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My No.1 Recommended Platform For Beginners to Make Money Online

Before I Begin – Imagine One Year From Now

Before I became a successful affiliate marketer, I wasted years searching for an online opportunity that would make me money quickly. Don’t be like me, because those opportunities don’t exist, and I just wasted a few years of my life. I found Wealthy Affiliate, and learned the correct way to a new online career. Just imagine where you will be in one year from now if you join our community. My advice, take action or you’ll be still searching for that get rich quick opportunity this time next year.

A Thorough Review

I expect you’ve landed on this page because you’ve been searching for a way to learn how to make money via affiliate marketing, whether it actually works, and if your need a website to get started? Well, if you read on, I’ll show you why I’ve go the “affiliate marketing and website” solution for you.

Well, you can kill two birds with one stone at Wealthy Affiliate. They are an all-in-one solution and I’ll show you why.

I’m going to share with you my insightful opinion of Wealthy Affiliate and all they have to offer to date. I say ‘to date’ because they are always looking to improve the program in some shape or form.

I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since August 2014 and their platform has given so many people the opportunity to create an online business for themselves. You’re here because YOU want to know if they can provide the solution to your online aspirations.

I’ll give you all the information you need to know in regards to cost, features, support and more. So let’s begin.

affiliate marketing and website solution kyle carsonWho Are They: Wealthy Affiliate

Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate: Kyle & Carson

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Membership: FREE to start / $49 per month (single) / $39 per month (6 months) / $29 per month (yearly)

Training Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0

Support Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

Available Tools Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0

Membership – Free v Premium

There are 2 levels of membership at Wealthy Affiliate. The Free membership is what is recommended to begin. You can get started and have access to some of the premium membership features for the first 7 days.

As I’ll mention below in the training, you can go through the first 10 lesson course and create a website with the website builder. This is all included in the free membership.

The great thing is, you can even keep your website if you decide not to go premium. Yeah!

Here’s an image to give you an indication of what’s included in each type of membership.

The other awesome thing to note, is that you won’t require a credit card to sign up. Unlike other programs that attempt to gain access to your credit card details and automatically add future payments unless you opt out! That doesn’t happen at WA.

You will also NOT be annoyed by any up-sells. The cost is the cost, no added extras unless you decide to buy a domain name down the track. I hate nasty surprises like that!

I’m going to run through many of the features offered at Wealthy Affiliate to give you an idea of detail they provide.

But just to give you an idea of how much they value their premium members, the cost of this program was $359 per year in 2005, it remains the same price today! However, in 2005 they only offered a keyword tool. Just look at what’s included now!

The Training – Step-By-Step and Up-to-Date

There are 5 sections of training here and each are extensive. The initial place to start is with the ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’ courses which you can see below. Navigation to this section is easy via clicking on the ‘Training‘ tab in the list.

affiliate marketing and website solution course

This ‘Getting Started‘ course is FREE for any new members to Wealthy Affiliate. In here you’ll learn the process of affiliate marketing, how to create your website (using the Wealthy Affiliate website builder) adding content to your website, getting it all setup for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and learn how keywords are going to help you on your journey.

It’s a brilliant introduction to show you just how to build a website to make money.

Once you’ve completed the course, it’s your call whether to continue by joining up as a premium member or not.
You can keep the free membership including your website, but you’ll be on your own in terms of support. Not bad for no cost though!

If you decide to progress to phase 2, ‘Content, Keywords and Conversions’, you’ll be presented with another 10 lessons of more in-depth tutoring. Here’s what some of the members had to say about phase 2.

affiliate marketing and website solution training3

The 10 lessons of Phase 2 comprise the following.

  1. Creating Readable Content that Converts
  2. Properly Using affiliate Links
  3. Understanding Keywords & A Day of Selling
  4. Creating Reviews and Using Targeted Keywords
  5. Take a break, catch up (okay, not an actual lesson but it’s good to have a break!)
  6. Backing Up Your Website
  7. Enhancing Your Website “Experience”
  8. Building MORE Content Through Internal Links
  9. Write a Review and Share It
  10. Offering Bonuses the Easy WA

With 3 more Phases to complete the ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’ phases, you’ll be very familiar with how all this comes together. You’ll build up and fill out your website as you go along the training.

