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Having reviewed several courses that are dedicated to selling your own products on Amazon, or via eCommerce using the dropshipping model, I figured it’s time I looked into Wholesale Academy by Larry Lubarsky.

Larry Lubarsky is an experienced wholesale seller, who has a fountain of knowledge for those not so familiar with wholesale for Amazon FBA selling. I’ve been privileged to have access to Larry Lubarsky’s Wholesale Academy course, and I’ll explain my thoughts below.

You’ll get a great insight into this course via this Wholesale Academy review, and will understand if the course is right for you by the time you’ve finished reading it.

So, let’s check it out.

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Wholesale Academy SummaryWholesale Academy Larry Lubarsky 400x150

Product Name: Wholesale Academy

Founder/Owner: Larry Lubarsky

Product Type: Amazon FBA Course

Price: $1,997

Wholesale Academy Pricing

Depending on whether you want to pay upfront or split your payments over 4 months, will determine the cost of the Wholesale Academy course. Here’s the breakdown:

  • One upfront cost of $1,997 in full (saving you $791)
  • 4 payments 30 days apart of $697

Clearly it will be much cheaper paying the full amount immediately, but not everyone can afford to do this. So at least there’s the option for split payments.

I am not an affiliate for Wholesale Academy, I’m just an impartial reviewer. If you’d like to sign up to Wholesale Academy, you can do so by clicking here.

What is Amazon FBA

Before committing to Larry Lubarsky’s course, you should understand what Amazon FBA is.

Let me explain simply what Amazon FBA involves, and what you will be getting an education in.

  1. Amazon hosts their own internal product shipping service, known as Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).
  2. As an Amazon seller, you can use their service (for a fee) to help with mass handling & shipment.
  3. You will purchase your wholesale products and use Amazon to store your products.
  4. Once a customer makes a purchase of a product of yours through the Amazon website, Amazon will take care of all the shipping and service details.

So as long as you’re on top of all the other details in your business, just make sure you have enough products available in your Amazon warehouse. They will look after everything beyond purchase for you.

Obviously because this is going to save you lots of time and hassle, it’s also going to cost you a decent fee for the privilege of this service.

Having said that, there’s loads of benefits such as:

  • Less hassle
  • Customer service outsourced
  • Faster shipping
  • Returns and refunds done in-house
  • Recognized name in the industry

You will need to remember that it costs money to make money, and I don’t just mean pocket change.

Managing to get all this in place so you can concentrate on sourcing products and all the more interesting stuff will cost you in the hundreds and possibly in the thousands.

This is all fine as long as you are aware of the costs involved.

A cheaper way to earn money is affiliate marketing, and you can learn and get all set up for only $50 per month. You can check this out here, and set up a free account to see what it’s all about.

Wholesale Academy FBA Course

Having gone through the Wholesale Academy FBA Course in detail, I can approve of it’s professionalism. Larry explains how it all works in fine detail and in a clear and concise manner.

The course is set out in 8 modules, as stated below:

Module 1 – Orientation

1-1 Welcome
1-2 Course Orientation

Basically, Larry will run you through how the course is going to be presented, and how to get the most from it. The course is broken into 4 sections, these being:

  • Wholesale Course
  • Online Academy
  • Continuing Education
  • Resource Library

Larry will explain these different pillars and what these components encompass.

4 Pillars of Wholesale Academy

Module 2 – Understanding The Business

2-1 Selling on Amazon 101
2-2 The Wholesale Business Model
2-3 Seller Central 101
2-4 Getting Started
2-5 What’s Next

This module will explain how to grasp what you’re about to embark on. Selling on Amazon may sound simple, but there’s a fair amount to it.

You’ll get to grips with the selling process on Amazon, the wholesale business model of selling on Amazon and how the Amazon account works in relation to Seller Central. All of this will become clear after this module.

Module 3 – Finding Profitable Suppliers

3-1 Intro to Wholesale Sourcing
3-2 Online Search
3-3 Category Filtering
3-4 Leaf Sourcing
3-5 Software Filtering
3-6 Targeting the Competition
3-7 Trade Show Lists
3-8 The Secret to Successful Wholesale Accounts
3-9 Contacting Distributors & Wholesalers
3-10 Contacting Brands
3-11 From Leads to Profits

Finding products where you can buy and flip for a profit is not as easy as it sounds, and there is an art to it. This module will teach you exactly that, along with which products can ‘possibly’ last many years

Products also need to be researched, and there’s different types of wholesalers to source your products from. You will also learn the difference between Brand/Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers, and what benefits each possess.

