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Data entry is a fairly general term that you’ll hear when searching for employment, but what does it actually entail? You’ll be pleased to hear that there is not just one type of data entry job, so what kind of data entry jobs are there out there?

You’ll discover that there are several types of data entry that you can pursue, and each is typically different.

So let’s look at a few different types of data entry.

Data Entry 1 – Form Filling Online

As the title suggests, opportunities arise to enter data into an online software program that have been manually filled out. This is often in the form of surveys or registrations.

You’ll most likely be given the software or will login to an online software program to complete your data entry.

Data Entry 2 – Email Processing

Companies receive emails all the time, often too many to handle. This is especially true when they send out questionnaires or ask for feedback.

As an email processor data entry operator, your task will be to go through batches of emails and understand the content. Then sorting this content into recorded comments, possibly about a product or service.

As an example, you may be categorizing faults on products that have been sold through an online store. You may need to log serial numbers, types of faults and the companies response to these faults.

Data Entry 3 – Cleaning/Correcting of Database

Keeping a current and correct database is a requirement of many companies that are constantly obtaining new data. This takes time and accuracy, which also requires people power.

As a data cleaner, your job entails identifying errors and/or corruptions to begin with. Then implementing the correct process of what to do with this information.

This can be deletion, correction or archiving. Most firms will use specific software to achieve this, but manual work will often need to be done.

Data Entry 4 – Captcha Data Entry

This is a simple way to earn a few hundred dollars per month, but it is tiresome and tedious.

Large companies often register members or employees in large batches to specific subscriptions or services. However, they are unable to get past the Captcha authorization, as this is a manual requirement. They have software to complete the remainder of the registration, but require people to input the Captcha figures.

This is something that can be done from home, and you will use software provided by the company you’re working for.

Data Entry 5 – Payroll Data Entry

All employers require somebody to organize employees’ salaries. Not only that, they need an honest and trustworthy person to achieve this.

As a payroll data entry operator, your tasks will be to manage company employees, along with their employee or identification number. You will also track each employee’s hours worked, check disbursements and deductions, and create reports from the required software.

Rather than just entering data, your position is dealing with private information, hence the need for somebody that is trustworthy.

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Final Thoughts

Working for yourself is a wonderful option, even more so since people went into lockdown. You can get a data entry job as a freelancer, which offers you the flexibility to work for several different companies.

So if you’re short on work and are looking for some extra money, try one of these data entry options. Some data entry jobs don’t even require experience.

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