This way, by the time it starts to get ranked in the search engines, your website will be more authoritative and credible.

You will have a good amount of content with ranking factors, otherwise known as ‘Google Juice’.

The 5 Phases of lessons are known as:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. Making Money!
  4. Mastering Social Engagement
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

So, part of this course involves building an actual website. Wealthy Affiliate helps you out with this in the next section.

Website Building – The Complete 5-Click Solution

Often the thought of taking on a new challenge can be daunting, especially when it comes to digital technology. But if you think that building a website is going to be out of your depth, think again.

All types of people have done this and have crafted a website for themselves with the help of a website builder. I know retirees and tradesmen that have accomplished this, which means YOU can also achieve success.

Building a website within Wealthy Affiliate is more fun than it is intimidating. You’ll be directed through a 5 click process, which will then build the website for you. All you need to do after this is create great content.

The website build process goes like this.

  1. Choose between a Free domain or a domain you own.
  2. Nominate the domain you own or type the name of your new domain.
  3. Give your website a title.
  4. Choose a theme for your website.
  5. Select ‘Click Here to Build This Site’ to have your website built.

Do you need proof of how easy it is to build a website? Check out the video below.


So, how long did that take?


Building a website is crucial to any affiliate marketing aspirations. The process can be made so much easier with a free website builder like this.

This is to be a fun journey to change your career or build a side hobby. It doesn’t need to be made difficult by doing things the hard way.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting – Speed & Power Beyond

Any blogging beginner should sign up to the Wealthy Affiliate program just for the hosting! Most hosting carriers out there charge between half and three quarters of the total Wealthy Affiliate cost.

Yet you’ll get so much more here. There are 3 keys additions that WA hosting give you.

  1. Site Speed
  2. SiteSSL (HTTPS)
  3. SiteProtect (Spam Blocker)

Who doesn’t want more speed when it comes to site loading times! You’ll find proprietary WA technology to give your website more speed without the use of plugins. A quicker to load website means better rankings and less visitors leaving your site.

Security is essential and with SiteSSL, you’ll be able to keep your data safe. Your website will have the all important secure padlock symbol and include ‘https’ in the browser. Search engines are going to favour your website with this.

Spam can be very hard to control and often you’ll find that spam plugins will not pick up all emailed spam to your website. Wealthy Affiliate uses SiteProtect at the server level to block all incoming spam mail.

affiliate marketing and website solution speed

The quality of the hosting is extremely powerful. You can read about some much need perspective on WA hosting but you’ll find that you’ll pay way more elsewhere.

Not to mention that the following is all included:

  • Free SSL on all sites hosted
  • Full Redundancy (100% backed-up to the minute)
  • Highly optimised hosting platform
  • The freedom to MOVE websites from one domain to another
  • Daily back-ups included
  • 24/7/365 SiteSupport
  • The Ability to fire up FREE Websites on demand
  • Personal website monitoring and maintenance
  • Resilient Bruteforce and DDOS protection

The list goes on. Comment spam management, automated recovery process and fully integrated to work best with WordPress websites. I’d say they’re the best hosting provider for WordPress that I’ve come across.

You’ll find some of the big hosting companies such as Hostgator or Bluehost will offer you cheap hosting, but there’s a reason for that. They put you on a server with thousands of other domains, which in turn slows your site down.
So yes, the hosting at WA competes with the best out there.

Website Manager – Keeping Your Websites Organised

The Free membership offers you 2 websites and the Premium gives you up to 50. I don’t know how you could manage 50 websites but they’re available should you require them.

Actually it’s nice to have the option of an extra website for experimenting with plugins or minor pieces of code.

