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Can you believe the situation we’re in right now, having to distance ourselves from the general public because of a virus. Whoever would have thought it would come to this. But…it has, and many people will be losing their jobs in the not too distant future.

While this is a really bad situation for most, I’d like to explain why social distancing doesn’t bother affiliate marketers like myself. Life for me still changes in regards to shopping for essentials etc, but being concerned about my work situation is not on my mind.

We’re In Lockdown

I’m writing this article in late March 2020, so if you read this in future years, you’ll get an brief understanding of life before we went back to normal.

So here in Australia, we’ve been told that as from Tuesday 24th March 2020, my state of Victoria, along with N.S.W, will be in lock-down. Other states including South Australia and Tasmania are closing their borders. We’ve been told that we’re now social distancing.

That also means no shops open unless they are for essential items (such as supermarkets, chemists etc).

Schools will be closing and employees are told to work from home if they can. So I can only assume that some people will still be required to catch public transport, and I’d imagine train travelers will be down a huge percentage.

Where is My Office

As an affiliate marketer, my home is my office. So is the cafe, the pub and any other alfresco place I like to set up my laptop. I really enjoy the freedom of when and where I decide to work, and often I watch the world go by while typing away.

This is something I will miss, as I like to venture to various places, and explore what they have to offer. For now though, I’ll be writing at home, but nothing else will change. Except that my kids will be bugging me while I’m attempting to gather inspiration for my next article.

Because my income depends on how my website ranks, among other web traffic sources, it means as long as I still rank, people will still visit my website. What does this mean for my online business?

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Will People Still Purchase Online

Well, this could go either way, but I’m fairly sure it will go one way. I was thinking, will people still purchase products online? On the one hand, we could have lots more people losing their jobs, which means they will have less money to spend on new items.

Alternatively, people are locked away in their homes for a couple of weeks, and will be looking for something to do, to purchase or surf the web. Not everyone will lose their jobs, and there’s still lots of people cashed up.

Those working at home won’t have the restriction of a boss looking over their shoulder, so I suspect more internet sales may keep coming. Often in the workplace you may be blocked from shopping sites, so this may be an opportunity for those with the benefit of working from their homes.

We also have the fact that those in isolation will need goods and services. Delivery drivers will still be required, and as long as they are just dropping off parcels and everyone sanitizers, this can be done.

So although internet buying may rise or fall, I don’t believe it will fall. If it did, I don’t think it will be a big drop, but I’m more optimistic than that, and believe just as many sales will be made online than ever before.

Coming Out The Other Side

What will be really interesting, is what happens when everyone gets back on their feet. When people return to work, and those that lost their jobs regain new ones. When they have more disposable income and realize that working from home is a realistic option.

Can you imagine what is going to happen when all is good with the world again, and it will happen. It may take a couple of months, it may take 6 months, but it will happen.

I for one are looking forward to this moment already, and will be preparing for when it happens.

Social distancing doesn’t bother affiliate marketers like myself because we can work at home anyway, and nothing significant changes. Income will continue flowing, and I will still be working on my website.

We’re prepared for any pandemic or other catastrophe like a recession. As long as the internet is working, affiliate marketers are in prime position.

What Does This Mean For You

If you’re not an affiliate marketer and you have no desire to make money online, then this article doesn’t really mean much. However, I’d like to point out the opportunity that can be missed for those that are interested in online wealth, and/or an online career change.

If you were to begin an affiliate marketing website on the side now, you could be making money when everything gets back to normal, maybe even before that.

There are so many benefits to affiliate marketing that you may not even realize, with freedom of being tied to your job the biggest in my opinion. However, this awful virus has just proven to me that affiliate marketing is also pandemic proof.

If you’d like to learn how to make this change, read this article about starting affiliate marketing from scratch.

Keep safe everyone, and keep your social distance.

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