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One of the biggest income sources for an affiliate marketer, is the promotion of large events and celebrations globally. But how do you know when all these events are scheduled? You need some sort of…world celebrations calendar.

Having the knowledge at hand of knowing exactly when each event is due to commence, is something all of us require, to set ourselves up for a bumper promotion period.

Without this information, you’d be losing a great source of income for a holiday period or grand event sale. If you’re not aware of the big promotions in other countries, you’ll miss out on commissions that others will be earning from.

So join in, get educated in all the global promotion periods, and benefit from their sales and events. Here’s how you can go about this.

Why You Require an eCommerce Calendar

Preparing for a large sales period such as Xmas or Black Friday, takes a little planning and organisation. It’s not enough to think about it the night beforehand and send a few Tweets out.

This is where an e-commerce calendar can help you out with knowing when these events are coming up. Globally, there are many events that you cannot be expected to remember, but will continue on without you regardless.

You may as well leverage as many sale events as possible, to gain commissions from endless amounts of these celebrations. There’s no point leaving money on the table when these sales are available for you to access.

A schedule to remind you of when each of these promotional opportunities is about to commence, is a crucial part of an affiliate marketers arsenal. As they say, ‘knowledge is power’ and this gives you the power to promote.

Where You Can Get Your FREE eCommerce Calendar

I recently came across a new payment system to receive my affiliate commissions. This same company called Payoneer, sends me information from time to time, don’t they all!

They did send me something of real value that I constantly use, it’s their e-commerce calendar. You can access the e-commerce calendar here.

This calendar provides value in a number of ways. The first great thing is, that it’s not just targeted towards the USA. This is a global calendar that users across the world can take advantage of. So don’t be blinkered towards your own country, there’s plenty of other opportunities out there.

Another great feature of this e-commerce calendar, is that it gives you reminders that a promotional event is about to take place. If you tick off your calendar day by day, you’ll come across valuable information related to upcoming sales or special sales periods. This gives you an indication of when to start promoting for the big day.

Now, this is not my calendar to give away, so I can only show you a snippet as a previous example from 2019.

world celebrations calendar - example

The calendar is also color coded, so you can differentiate between actual events and sale dates, and tips of information on when to start promoting these special dates.

You’ll get a full calendar of promotional events, and also a reminder to download the following years calendar when you offer your email. I often don’t like passing my email to just anyone, but this is worth it. Yep, this is a beauty that is totally free..

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The Top 3 Promotional Periods of the Year

I’d imagine you can probably guess the top 3 promotional periods f the year, but I’m going to confirm it for you anyway. Here’s the biggest 3 opportunities for you to ramp up your promotional activities and rake in the dollars.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Although the origin of Black Friday is debatable, there’s no doubt of the popularity of the event. Thought by many to have been called Black Friday describing the the crowds and traffic congestion around Thanksgiving, and leading into the Xmas shopping period , Black Friday itself has become the biggest sales event of the year.

This has always been a USA sales event, but in recent years, other countries have caught on, and want a piece of the profits pie. Although this day means nothing where I live in Australia, the shopping centres are now promoting this as they do in the States.

With the explosion of Black Friday online global sales, this gives affiliate marketers the opportunity to promote in so many places. It also means that your website that promotes Black Friday, is not irrelevant when someone visits from another country.

So, use Black Friday and promote the hell out of it.

Christmas / Boxing Day

I think we all know the potential that Christmas can give us, which is why it also makes this list. Although the sales are not that good (all the good immediately sales are after Xmas), everyone has to purchase products which makes it perfect for marketing.

The sales period is extremely long, longer than it used to be. When I was growing up, Xmas trees didn’t go up in stores until late November, now they go up in early October, well before even Halloween.

So your commission potential is expansive, due to the length of time the lead up to Xmas runs for.

world celebrations calendar - retail

Mother’s Day / Fathers Day

This is one of those anomalies that don’t come around too often. How cool is it that you get multiple opportunities to promote the same events! You may not understand what I mean, so let me explain.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are on different dates in different countries. So imagine the potential you have when you can promote each of these sales, multiple times.

These two days are traditionally extremely large selling days anyway, as most people start off with a mother and father. The majority of the population still have parents to buy for on these days, so the retail sales period is a bumper time.

These 3 sales periods should be forefront on your promotions list. Obviously you’ll have many other opportunities to earn commissions from large events such as Super Bowl Sunday, Valentines Day, St.Patrick’s Day or Halloween.

This Plugin Will Help Your Promotions

So, apart from writing content to get your promotions seen via your SEO efforts, how else can you get promotions in front of your readers? The majority of your website traffic (certainly the organic way I teach it here), will come via individual posts.

Visitors don’t generally end up on your homepage unless they’ve been searching for your site directly. So as an example, if you are getting visitors to your site through a well written blog post about cheese, how are you going to promote the great promotional deal you have on wine?

You could add a link to direct them to the landing page about wine, or alternatively, get a great little promotions pop-up like I use. You may have seen it before, possibly not. In the bottom right corner of my website, I promote great offers when they are become available. I can help out my readers by doing this, and also make commissions for myself concurrently.

By using the pop-up plugin, I don’t have to hope that my readers see a small link directing them to an advertising page. Any reader will immediately see it when they land on my website.

Promotions Scheduler Plugin

This is a paid plugin but it’s not that expensive. At the time of purchasing, it cost me $18 USD, and has been worth every cent. If you’d like to also use this plugin, you can find the Promotions Scheduler Plugin here.

Using the plugin is also very simple. It’s just a matter of adding a promotion, supplying an image to use and providing a link. This is really beneficial because you can add affiliate links to direct your visitors straight to an offer.

The image below shows how easy it is to begin a promotion. Simply fill in a few fields and you’re done.

world celebrations calendar promotion scheduler

Once your promotion is added, you can modify various settings. Choose which corner of the screen you’d like your pop-up to display, a dark or light theme and an animation effect for when the promotion appears.

For the cost of this secret plugin, it’s certainly been worthwhile for my website.

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Wrapping Up

Celebratory events and sales are a dream for any affiliate marketer or online store owner. Keeping up with all these dates is not easy which is exactly why downloading the e-commerce calendar is an ideal solution to remembering when to promote events, and upcoming campaigns.

Some of these events are gold mines, and missing out on them would be a big mistake. This PDF download will identify all the top global sales dates for you, getting you geared up for a great sales period.

Using a plugin such as ‘Promotion Scheduler’ is only going to help your cause. To have the ability to get major promotions in front of anyone that visits any post on your website, is an opportunity that can only help increase sales and commissions.

At the very least, you should be making sure that you promote Black Friday, Xmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These are ideal opportunities to harness the power of affiliate marketing.

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