Funnily enough, influencers do have a big influence on the community. Following influencers in your niche can give you some idea of trending products. Not only influencers, but groups or stores on social media can also give you great ideas about in-demand products.

One of the best social media sites for trending products is Pinterest. People love to Pin new products they’ve either used, or are promoting. This is a great source of information, as is Instagram and to a lesser degree, Facebook.

Learning how to use Google Trends is also another idea to see if a product will be a good seller. I’ve embedded a video by Ahrefs below that, that will teach you how to find trending products.

Other considerations you may want to keep in mind. Many great products are seasonal, which also means they will not be so popular out of season. However, if your website is global as opposed to local, then the seasons will still be relevant somewhere in the world.

There’s also the issue if shipment. You’ll want to take into account the size and weight of a product, because the cost of shipping this may eat into your profits.

Research Amazon Reviews

Customers often like to leave their feedback on their products, especially when prompted by Amazon, which they always do. Browsing through these customer reviews can give you a great insight into the popularity and approval rating of product.

There’s also a Q& A section, which provides great information from potential customers. Often you’ll find queries about the product, with answers from not only the store owner, but also customers that have previously bought the product.

There’s a lot of information you can find out, giving you a great indication of whether it’s a good product to sell on Amazon.

Amazon also provides a tag to their best selling products. It’s called BSR (Best Seller Rank), which is another factor to consider. Should you find more than one of a particular product with the BSR tag, you’ll know it really is a great selling product.

As Usual, Keyword Research

Before setting up your next best product on Amazon, make sure you do some keyword research. There’s no point selling what you think is a great product, if nobody is searching for this product.

They may be looking for the product you’ve decided on, but the top search term for this product may not be what you think. This is where you’ll want to do keyword research with a tool such as SemRush, Moz or Ahrefs.

Other Tools to Help

It’s possible to use tools to help find great products to sell on Amazon. AmazeOwl is a great desktop app, available for Windows or Mac. It can display a filtered list of high potential products which has been collated from competitor insights.

There’s also plenty of Chrome extensions that can help you identify that next great product. One of the more popular is JungleScout, but don’t forget about other newcomers such as AMZ Base, CamelCamelCamel or Unicorn Smasher.

Viral Launch and ASIN-Inspector are two other product finder tools that will help with product researching. These are paid tools, so you want to make sure to be making a profit if using these programs.

Wrapping Up

Finding that perfect product to promote on Amazon is not always easy or obvious. There’s numerous things to consider before you can be confident enough that it could be a bestseller.

I hope this article has provided some guidance on where and how to find good products to sell. Selling items on Amazon is not always straightforward, and you may find that navigating certain aspects can be challenging.

If you find yourself in a little deeper than you thought this venture would provide, I mentioned earlier that I do recommend a course that is extremely educational. I’ve reviewed several courses on eCommerce, and Ben Cummings Search.Find.Buy. course is by far the best for selling on Amazon. To get a better understanding of what you’ll learn in the course, there’s a free webinar that you can watch here.

Looking ahead, this is certainly a terrific opportunity to make money online. Well done for going down this path, and good luck with your Amazon journey.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

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