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Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate
and Why Their Model Works


The Wealthy Affiliate program is the leading affiliate marketing training platform on the internet. While loads of others have attempted to create a platform to help new people become affiliate marketers, most only offer the basics.

I’m going to explain not only who the owners of this elite platform are, but also why you should be considering this program if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer.

The Wealthy Affiliate Owners

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. The image above shows Kyle with his family on the left, and Carson with family on the right. They came together to create this platform in 2005, and the program started out as a keyword tool. This keyword tool was used to help budding affiliate marketers work on their SEO, which is the method of how website posts get ranked in search engines such as Google.

In the years since its inception, these guys have worked so hard to progress the platform, and is now the leading training platform in the industry. What splits Wealthy Affiliate apart from the rest, are a number of factors. I’ll discuss what they are below.

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Free to Get Started

Having the opportunity to try out a program before making a financial commitment is a huge bonus. The owners of Wealthy Affiliate understand this, and allow you to try all the premium features of the platform for 7 days. After this time, you can either pay to go premium, or stay on the Free membership plan.

This free membership allows you to create 2 websites, and keep them on the Wealthy Affiliate servers. Not only that, you’ll also have access to course 1 of the Entrepreneur Certification Course. You can read more about this affiliate marketing training course here, which basically get’s you started on your path to success. There are 10 lessons in this first course, each explaining various aspects of how you’ll make money, and build a successful online business.

Unlike many other programs, you will not be required to add any payment type to get started. There is no need to enter your credit card information, or other billing information. This is one of the reasons that the Wealthy Affiliate program is so successful. Kyle and Carson are so confident in their platform, they let the training, tools, features and resources speak for themselves.

There is no requirement to sign up as a premium member, although it’s advisable. You can continue as a free member and keep your 2 hosted websites.

The image below shows the dashboard inside of Wealthy Affiliate. You can see me as a premium member, and I have over 1.2k followers. I’ve clicked on the ‘Training’ section, so you can view the Online Entrepreneur Certification course. The top course ‘Getting Started’ is what you’ll receive as a free member.

Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate Inside

Integrated Tools and Resources

Unlike other programs of a similar ilk, the tools and features are unmatched. Some other programs will incorporate a keyword tool in their platform. In fact Ahrefs, who have recently come out with a training course of their own called “Ahrefs Blogging for Business”, does have the best keyword tool in my opinion, but it does cost a lot to use this tool.

Wealthy Affiliate has their own keyword checker tool, but it doesn’t stop there. Other integrated resources include the following:

  • Keyword Tool
  • Website Builder
  • Top Quality Hosting
  • Domain Purchasing
  • Domain Emails & Forwarding
  • Writing Content Platform
  • Site Comment Facility
  • Internal Website Feedback Tool
  • Live Chat
  • Weekly Live Webinars

That is a huge effort to include in a single platform. Add to this, the full internal affiliate marketing training course and Bootcamp Course for internal promotion. You can read in more detail, the resources and tools provided at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

Because these tools, features and training is so user friendly, it’s targeted mainly towards beginners to affiliate marketing. Having said that, it also expands into advanced areas such as email marketing and paid advertising. The training is video based, and explains everything in clear simple steps. Each video also has a video speed button, so you can double the speed if you’re searching for a particular topic.

In November 2020, Wealthy Affiliate released a new membership type called Premium Plus+. It’s not necessary to become a Premium Plus+ member, at least early on. It may be something that you want to think about down the track once you’ve begun making a few hundred dollars per week.

The added extras in this new membership type include more advanced hosting, more advanced training, more website availability and the most advance keyword tool. You’ll still gain access to the most up-to-date training and extremely adequate tools with the Premium membership.

The Affordable Cost

With the above integrated tools included, you’d probably expect the WA membership to cost a lot. I’ve seen some programs cost in the thousands, but WA is nowhere near that amount.

There’s 4 variations of the pricing at Wealthy Affiliate, as stated below:

  • Free
  • $49 per-month
  • Premium $495/year ($41.25 per month)
  • Premium Plus+ $995/year ($82.92 per month)

When you consider this cost to other programs, it’s not even comparable. In fact, lets say you want to give affiliate marketing 1 full year to see if this is something you want to continue with. Here’s 5 scenarios:

Wealthy Affiliate – $495 Full training (SEO, WordPress, Content, Affiliate Networks, etc), tools, hosting, website builder
Ahfers Blogging for Business – $799 SEO Training course
Online Marketing Classroom – $1497 Lifetime or $97/per month – Affiliate marketing training course
Human Proof Designs – $497 Affiliate Marketing Training
Underground SEO Secrets – $650 SEO Strategy Course

I could add lots of other examples here, but they would all be similar. Wealthy Affiliate is the cheapest by a long shot, and includes much more value.

I won’t hide the fact that this is an online annual fee should you wish to stay with Wealthy Affiliate. But within a year, you’ll either be making enough money to cover this cost, or you will have decided that it’s not for you. Either way, it’ll be a cheaper option.

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Wrapping Up

Another great point to make note of, is that Wealthy Affiliate refuse to have upsells. This is when you join a program, and they offer you extras…at an extra cost! What you see is what you get at WA. The cost is the cost, and there’s no added extras.

This is what has created trust between the members, and Kyle & Carson. Members such as myself know the value of the platform, and understand that we’re probably being undercharged for what’s included.

This is a two way deal, and they know it. By keeping the membership cost low, Kyle and Carson know there’s a good chance we’ll stay at WA. They have created this platform for us to succeed, rather than make bucket loads of money, and this is appreciated.

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