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What a question! It goes without saying that website traffic is the foundation of any online business, but it’s also one of the hardest achievements. Without visitors to your website, there’s not much of a business going on.

A portion of your visitors and readers, are the ones that will earn you money. There’s not much satisfaction in creating the best looking website, having pumped money into it, only to achieve a handful of visitors per day.

So, you need to think about how these visitors are going to find your website, and if you intend paying to get those visitors. There’s an enormous audience out there, but there’s also millions of websites vying to capture that audience.

I’m going to give you a few recommendations and on the best way to get website traffic, and how you can go about it. Not every website is the same though, and many sites target different audiences. So you’ll have to decide which is going to be best for your situation.

If you’re a blogger though, which is what I mostly focus on here, the first option is going to be your cheapest, most sustainable and consistently targeted traffic.

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That ‘Scary’ Word – Content

Content Will Get Your Ranked

My God….. don’t you just shudder at the word content! Well you shouldn’t, and if you do, you better get over it…quickly.

Writing website content is going to be the core of your online business. You cannot just add flashy images and expect to rank in the search engines. It doesn’t work that way. Ranking highly in Google and the like, is the main point of writing content.

When you search a term in Google, you’re looking for information relating to that term, aren’t you? If you then click on a result that has appeared on page 1, you expect a clearly written answer with attached images to explain in a little more detail.

So, this is what you need to present to your audience.

You Need to Produce Clear Content

You’re content doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to get your message across clearly. Not many people write the perfect article, as much as we try. If you were to keep reading over it, and perfecting it, you could be editing it for a week or more.

That’s not going to help you get lots of content for the search engines to crawl. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to create a featured post of 5k-10k words, Google will love that. But having a consistent output is also beneficial.

Consider this, having 300-400 posts all ranked and directing your visitors to your promotional material. Or having 10 great posts in the same category. It’s awesome that these great posts will get you traffic but so will the smaller ones of between 1k-1.5k words. After all, you found this post didn’t you.

So lets say 50% of your articles make it to page 1 for the keywords you’re using. Can you imagine the amount of visitors you’ll start to get with hundreds of well written posts.

Now, it goes without saying that you need to use a keyword tool, and an SEO plugin to help with your ranking, so make sure to do this.

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Make Sure Keywords Are Included

Keywords are a critical component of your writing endeavours. You don’t need to use a focus keyword too many times like you did many years ago. The concept is to find a good ‘low hanging fruit keyword’ that has low competition. Jaaxy is a good keyword tool to find these keywords.

Preferably, you’ll place your keyword in the title of your article, if the title makes sense. Experts suggest that since 2017, you only need to place this keyword in the first or second paragraph, and then maybe once more in your article.

Any more than this and Google may consider it ‘keyword stuffing’. This can earn you a penalty and a drop in rankings. So use keywords wisely, and generally write your article as if you’re talking to a friend.

Reviews Get Noticed

People are always on the lookout for reviews of products or services before they make a purchase. It’s only natural to seek an opinion before departing with your hard earned cash. So, if you can be their expert reviewer, then they may use your ‘call to action’ to purchase an affiliate product.

You’re probably thinking, ‘I can’t purchase every product I review’, and you’d be correct. In fact if you did purchase every product, you’d not only go broke, you’d only be giving your own opinion.

Instead, I like to reviews product in 3 ways.

  • View other reviews
  • Check Q & A’s
  • Browse support requests

When you view other peoples reviews on a product, you’ll be getting more of a broad spectrum of opinions, which will be better balanced view. If you only describe your own opinion, whilst it’s perfectly correct, you may miss a feature that you didn’t appreciate was available, or you just have no experience with the type of product.

Q & A’s (questions and answers for those unsure!), are also a great way to get advice from the manufacturer, or other people who have bought a product. This information including comments, feedback, & ratings, is readily available on most Amazon products along with positive and negative reviews.

Don’t just promote great products either. People are after a balanced view, so make sure you’re giving a range of products, and tell them if a product has poor reviews or flimsy features.

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Explanation Tutorials

Guides and tutorials are a great way to gain traffic through content. I do a few on this site, like how to debug for Facebook posting. These are explanatory posts helping guide your visitors to solve a problem.

There’s no point just writing for the sake of writing, with no end point in mind. Find a problem that people are having difficulty with, and write a guide on how to fix this problem, with a step by step tutorial to the solution.

This is what will give you more authority, and search engines certainly like this sort of post. They can rank very well, and gain many visitors through this content strategy.

Whats the Best Way to Get Website Traffic - Guide

Video & Audio

Not only can you add video and Podcasts to your website, they can also gain you traffic from external sources. Uploading podcasts to iTunes with a link to your website in the script, will get you more traffic should your podcast be of value.

Video is huge and creating these to upload to Vimeo or YouTube with a link back to your website will do no harm at all. Embed the video into your posts, and you’ll also get a better SEO score from you know who!

I’ve mentioned this in other posts and I’ll say it again for those that haven’t picked up on it. The longer you can keep your readers on your web-pages, the better ranking you’ll get. So, video is a strategy that can do just that.

Will Social Media Gain Traffic

If you have a reasonable following on social media, this can play a large role in gaining traffic traction. Although its possible to do affiliate marketing without a website, the majority of marketers do have a website that their business relies heavily upon.

Adding links in your social media description on your Fan Page posts, or YouTube videos, will direct your readers in the direction of your website. Although this is a different method to the SEO option through great content, the links to your web posts will help via backlinks. And this will give you a little SEO juice to boost those website rankings.

What About Advertising

Of course advertising will help with gathering traffic to your website, but how much are you prepared to pay for these visitors? Especially as a new online business, when starting out you don’t have that money to splash about on advertising.

This form of visitor attraction is also a steep learning curve. It’s one thing to advertise, it’s another thing to get potential visitors to click on those adverts.

You need to learn which audience to target, which images work best and how to script a call to action. It’s not just a matter of placing an advert on Facebook, and watching the traffic roll in. Viewers need to be triggered into clickable action.

Although I’m not totally against advertising, I just don’t think it’s worth it when starting out as a blogger or affiliate marketer. You may get some traffic to start out with and waste a few hundred dollars in the process, but the traffic will dry up unless you are making money to keep advertising, or start getting organically ranked posts.

Whats the Best Way to Get Website Traffic - Adverts

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Wrapping Up

I’m a big advocate for free organic traffic. This is the bread & butter of most online businesses via writing great content that ranks in the search engines over time. Any new venture like this takes time to establish so don’t think it’ll all come at once.

Remember, there’s millions of websites out there, all competing against each other to attract a reader’s attention. The longer you’re in the game, the more search engines will like your content. Over time you’ll rise up the rankings ladder and become an authority in your field.

Including social accounts are always going to help, as they can provide backlinks to your website. But hold on with regards to paid advertising until your business takes off financially.

If you have any questions in regards to website traffic, please don’t hesitate to leave me a message below. I will reply as soon as possible!

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