Anyway, keeping your websites in order and being able to access and login to them from the Wealthy Affiliate interface makes organisation simple. As you can clearly see below, each website is listed in order, with details indicating how healthy each website is.

affiliate marketing and website solution websites progress

It’s also possible to go more in-depth with site details to find how you can improve the health of your website. Although this is only an indication, it will help you keep an eye on important details.

You can also access many of the features that help with your website ranking here such as Site Comments or Site Feedback. I’ll touch on those soon.

Site Domains – The All Inclusive Solution

You’re going to really like the fact that 2 free websites are available here, which includes 2 free domains. However, this IS a free membership so there’s a small catch to the domains you’ll be given.

Not that it’s a big deal but there will be a .siterubix extension on the domain name. This will in no way affect the way your website will be ranked or viewed in the search engines.

I find this initial domain is a perfect cheap way to learn how the online world all comes together. Use your first free domain to learn and practice, then purchase a better domain down the track for perfection.

affiliate marketing and website solution domains

It’s also possible to transfer a domain that you bought elsewhere. You can see this in the image above.

You can purchase .com domains through Wealthy Affiliate and they all include ‘whois’ privacy. This is great as you won’t be bombarded with overseas website developers asking you to use their services.

**Learn How to Pick a Domain Name That Pops**

You’ll be learning how to build a website yourself anyway, you won’t require help from outside sources.

Once you’ve bought a domain you can simply setup an email address for this domain or have a new email address for the new site forwarded to your personal email address.

This is an ideal solution so you won’t need to keep logging into a different email account.

affiliate marketing and website solution email

Clearly you may be realizing by now that this is an all-in-one solution to have your website hosted at the same location where all the best available affiliate marketing training is. But lets not stop here, there’s lots more!

WA Support – Prompt Help When You Need It

You’ll find many different kinds of support within Wealthy Affiliate such as the following:

Site Support – The site support at WA is amazing. Instead of waiting hours for a technician to reply to my issues like other hosting companies, the site support here usually get back within 15 minutes.

In fact most times they get in touch with me under 5 minutes. It’s easy to navigate to the Site Support section and send them a request.

Community– There is an amazing large community at Wealthy Affiliate that can help solve many problems. Many of these members have worked their way to ‘Ambassador’ status through their help and internal training.

Private Message– If you’re uncomfortable with adding to a discussion about a topic, you can private message any WA member to ask them direct. This includes the owners Kyle & Carson, Jay who presents the live training, Ambassadors or any other member of the community.

Live Chat – At any time of day you can check the live chat section to see what topics are being discussed. If you require an immediate answer to a question, this is a great place to start. Type in a question and a green alert flag will appear showing everyone a new question has been submitted.

Ambassadorship Program – Become a Great Help to Others

Helping others achieve greatness in their affiliate marketing endeavours can be a great thrill. There are many members in the Wealthy Affiliate community that thrive on giving back the knowledge they have learned.

There is an algorithm within the WA program to reward those that have helped others. Here’s an image of the top 10 ambassadors as of August 2018.

affiliate marketing and website solution ambassadors

You do not need to seek ambassadorship although every member has this opportunity. Most members start out with little knowledge but progress so much that they feel obliged to pass on that knowledge to others. This could be through more elaborate training or great website additions such as plugins that could benefit some.

For these ambassadors, it’s nice recognition for the help they give back.

Keyword Research Tool – The Key to Reaching Page 1

SEO is the predominant method of achieving success at Wealthy Affiliate as it’s achievable without costing anything and is organic. The way to the top of search engine rankings is by using keywords, and allowing Google and co to find and boost your posts with these keywords.

For instance, you craft an article with the keyword ‘big black dog’ in the title. This is the meat of your post about big black dogs. Search engines pick up where and how you’ve placed this keyword in your post,  and if you’ve included it in meta data or image tags. Don’t worry, you’ll learn all this!

Now, Wealthy Affiliate has their own keyword tool to help you find great keywords that have little competition and a high chance of reaching the top pages in Google.

You’ll also be able to track your keywords and see where you’re placed for that keyword on your website. Just another powerful tool that will lead to your success as an affiliate marketer. Try it out for yourself below.


