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Copy My Email System Scam


It’s common for some programs to change their name, especially when they’ve been discovered as a scam. We’ll see exactly what Copy My Email System is, and if you can make any money out of this program.

I commend you for doing your research into this product before handing over any money. Although it says you can start up for FREE, you’ll discover that this is not the case. So let’s have a look and check out this Copy My Email System Scam.

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5 Reasons Not To Trust Copy My Email System
Sales Page & Huge Claims
Will You See Results With Copy My Email System
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Copy My Email System Summary

Copy My Email System Scam 500x200Product Name: Copy My Email System

Founder/Owner: “Bobby”

Product Type: Send Emails for Payment

Price: $34 (Claimed to be free)

Program Summary: In my opinion, this is a scam that has been doing the rounds under several different names. Keep away from this one.

Would I Recommend It: No

Rating: 7/100

What is Copy My Email System

I’ll start of by explaining what this system claims to be. These are going to be “Bobby’s” words, I’m just relaying what he says in the sales video when you first sign up.

So “Bobby”, is going to tell you he lives in a ridiculously huge house, has a new range rover, a Mercedes, Jaguar, and his favourite Bentley continental GT that he happened to win in an email marketing contest. He travels the world and takes lavish vacations thanks to email marketing.

He claims to be an entrepreneur, and requires your help. You see, he has an email list of millions and millions, and can’t possibly send out enough emails to everyone that requires his information. This is because email service providers have limited bandwidth, and only allow you to send to a certain number of subscribers on your list.

His email list is so big, he needs your help to send to these emails. These email service providers don’t want one guy taking up all their bandwidth sending billions of emails every month.

Bobby is just so popular, he gets thousands and thousands of email subscribers every day.

So, Bobby’s going to make you a clone of himself. He says he has the contacts to make a tone of email subscribers everyday. And he has the deals with the companies to get huge commissions everyday.

Apparently, Bobby will set you up a new free email account, and load you up with new email subscribers. He’ll give you the emails and offers to promote, and show you how to put it all together. After YOU make money, the profits will be shared between you and him.

He says he’s giving you a turnkey online business that will make you money immediately, for free. Apparently, you’ll only be required to spend 10 minutes each day sending out emails, then check your account and you’ll have money in there.

Bobby also says he’s only setting up 100 partners, and it’s only a very limited opportunity. Obviously you need to act now! Oh, and apparently, you can grab your wallet and put it in another room, you won’t be needing it.

So is this actually true, or is Copy My Email a Scam.

How Does Copy My Email System Work

Of course it’s a scam. The first thing you’ll notice is that when you attempt to sign up, you’ll be taken to a different website. The original product here is called “Instant Email Empire”, which is what you’ll be signing up to. It’s also linked to GIM System Training, they are all related. You can see below the site I was taken to when I attempted to sign up.

Copy My Email System Scam Instant Email Empire

Now if you do go ahead with this, you’ll be told it’s going to cost you a fee! Yes, I know the sales video tells you to put your wallet away, and that it won’t cost you anything. This is false, and you’ll be paying $34 to cover your fist 3 months. This will be an ongoing payment to partly cover the email responder service, which is called Builderall. The remainder of the fee will go to the owner of this product, whoever that is.

The only legitimate part of this, is that Builderall is a reasonable email service provider. But you’ll only see the members area of Instant Email Empire (or Copy My Email System).

You will also notice more email subscribers entering your members area account, along with a red monetary figure that will keep increasing. But where’s the catch you may be thinking, it all seems fine apart from the lie about payment.

Well the problem comes when attempting to cash out. By luring you in by claiming you’ll get $100 immediately upon your account creation, they fail when members want their returns. It seems whoever is behind this systems is just a con artist.

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5 Reasons Not To Trust Copy My Email System

1.Who Is Bobby?

You’ll see this English gentleman explaining how the whole process works on the sales video. He claims to be Bobby, but in fact he’s a paid spokesperson that has been offering his services on Fiverr.com.

Copy My Email System Scam Bobby

This is not unusual, as many of the scams I’ve reviewed use spokespeople from Fiverr to create testimonials. Here’s a few other scams that use the same tactic.

Million Dollar Replicator System
Viral Dollars
Secret Millionaire Bot
Bulletproof Profits

So, there is no Bobby, and you won’t know who is the real person behind this scam.

2.Multiple Complaints

Its never a good sign when the product produces complaint after complaint. Which is exactly what’s gone on with Copy My Email System, or its pseudo name, Instant Email Empire.

Multiple people have complained about the lack of customer service or contact administration. Obviously the other main complaint being the withdrawal issue. Whilst some people have made small monetary figures, even they cannot get hold of their money.
Copy My Email System Scam Complaints1

3.Who Is Instant Email Empire

So what’s happening here, is the original product called Instant Email Empire, has received so many poor reviews and complaints, that they’re now using various other storefronts to direct potential signups.