Module 4 – Buying The Right Products

4-1 Sourcing 101
4-2 Product Research 1
4-3 Product Research 2
4-4 Product Research 3
4-5 Product Research 4
4-6 Product Research Hack with Jungle Scout
4-7 Scanning Price Lists with Software
4-8 Scanning Price Lists with Tactical Arbitrage
4-9 Scanning Price Lists with AMZ Analyzer
4-10 Scanning Price Lists with Price Checker 2
4-11 Sourcing Tips
4-12 Placing Your First Orders
4-13 Negotiating 101
4-14 Working With Suppliers

Something that I really like that Larry says at the beginning of this module is so true. Out of the thousands of products that you have to choose from to sell on Amazon, most of them are going to suck!

This is why it’s so important to get the proper education to research the right products to sell online. This module will explain what to look at when assessing a product, and look at the numbers to make sure it will be profitable.

Module 5 – Shipping & Logistics

5-1 Amazon Shipping 101
5-2 Creating Shipments
5-3 Product Prep
5-4 Inventory Workflow
5-5 Supplier Shipping To Amazon
5-6 Working with Prep Centers

This module is designed to give you an overview of how the whole shipping and logistical process works. Processing of inventory may be different from what you expect, so this is explained in detail.

You’re going to learn about placing orders from your suppliers, why they need to be sorted, counted and inspected, and made sure they are not damaged. Although Amazon will do the packaging and shipping etc, you will have various issues to contemplate.

This involves types of packaging, types of labelling, invoicing etc.

Module 6 – Managing Your Inventory

6-1 Inventory Management 101
6-2 Keeping Track Of Your Products
6-3 Pricing and Competition
6-4 Replenishment Strategies
6-5 Replenishing your Inventory
6-6 Inventory Management Software
6-7 Inventory Health

Understanding how to keep the correct amount of inventory in stock is very important, and you’ll learn how to track this information to keep abreast of your targets.

Management in this area will hold you in good stead for a successful business.

Module 7 – Account Health

7-1 Account Health 101
7-2 Dealing with Customers
7-3 Removing Negative Feedback
7-4 Account Management

It can be possible to have your Amazon account suspended, and this is the last thing you want to have happen. Module 7 will show the best practices when it comes to advertising your products on the Amazon platform.

Customer reviews are also considered towards your Amazon credibility, and you’ll want to keep this in good order. Tips for this are provided in this lesson.

Module 8 – Growing Your Business

8-1 How To Succeed in Wholesale
8-2 Graduation
8-3 Continuing Education

You will get to a point in your online business where you will want to progress to the bigger leagues. With larger profits and more sales comes more automation and outsourcing. This is what module 8 is all about.

Wholesale Academy Bonuses & Resource Library

The resource library in Wholesale Academy consists of 10 different checklists, loads of templates, scripts and numerous other PDF guides. There’s also a product spreadsheet with calculated fields, and supplier template.

These are not filled in mind you, they are just set up ready for you to fill in with your suppliers.

The bonus videos help with the resource library, as they display extra information on how to find suppliers using alternative methods. This includes networking and online forums.

There’s also a deep dive into product research.

Who is Wholesale Academy Best For

I believe this course is beneficial to anyone that wants to enter the industry of selling wholesale products via Amazon FBA. I will tell you straight up, it’s not simple.

You can learn this as a beginner, but you will need to be prepared to have a few thousand dollars upfront to get started. Larry Lubarsky even suggests a minimum of $3,000 to get started, and this will be on top of the course price.

I agree that this is about the right figure, and it could be a great investment. On the other hand, if you don’t apply yourself 100% and take action on the training, you could lose a lot of money.

Does Wholesale Academy Offer a Free Trial?

No, there is no free trial.

However, there is a 100% refund if you’ve followed all the training, implemented exactly what you’ve been taught, and are still not seeing results.

There’s also an entrance video explaining exactly what’s in the course. You can see this below and get an idea of Larry’s teaching style.


Would I Recommend Wholesale Academy

In a word, yes. Having said that, my preferred course to learn to sell products via Amazon FBA would be Search.Find.Buy. This is a course run by Ben Cummings, and you can often pick it up for half the cost.

As a start, I’d also recommend watching this free webinar to get an idea of this business. It’s presented by Ben’s partner Jason Fladlien.


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Final Thoughts

Starting an Amazon business can be enjoyable and extremely profitable, if you know what you’re doing. The education is out there, with several great courses to learn.

You will gain a great deal of knowledge from the Wholesale Academy course by Larry Lubarsky, he certainly knows what he’s talking about.

As I suggested earlier though, you want to have a few thousand dollars up your sleeve to get started. If not, you may want to consider a cheaper way to get started earning money online by following the affiliate marketing model.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

Eventually though, I learned how to achieve success in the online world with my own website. This website was created to show others how to do it. I direct people away from the poor opportunities and advise the good ones.

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Disclosure: Links in this post may be to our affiliates; sales through affiliate links will not cost you any more. More info at my disclaimer page

The opinions in this article are solely mine, are are not intended to offend or discriminate. All information in this review has been researched on the public domain of the internet.

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