Live Weekly Classes – Interact Live with Jay

If you think by now that there’s already enough training, you’d be correct. But you can never have too much knowledge which is why every Friday evening (U.S. time) a live training session is held.

This is run by a guy named Jay (magistudios) who is part of the Wealthy Affiliate team. Each live training session runs for approximately an hour an there’s a Q & A session at the end.

affiliate marketing and website solution live

Any premium member can join in the live training session straight from the members area. If you’re logged in, an alert will appear notifying you a training session is taking place. 

One of the additional enhancements that has recently been applied to any video at Wealthy Affiliate, it the speed of which video’s can be played back. Some videos are a little drawn out. This is good in one way, so that newbies can understand in a timely manner.

However, other members want to get to the point a little quicker. So, this feature that you can see in the image below allows you to quicken the video up to twice as quick as the original. I can also be slowed down for those members that need a little more time to process what is being taught.

affiliate marketing and website solution x

Affiliate Programs

At the beginning of May 2019, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate incorporated a new part of the platform, called Affiliate programs. This is a huge initiative in the WA platform, because it allows you to search affiliate programs in any niche that you’re interested in. You’ll also be able to manage these affiliate programs that you join, and store your affiliate links for each.

As you can see from the image below, you can filter the search results to find the exact affiliate program you’re after.

affiliate marketing and website solution affiliate program

No other affiliate marketing course has a facility that can do this. The integrated tools such as this, make this platform second to none.

When you find an affiliate program that you’d like to promote, you can see more information about it by clicking on the program icon. As you can see below, you’ll be given a link to join the program, program metrics such as commissions, an area to store your affiliate links, follow the program so that it’s stored for easy access, and you can write a review to help other affiliate marketers out.

affiliate marketing and website solution affiliate program single

So now there’s no need to go searching affiliate marketing programs in Google, and browsing through endless pages to find what you’re looking for. Then having to join an affiliate network, just to see the commission details. All the information is displayed right in front of you.

Site Content – Preparing Your Blogs for Success

You can choose to create the content for your website from the WordPress dashboard which is the obvious place to write it. But Wealthy Affiliate makes it easier by incorporating a Site Content area where you can write all your posts.

What are the benefits of this you may be thinking? I’m glad you asked!

Whilst writing your article you’ll have access to a word count, spell checker and keyword count. Images also play a huge part in your articles and Wealthy Affiliate have joined forces with some of the largest free image websites. This helps you as there’s an image integration tool, for adding free to use images on your website without copyright.

affiliate marketing and website solution content

You can access any other tools that WordPress offers such as headings, links, fonts etc. Once your ready, simply publish your article as a post or page.

Website Engagement – The Extra Boost You Require

One of the great SEO ranking factors is having people comment on your articles. Obviously the intention is to create targeted content that your visitors will engaging in. But you can use the Site Comment section to earn comments for yourself.

If you make engaging comments on other members websites, you’ll earn credits to ask for comments on your website.

affiliate marketing and website solution comments

Another tool you can leverage is the Site Feedback facility. This is also controlled by credits that you can earn by offering comments or feedback of other members websites.

Just another couple of great tool to boost those rankings and help others at the same time.

Affiliate Bootcamp – Make Wealthy Affiliate Pay for Itself

If I haven’t proved to you yet that this is the greatest educational and promotional program of it’s kind then you’re going to enjoy what I’m about to tell you.

How would you like to get all this including hosting, websites, training, support and everything else, for only a couple of dollars per month! Well, listen up.

Click this button below to view the commissions for each premium member that you direct to Wealthy Affiliate.

If you direct 1 visitor to Wealthy Affiliate and they sign up as a premium member, Wealthy Affiliate will pay you $23.50.

Think about this for a moment. Send 2 visitors that sign up and you’ll virtually pay for your monthly membership!

This is one of the most rewarding commission structures available, and the kicker is that the payments are recurring. You’ll receive this payment for every month that person is a premium member.