Copy My Email System is one of those storefronts that points visitors to Instant Email Empire. I clicked on the red banner below to sign up, and was taken to the IEE site to create an account.
Copy My Email System Scam Banner

4.Absolutely No Financial Commitment

What the…. Just look at this snapshot I took of the sales video above the signup banner. With the sales video claiming “NO Financial commitment on your part”, yet stating a $34 payment to get started.

Copy My Email System Scam Claim7-1

So how does that work then! Surely a program that contradicts itself like this cannot be trusted.

5.Email Bombardment

Within 24 hours, I was bombarded with over 20 emails from “Instant Email Empire”. You can check the email addresses in the image, sent to me (Nudge) below.

Copy My Email System Scam Emails1

Whether I went through with setting up my account or not, I’d be receiving these emails. I have a test email account to test products like this, so these will all be deleted. I’d urge you not to pass over your everyday email address. Instead use a secondary email, unless you enjoy spam!

Sales Page & Huge Claims

The sales page is attempting to lure you into this email sending scam, by having “Bobby” illustrate the wealth he’s apparently accumulated. This is all false, as I’ve explained earlier, with Bobby not being the legitimate owner of Copy My Email System.

You’re going to be told that you’ll receive $100 just for signing up. Well, you’ll see a figure of $100 in your members area, but you won’t be able to access it.

Bobby is also only allowing 100 people into this system. This is a scarcity tactic used by many marketers to make you sign up immediately. The scam has been going for many years now under various names, and way more than 100 people have been conned. Do you really think they’d limit this to 100 if they’re making money out of you!

Now, About The Emails

Where are all these email addresses coming from. Bobby never discloses where they are coming from, or which website people are signing up to. So how do you know they are legitimate.

I believe he purchases these emails for a small fee, and disperses them to your account. The problem with this of course, is they are not targeted emails. Nobody gives out there email address these days unless they are interested in what a product or service has to offer.

It’s possible to buy email lists that are generic. Which means you’re sending Bobby’s emails out to people with no interest in what’s being offered. It’s no wonder the complaints suggest nobody is clicking on the linked emails.

Will You See Results With Copy My Email System

I’m my opinion, you will not make any money if you sign up to Copy My Email System. This is a scam that’s been doing the rounds under several different banners. Even if your members area account suggests you have money accumulated in there, the chances of being able to withdraw are very slim.

Is There Support for Copy My Email System

Not that I completed the signup process, because I’m not paying $34 to get scammed, I believe the support to be non-existent.

Having thoroughly read the related reviews, it seems that nobody is getting back to anyone who has an issue. A number of reports states they offer more training. I’ve seen this tactic before, it’s an automated response which is not replying to personal issues.

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My Verdict

You’ll have got the impression that I’m not a big fan of Copy My Email System, which is correct. I don’t like seeing people scammed out of their money, that they’ve usually worked hard for.

This system has been setup to lure in unsuspecting victims, to help earn the creator money. I have a better idea, how about you learn the art of setting up your own ethical online website. A site that can earn you commissions as you promote legitimate company’s products.

It’s called affiliate marketing, and involves creating your own asset, being YOUR website. This is what I do, and it’s a legitimate way to make money online. You can read my step by step guide to affiliate marketing here, which covers the basics of how the process works.

In a nutshell, here’s the idea:

  1. Create website
  2. Choose niche
  3. Write helpful articles within chosen niche
  4. Learn to rank articles in search engines
  5. Join affiliate programs and/or networks
  6. Add affiliate links to promotions within articles
  7. Visitors click affiliate links – then taken to merchant website
  8. Product gets purchased
  9. You make a commission

This is a simple yet popular way to make money online, and is only becoming more prominent. More and more companies are seeing the power of using affiliate marketers to promote their goods and services. Think about it, how many products are being sold online?

It’s not only desktop PCs where people make purchases, mobile devices are the more popular choices amongst consumers. This makes the affiliate marketing model a very sustainable business model, that will last long into the future.

Wrapping Up

Products such as Copy My Email System are unethical, and has been exposed as a scam. I urge you not to get sucked into any program similar to this. There are much more viable options out there to make money online.

Another great opportunity is to create your own online store, and use the drop shipping model. This has also become a very well known method, which can make some very good profits.

There’s a few major differences between affiliate marketing and store ownership. I chose the affiliate marketing model, but store ownership certainly suits many other people.

You may consider selling products on Amazon, another successful online money making method.

All these options require a learning curve, which can be studied via some very good courses. Without the correct knowledge, it’s like shooting in the dark. It can take years through learning from your own mistakes, so your best option is to get the correct education from the start.

If you’ve been scammed by Copy My Email System or any other unethical product, feel free to tell us in the discussion area below.

Like many people, I struggled in my early attempts to make money online. It's really frustrating when you try product after product, searching for that elusive opportunity that is really genuine.

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