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We’ve all heard about the dreaded coronavirus and how it’s impacting lives everyday. As more people contract the disease, more and more companies and organizations are taking precautions.

So what does this mean for your employment situation? You may be asking yourself, will coronavirus affect my job, or will it just blow over (no pun intended) and workplaces will continue as usual.

Is it best to start thinking about creating your own income stream working from home, which will prepare you for any future virus outbreaks.

Each workplace is different, and various measures will be introduced to lessen the impact depending on your field of work.

You may also have questions such as, are there any precautions that I should take for coronavirus that may impact my company. I’ll touch on some of these issues that will help.

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The Current Impacts of Coronavirus

You may have various thoughts on the coronavirus and whether it’s just an overreaction. I’ve heard lots of opinions with many blaming the media for sensationalizing this virus. As they say, bad news is for good media outlets.

Whatever your thoughts are, the impacts are wide ranging. Most notably, sporting events are being cancelled or are being played in front of zero crowds. This is disastrous for sports lovers such as myself, as we require this form of entertainment in our lives.

The Australian Grand Prix has just been cancelled, which is unprecedented. NBA games have been suspended until further notice and all domestic sport in Italy has been suspended. These measures are harsh, and clearly show the seriousness in which governments and leading organizations are taking the virus threat.

Economically, share markets have taken a plunge. Latest reports show that Wall Street and the FTSE 100 have plunged on their worst day since 1987. The The Euro STOXX 600 index also fell by 11.48%, which was their worst day since it launched in 1998.

As I stated, the impacts are being felt worldwide and in so many fields of work. Before I get to how this may affect your job, I’ll explain my recent trip abroad.

International Travel

On February 17th, I took off (with my family) for the UK as I had a funeral to attend. My departure was Melbourne and the ultimate destination, London. We stopped at Singapore and Dubai on the way over, and the only sign of anything coronavirus related was a heat sensor.

Nobody was being stopped unless the sensor picked up that they had a fever.

On my return on March 3rd, two people got off the plane before everyone else to be tested for flu like symptoms. Only 10 minutes later we were all cleared to leave the plane.

My travel experience was not impacted that badly, and hopefully it remains that way.

We were advised to use hand sanitizer, which we did.

5 days after returning, I contracted, what I consider a cold. I took the day off work and got tested for coronavirus via swabs by my local GP. I then had to wait for the expected negative results to come through.

Where Is All The Toilet Paper

When I returned from this overseas trip, I was shocked to hear what had happened. Where I live in Australia, toilet paper is scarce. Supermarkets have run out of the absorbent gold, which is quite unbelievable.

People had started to panic when I was away, and as soon as somebody said we should stock up on toilet paper, loads of people did. So now those without loo paper are using garden hoses to create makeshift bidets!

Toilet paper manufacturers assure us that there’s no shortage of replenishment, but because of all the ‘sheep’ that followed this initial thought, everyone else needs to stock up as soon a toilet paper is available, because they have run out themselves. Nobody is hibernating so there’s really no need to stock up on anything. It’s ludicrous.

Luckily we bought some before leaving for overseas, otherwise we’d be in real strife. But, they better stock shelves before too long!

Coronavirus Workplace Impacts

Because I alerted my workplace of my quarantine period, they were forced to pay me personal leave. They’ve also had to create new policies regarding the coronavirus, and what measures we need to put in place.

Hand sanitizers are being placed around the office, and it’s advised not to stand immediately next to somebody and avoid close contact. Any sign of a cold or flu means you’ll be advised to stay at home.

If you can get a facemask (loads of places have run out), use one. Keep your own working area clean, and communal areas like the kitchen spotless. These are measures that most offices worldwide will be implementing until the coronavirus threat is over.

I suppose the main issue is that the coronavirus can affect elderly people badly, and most offices still employ those in their 60’s or maybe even 70’s. These people need to be looked after the most, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the more vulnerable are sent home to complete work.

In fact those that have laptops or the facility to work from home will be told to do so. This may be a catalyst for more people working from home, which has been an option for many recently anyway. But what about those that cannot work from home, should they begin thinking about it?

Future Proofing Yourself

While it’s not for everyone, lots of people are now starting to work from home. Some are working for an employer, some for themselves. If you are one of those that works in an office, you may still not have the ability to work from home because of company circumstances.

What if this coronavirus goes on for a long time, or what happens if another pandemic hits. Maybe you can start preparing to work for yourself. Now you may be thinking that you cannot possibly work for yourself, you have no entrepreneurial skills.

Well guess what, neither did I. Several years ago however, I decided that I wanted to work from home, and not line the pockets of my boss. So I learned how to become an affiliate marketer. This is something anyone can learn, and is one of the largest growing industries due to online retail booming. 

Creating a website does take a little time, and I’m not suggesting you’ll become an overnight millionaire, but it may just prove valuable when the next major incident like this occurs. I you’d like to learn how to do this, here’s your starting point.

I don’t have to worry about staff reductions because of coronavirus, as I earn good money from my blog. I’m more worried about where my next roll of toilet paper is coming from!

How Long Will Coronavirus Last

Well, it’s really hard to say. What does seem certain is that it will get worse before it gets better. The coronavirus has now reached nearly 100 countries, and with the lack of a cure, it seems many more people will contract the disease.

Avoidance seems to be the experts primary weapon against this spreading virus, but that can only last so long. It took just over 3 months to reach all the countries infected, and obviously our love of travel has contributed to this.

The SARS outbreak started in 2003, and killed almost 800 worldwide. Coronavirus has already killed nearly 5,000, so it’s certainly more serious than SARS. When will it end? I’d like to say sometime soon, but the experts don’t seem to have an answer.

Wrapping Up

I’d like to suggest that we all take a deep breath and put things into perspective. Sure, this virus is killing people everyday, but so does the general flu. We also know that Coronavirus attacks the elderly more than the young or the middle aged, so there’s no requirement to lock yourself up if you are less likely to be affected.

As far as stocking up on toilet paper or household goods, maybe take the advice from Dr. Dale Jackson, D.O., M.P.H., the director of Sparrow Hospital, Michigan. There’s no need to stock up on household items, apart from maybe your refrigerator items.

Let’s hope this pandemic doesn’t last as long as we can imagine, otherwise toilet paper could be the least of our problems.


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