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What Niche is Most Profitable for Affiliate Marketing


The reason most people enter the blogging landscape is to create an income for themselves, a profitable website that will allow them to escape the dreaded commute to the cubicle. That’s exactly what happened to me, I needed a change and decided to start this affiliate marketing website you’re reading now, which is in one of the top 5 most profitable niches.

With so many niches to choose from when deciding what to blog about, it’s more advisable to pick a topic that interests you, but will also net you good returns. This is basically what will make it more profitable. So, what niche is the most profitable for affiliate marketing? Below are the top 5 niches that can bring in the highest earnings.

#1 Health & Fitness

What Niche is Most Profitable Health

When you consider the millions of people around the globe that are searching for ways to lose weight, get fit, diet, detox or keep healthy in general, it’s no wonder that the health and fitness industry is the most profitable. Keeping fit is fundamental to our well-being and the majority of people understand this.

If you’re not lucky enough to have the metabolism that a small proportion of the population has, then you’re going to be searching for products or services that can help in this area. Whilst diets have been around for as long as I can remember, they’re as popular as ever, and there are more diet programs coming on the market all the time.

This can be an extremely lucrative niche to enter, should you have the desire and interest to compete with everyone else in that field. While it’s not easy to gain rankings in the beginning, if you follow the directions from a quality course, you will learn how to gain free organic traffic.

Something to keep in mind, is that you’re best to narrow down your niche. Here’s a list of various micro niches that you could leverage.

  • Healthy foods and diet plans
  • Fitness and training
  • Back and neck pain
  • Arthritis
  • Weight Loss
  • Skin care
  • General well-being
  • Nutritional Supplements

With loads of other sub niches in the health and fitness market, you’re basically spoiled for choice. If you think that your sub market may be limited, think again. There’s no reason that once you’ve become established in one sub-niche, that your site cannot expand into other areas. This is your No.1 most profitable niche.

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#2 Make Money Online

What Niche is Most Profitable MMO

So many people are searching for possibilities to make money online. As an acronym, this is known as the MMO niche. The online world is filled with good and bad money making opportunities, with many of these being scams. Advising people not to sign up to these scams is a legitimate and an honest method of making money yourself.

The best time to get a reader to make a purchase, is when they are searching a particular product. So it makes sense to create product reviews so readers can analyse the product in question. This doesn’t just mean physical products, it also means digital products such as courses or online programs. 

This is how you can leverage the MMO niche. People search to see if a program is legitimate or not. If you research this program, you can advise them that the program is either good, or alternatively, show them how it is not a good program, and show them to a better program. This better program will be one of your affiliates, so you will earn a commission if they sign up.

Here’s a few ideas of what to promote in the MMO niche:

  • SEO courses
  • Web design programs
  • Scams
  • eCommerce course reviews
  • WordPress design
  • Social Media courses
  • Paid Advertising courses

By starting off with several of these, you can start to build up a large content base, which Google will need to rank your website. Like all these profitable niches, they can take time to get some traction through the search engines. Don’t let this deter you though, consistency is the key with any blog.

#3 Travel & Tourism

What Niche is Most Profitable Travel

Travel has always been a popular pastime for people, it’s a passion that many of us poses. Since the era of digital technology, booking flights and hotels has not only become easier to do online, but it’s also more competitive. You can have this work to your advantage if you can convince people of the better packages available.

Lots of people enjoy writing a travel blog which covers their own travels, others focus on a particular destination to promote. This is effectively choosing a sub niche, especially if you target a specific city or state.

With more people having extra disposable income, more vacations are being booked online than ever before. It’s a great opportunity that can reap financial rewards should you learn how to blog for affiliate marketing correctly.

Again, apart from the obvious niches of various countries or cities, here’s a list of other niches that can be targeted in the travel and tourism niche:

  • Business travel
  • First class travel
  • Travel for the disabled
  • Single female travel
  • Online Travel agent
  • Sports vacations
  • Boys weekends

I’m sure you can think of loads more niches that can be directed towards a lucrative and profitable travel site. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, affiliate programs are available for just about every niche topic available. Travel and tourism is a huge opportunity. It’s possible to become your own online travel agent affiliate.

#4 Romance & Dating

What Niche is Most Profitable Romance

Ever since RSVP became a popular online dating site, many other dating websites have popped up looking to attached and connect people to each other. And it’s really taken off, with huge numbers of people applying to get hitched.

This may be because it’s so much easier and less intrusive. The days of ‘picking up’ in a nightclub are still around, but not everyone is into that kind of scene. There are more reserved people about, that find it more difficult to find a partner. Time is also an issue, with loads of people being too busy to socialise, especially single parents.

So it’s been an extremely successful niche and continues to be so. Successful often means profitable too, which it certainly does in this case.

So don’t count out a romance online business selling everything in the romantic dating niche. Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Dating sites
  • Flowers
  • Hampers
  • Spa treatments
  • Weekends away
  • Dining packages
  • Valentine’s Day

Again, there are so many more topics that would fall under the romance and dating niche. Start off small and build this into a thriving profitable online business.

#5 Food & Drink

What Niche is Most Profitable Food

How many reality cooking shows have you seen since approximately 2010? Loads hey! The same goes for cooking websites and brewery sites. These have become big business in the eCommerce and affiliate landscape.

It’s possible to purchase cases of wine, beer, spirits, along with your typical grocery shopping. These can all be leveraged through commission based systems that will net you a great income. It’s actually ironic that diets are part of the No.1 most profitable niches, but food in general is also in the top range.

Cooking websites are so popular, especially for people like me that are not very good cooks. I’m always searching how to cook different dishes, and as an affiliate marketer myself, I do notice the advertising and promotional opportunities used on these sites.

So if cooking or beer is your passion, this could be the perfect profitable blogging opportunity for you.

Other Great Profitable Niches


A huge niche that can be narrowed down to particular pets, then narrowed further to breeds of pets. There’s so much you can promote in this niche such as animal toys, food or anything else a pet store sells. You can even offer pet insurance or dog training classes.

Financial & Business

This can include investments, shares and trading. You can get into the cryptocurrency phenomenon which has taken off. Earnings from offering financial services is extremely good, especially if they are recurring and depend on the portfolio of a customer.


We all know how video games have become such a large industry, well this can also be leveraged to your advantage. Not only this, but all types of technology such as mobile phones, security systems, TV’s, software’s and much more. This is also big business.

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Wrapping Up

To be honest, if you’re just in this to make the most money possible, you probably won’t make a success of an online blogging business. Whilst money is important and can be the carrot that will be dangling on the horizon, it must not be your only motivation.

If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, what you’re writing about and how you want to spend your future years, then it will turn into failure fairly quickly. You do need a driving force to continue on your quest to make money. This can be the ideal of not sitting in a work cubicle, more time freedom or being able to work remotely from the greatest places on earth (with WiFi!). The money will come, but to keep motivated you will need motivating factors.

Don’t choose the most profitable niche just because you want more money. Think about whether you’ll be content writing about this niche for years to come. Do this right and it will turn into a long term online business that brings in a good income. So be aware about what you’ll be entering into.

Every niche can make you money, some are just more profitable than others. But you can make great earnings from even the smallest niches, because they can expand as your become more authoritative.

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