The only exclusion being the first month where there is a discounted rate for the sign up. Any member that signs up only pays $19 for the first month, so as an affiliate you’ll receive $8. 

One last incentive for you. If you implement the training as instructed, you’ll become a great affiliate marketer. This gives you the opportunity to capture WA referrals.

If you refer a certain number of referrals in one year, you can join the owners at the end of year Wealthy Affiliate conference in Las Vegas, all expenses paid!

Don’t believe me! Check out this video from 2017.

Here’s a snapshot of inside the 2019 Wealthy Affiliate conference.

So, to get an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, you’ll have to work your but off, but it can certainly be done.


Testimonials – Why Anyone Can Be Successful

Not every member at Wealthy Affiliate becomes a success and there’s a good reason for this. The main reasons people don’t succeed comprise of the following:

  • Lack of desire
  • Lack of effort
  • Lack of patience
  • Lack of following the training

On the other hand, follow the training, be determined and patient enough for all your articles to rank and you’ll be giving yourself every chance of success.

Making money on the internet can be achieved by anyone but there’s no magic bullet. You’ll be required to invest in yourself and learn how to do it the correct way. Joining a program like Wealthy Affiliate will give you the greatest education possible and show you exactly how to get there.

The following is just a snapshot of the success stories that members have posted.

affiliate marketing and website solution test11

affiliate marketing and website solution test9

affiliate marketing and website solution

affiliate marketing and website solution

affiliate marketing and website solution

affiliate marketing and website solution

affiliate marketing and website solution

affiliate marketing and website solution

And there’s so many more success stories where those have come from.

It’s Now Up To You!

So, I’ve shown you the best affiliate marketing and website solution that cannot be beaten in terms of cost, features and support. If you can find a better online program that can offer all this for less, I’d firstly be surprised, but I’d also advise joining their program.

I’d always advise shopping around anyway and do your due diligence. In fact sign up with WA below for Free and have a snoop around the program. You’ll then have an appreciation of what to look for elsewhere.

Good luck finding a similar program for less.

I Can Help You – I’m Still a Member

Since August 2014, I’ve been a member at Wealthy Affiliate and have learnt a lot in this time. The reason you found this page, is because I put into practise the training that Wealthy Affiliate taught me.

If you haven’t clicked on the “Create Your FREE Account Here” button yet, I’d urge you to do so. You’ll get a FREE membership, and there’s no need to give any credit card details unless you decide to go Premium. Can you promise me one thing if you do join…I’d like you to setup your account profile. It will benefit you because other members can see who you are, and welcome you personally. It’s easy to setup, and you’ll be walked through it when you join WA.

As a BONUS, I’ll also contact you personally on the inside of WA, and you’ll also get a 59% discount on your first month membership if you decide to become a premium member.

If you DO decide to become a Premium member, I’ll also advise you of the best affiliate marketers to follow in WA. These are the top marketers that provide invaluable information, and can help in any situation.

So, if you ever need help with anything, I’ll advise you or point you in the correct direction. Simply send me a Private Message in the members area of Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll be there to assist. I get joy out of helping and assisting people to create a new career online, hence my website name.

It’s the Life – of FREEDOM

Living the life of logging in and writing an article every couple of days is amazing. I can write a post one morning in 2-3 hours and have the rest of the day off. Sometimes I’ll write 3 posts in a day ready to post for the next 6 days, then have a few days off.

I can travel, pick up my kids from school, write in a cafe or even down the pub. My freedom from the daily grind is my greatest achievement, and one that many people are searching for. Affiliate marketing will give you the chance to make online money every day of the year.

YOU can do this, but you need the education. And the best education is at Wealthy Affiliate. You know which button will take you there!

If you want to know more in depth about how money is made, fill out the form below to read my ‘Ultimate Beginners Guide to Making Money Online‘. It will show you how everything comes together. Alternatively, you can sign up at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the ‘Create Your FREE Account’ button below.

All the success to you.


Wealthy Affiliate

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